Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Sunday, November 13, 2011

One Of The Many Reasons I love Dan...

One of the reasons I LOVE my husband and mind you there are many; is because he is always willing to leave behind the stresses of work, ministry, kids (sorry girls) house chores etc. to just pick up and go. Go to the beach for the night and let everything else fade into the back ground if only for a day or two. He's always got a lot going on with work (especially lately) and we are always in full swing with Married Life ministry. The girls go full speed all week and I home school which is a full time job.
So when I say,"Honey, let's get a room, get dinner and a movie and go back to our room and just be." He is great about saying OK! So last week the girls doubled up on school work to get it all done and my mom came and watched the girls Thursday and Friday so we could get away.
If nothing else to talk without being interrupted, eat an entire meal while it's still hot and sit in the jacuzzi without being splashed in the face. Ha! Ha! It's really the little things that keep a marriage in tune.
I am thankful that I have a husband who is willing to do this multiple times a year "just because" and a family that is willing to help out with our kiddos. The BIG, GRAND moments in marriage are great but really the "just because" stuff is what feeds my soul. :)
Then when he tells me things like,"honey I won't be home for 4 days" I smile and wave. Ha!
Just a reminder to do something without the kids with your hubby this holiday season.
*Call a friend for free babysitting and go Christmas shopping.
*Surprise him at work with a lunch date.
*Put the kids to bed early and have a popcorn and movie night.
*Arrange for a quick coffee date down the street.

The holidays are stressful; friends, family, shopping, decorating, baking etc. It's just nice to remind your spouse that all that is secondary. :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Just Sayin.......

Yesterday morning my dad sent me these funny questions. For example: Why are tug boats called "tug" boats when they push? or "Why do we sing take me out to the ball game if we are already there?" Lastly, "Why does fat chance and slim change mean the same thing?"

So because my life is well, my life I have come up with some of my own questions that need answering.
For example: Why does this sweet, kissable, simply irresistible pooch wake me up to go out to pee at 2am only to decide it is to cold, run back inside and pee on the floor?

Or why would this sweet, angelic, kissable child get into the play make up, put on bright red lipstick and then proceed to kiss my light colored silky curtains in my bedroom? Really? Why?

Yet another mystery. Why do my hormones shift once a month only to make me crave things like these babies? I mean on the outside they are good, sweet and oh so yummy but then after eating 6 I don't feel so great. Oh and yes they are gluten and dairy free. I made them. Which means I had plenty of time to think through my actions. LOL!

And lastly; the cold weather......does it beacon any one else to NEED comfort food? I mean at least we make the good majority of our comfort food so I know its relatively healthy but still. I don't think any amount of healthy makes up for the 3 bowls of homemade mac n cheese I ate the other night!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Another Fun Halloween.....

Well another successful Halloween down! I'm sad to say that this is probably the worst I have ever been about taking pictures on Halloween so please excuse the fact that they are blurry and not very detailed. :( I just got so caught up in the fun and all the kids that I lost track of taking pictures.
Morgan was the Mad Hatter and Ryanne was the Cheshire cat. Their friend Maddie was Alice.

We had 10 kids and lots of different costumes. Princess Leah, a ballerina, a viking and more.

The kids had fun and were wound up TIGHT! LOL!

There were ghoulish gluten free treats........

A fun kids table complete with fruit kabobs, glow sticks and crazy straws.......

Oh did I mention Aerial showed up too!

Dry ice added to the fun of the night........

Dan in his costume.........Kidding!

And then there was me....yes I did the bride of Frankenstein. It was fun and different and HOT in that dress and wig! My favorite was the purple lipstick and diamond frog ring. My mom sewed plastic spiders to the front of the dress as well. Too fun. I'm sad cause I should have taken a better picture but it just got crazy.

The kids table before the kids got to it. LOL!

The adults table......I went with a Disney Haunted Mansion feel this year.
I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween. Thanks everyone for coming to our house and for the fun fellowship. Thanks mom for all the help! Looking forward to seeing everyone's pictures.
Happy November!