Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Friday, September 30, 2011

I'm A Posting Maniac...

OK I am totally a posting maniac this week. I just can't help it really. Too much fun stuff to tell you about and show you.
Now normally I don't get to involved in posting about controversial things on the news. I try my hardest not to offend people on my blog.

But when I saw this on my news web page this morning I couldn't resist sharing it with you. I in NO way support PETA. In fact I think anytime you take a stand for something and then go completely postal to get your point across your basically nuts. And yes that goes for religious beliefs as well. You do a sit in at an abortion clinic, fine. You shoot the abortion Dr. not so much. Know what I'm saying people?

So this brings me back to the billboard PETA is trying to have put up in Florida. I think on it's own it is kinda "tongue in cheek" funny. I mean from a warped, I have a sick sense of humor kind of angle. But just last week a guy in his early 20's was attacked by a shark in Florida so PETA in all it's wisdom thought this would be a good time to put this up near where the man was attacked. And they said,"Maybe this will be a good reminder to Mr. so and so to not eat meat. And to remind him how the fish feel when they are killed."

See, billboard on it's own kinda funny. At the cost of making someone else feel badly or like it was their fault that half their leg was torn off by a shark while innocently splashing around on the shores of Florida kinda sick and twisted. You see the difference right?

I was putting myself in PETA'S shoes (not made from real leather mind you) and I guess they are getting the reaction they hoped for. I mean I don't think a billboard of a cow attacking some farmer would be nearly as affective. Am I right?

Have a good weekend and I say eat whatever you want as long as it's not your family pet.