Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Magic 8 ball God?

"Magic 8 ball, does Johnny like me?" OUTLOOK GOOD! "Magic 8 ball, am I going to get an A on my math test?" MY SOURCES SAY NO! "Magic 8 ball, am I going to get grounded for tying my little brother to the tree earlier today?" WITHOUT A DOUBT! "Magic 8 ball, am I crazy for asking a ball full of blue water and a dice inside important life questions?" ASK AGAIN LATER CRAZY PERSON!

Please tell me I am not dating myself and you remember this toy???? I remember shaking it and asking the same question over and over until I got the answer I wanted ha! I don't know why but this morning I was sitting spending some time with the Lord asking Him all these questions & I got to wondering if I treat God like a Magic 8 ball. "God, is my husband going to have to change jobs?" Be still and wait on me. "God, is this decision we are about to make going to be the right one?" Just remain in me. "God, it would be really nice to have some answers here so I'm not stressed." I never promised this life would be without it's still and know I AM God. I got to thinking, do I keep "shaking" God until I get the answer or result I want? Or am I capable at this time in my life after knowing the Lord for more than 25 years to remain in Him, be still and KNOW that my Jesus who died the cross for me has my best interest at heart. Funny the things you think about when you have a quiet morning with nothing but your bible and journal in front of you.

Monday, May 18, 2015


Our Dane Macy puts up with A LOT from us. We all have our own very unique way of giving her a hard time. Our youngest daughter enjoys dressing her up and as you can see by the look on Macy's face, she is thrilled with the idea! I'm pretty sure on more than one occasion she has given  me the look of,"Tell me again why we keep these children home and home school?" :)

Dan worked all of Mother's Day weekend so I invited his mom, my grandma and my mom over for lunch. We planted succulents in little tea cups,made little goodie bags and tried a new lavender cupcake mix we had bought.

The sun broke through that day and it was a lovely, relaxing day. I was so excited to take a 4 generation picture and then we all got to visiting and I completely forgot. However, I did manage a picture of the cupcakes before everyone got here..priorities!

I woke up to a letter and gift from each of the girls. I love how Ryanne's card says I am better than money. Kids are so great! She also had taken her own money add bought me a little ceramic dish for my kitchen counter that I LOVE! So thoughtful!

I sit here every morning and spend some time in the bible and just praying and thinking through the day (AKA enjoying peace and quiet before everyone gets up) Morgan had set a letter (that I have since framed) and a goodie bag with a sun dress in it on the table next to my chair. I felt thought of and loved and both the girls know the cards and letters mean so much to me. I cannot believe we are wrapping up school this week. Now I just need the weather to cooperate so I can not feel so blah!