Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Morgan's Recital

Morgan played at a little Fall recital this weekend. The girls also had a circus show which for some reason would not down load so I will try and post it next. ;)

Thursday, October 22, 2009


I am posting to ask that you pray. It's actually something very specific I need prayer for and although I rarely talk about my health on here I wanted to ask you to lift it up something that is important to me. If you are new to reading my blog it will be 7 years this coming April that I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis. It's not the mild, I feel "yuck" every so often kind of arthritis; it's the "hard to get out of bed and dress yourself or write or hold a toothbrush kind." I have been on just about every drug they offer,only to become VERY ill and most recently (last April & May) spent 8 weeks in and out of the hospital, and in bed.

It will be 5 months this week that I have been treating myself naturally with food and supplements. I have been seeing a Homeopathic Dr. once a month who has been a life saver along with me doing acupuncture and getting massages all of which are helping but there is still always this constant underlying pain that I deal with all day every day and night. Not to mention our insurance won't pay for anything that is NOT traditional medicine so it is getting VERY expensive.

My friend who works at Loma Linda mentioned to me on Sunday that they have a pain management clinic there and she knew the people who ran it and would see if they would take me. She called Monday and said our insurance would cover it and the Dr. did want to take me on. The only thing was I had to get my regular Rheumatoligist to agree to send me there. I prayed and called this morning and they said they would put the request in today. Please pray they follow through and I am accepted. If I can get into this pain clinic they offer acupuncture and also pool therapy which I really believe would help with some of the daily pain and weakness I am having. I am VERY committed to staying clear of traditional drugs they use for RA due to the fact that I am convinced they made me VERY ill and I have no plans of riding in an ambulance again anytime soon. ;) I am committed to taking care of myself for my husband and my family and to be positive through it all. The hardest part really is looking fine on the outside and yet being in pain 24 hours a day. It starts to wear on your nerves and sleep and everything.

Please pray my referral goes through. Pray the clinic can take me. Pray they have ideas to keep my joints limber and moving. Pray for my heart as I struggle through living with this crazy disease and seeking Gods will in how he desires to use me in that. Thank you so much and I will keep you posted on what happens in the next few weeks. :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Oh Baby!!!

I hosted a baby shower for our good friends (well minus the husbands) this past Saturday and what made it even more fun was that it's their first baby; oh and it's a girl which I know a thing or two about. ;) I did a tea and cake shower, notice however I put fruit on the table for good measure. :) And yes Stacy I was good and stayed away from all the tempting sugar. I can actually walk today. ;)
Me & Ruth
Ruth's Grandma drove out for her special day as did lots of other friends and family. It was fun because allot of people from the church I grew up in and we were married in were there so I got to visit with some great people who we miss dearly.
Ruth's mother in law made her this sweet sweater along with some other amazing gifts. I'm glad you had a good day friend and we are SO looking forward to meeting that sweet babe of yours. Love you guys!
OK speaking of babies you know I couldn't sign off without a story about Ryanne right?
The conversation went something like this:
Me: "Man, it'll be so fun when baby Taylor gets here huh girls?"
Ryanne: "ya'."
Me: "Whens that baby coming? Ryanne are they gonna go get her at the hospital soon?"
Ryanne: Blank Stare
Me: "Noooo, they gotta go shopping and get her at the store right Ryanne?"
(As if I haven't learned not to bate Ryanne)
Me & Morgan start kinda giving her hard time in the car Friday like,"Ry, when is that baby gonna pop out of her belly?"
Ryanne: spreading her legs points down south and say's,"Look, there's some holes down there, she comes out of one of them but I don't know which one OK?"
Can I just tell you I learned many important things that day on the way back from Lake Arrowhead;
1. NEVER ask your kids questions about "that stuff" unless you are ready to hear the answers.
2. Never and I mean NEVER ask those kind of questions when your husband is driving 60 down a very steep mountain road. Almost killed us all.
3. NEVER, EVER bate Ryanne with cutsie, I want a 5 year old answer about life's happenings.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Why I LOVE To Home School......

Art........The whole family (including furry friends) gets involved.......
P.E. Rocks.........................
Can't beat the science field trips with daddy...........
Family field trips aren't half bad either. :)
Monday Dan was home so after school we surprised the girls and drove up to Oak Glen and had hot cider and warm apple pie. The off the pumpkin patch to pick pumpkins and look at all the different kinds of pumpkins and colorful gourds. So fun to be out in the cool Fall air.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy October 1st!!

I just wanted to be the first to tell you happy fall! Happy October 1st! Oh and don't hate me but other than a few things for my kids I am D-O-N-E with my Christmas shopping!! Yahoo-weeeee-(picture the back flip here) freaky dance move!!!!

I made a list back in July of everyone in our families we bought for and what I wanted to get them and then every time I saw something on sale that was on my list or got a coupon to a department store in the mail I went out and picked it up. Little by little I marked off the moms, the nieces, the friends.................aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh; I will so NOT miss the stores in December.

I am not done with the girls entirely but we told them the cruise we are going on in April is their Christmas gift so other than some fun stocking stuff and a couple little things, I put together "cruise bags" for them complete with new swim suites, flip flops, sun dresses, underwater cameras etc. It was a really fun gift to put together.

Will you hate me if on Thanksgiving I tell you all my gifts are wrapped??? :)