Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Monday, August 30, 2010


(Morgan, James and Greg killing it on the blob)

(Graph coming down the slide)

Why everyone should hop on the train and take it down to the San Clemente Pier..............

(my brother playing with all the kids)
(Graph helping Ryanne fly a kite)
(The beach crew)
(The train was so relaxing)

Why my children will NEVER have a snake for a pet........

(field trip to Los Rios Ranch last week)

Why cats should not be allowed in school...................

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oh Ryanne...................

(Look I lost my first tooth)

Ryanne: "So mom, are there CD players in heaven?"
Me: "No."
Ryanne: "WHAT! Why not?"
Me: "Well, a CD player is something earthly. We can enjoy it here but we won't need it in heaven. Besides there will be tons of singing and music in heaven without a CD player."
Ryanne: "Well I'm not going then."
Me: "Your not going?"
Ryanne: "Nope, if there are no CD players in heaven I am NOT going. If Jesus comes back and is taking me up I am going to reach down and grab my CD player, and when the cord snags I will just yank it out!"
Morgan and I could not stop laughing at Ryanne. She is so in love with listening to worship music in her room when she is playing or cleaning that she can't imagine living without her music. She may need to talk to God about this as I fear it could be a deal breaker. ;)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Family Update and Fits of Rage.......

Took all the girls on a ride around town on the fire engine.
Picked strawberries and raspberries up in Oak Glen then went home and made smoothies with our fresh fruit.
Oh and speaking of cute pictures of Ryanne and fits of rage; Graph got to see Ryanne's "ugly" side yesterday for about an hour. I asked her to go lay on her bed and rest with a book or game so I could work on their lessons for school next week and apparently that is just not acceptable for a parent to request. She pulled the whole head spin around, spew peas, shoot death darts out of her eyes and scream bloody murder like I am beating her (which by the way did cross my mind once or twice) and poor Graph................oh how can I put this? She was traumatized. She asked me later,"Is this normal for children? I have never heard a child scream like that just because." Yes Graph, this is normal. Welcome to my world. No seriously I think she thought I was beating her or something. She was pretty upset listening to Ryanne's tirade. I explained that she has a strong will and I am trying to tame it before she is 18 so that I don't feel guilty NOT bailing her out of jail. *sigh* Poor Graph. Wait, poor me!
On a much happier and lighter note, here is our classroom make over from summer. Thanks Ruth for helping me paint and mom for the tree donation. LOVE IT!

Below is the art center for my busy creative minded little ones.
These furry friends are floating around just above the art table. They are so cheery up against the sky blue walls.

This decal tree on the wall is from This is a fun magazine for all kinds of cute stuff for kids rooms or classrooms.
I just couldn't resist this great quote by Dr. Seuss . Just added that fun last touch to a room sure to be full of fun learning this year. (or torture from Ryanne, either way) :)
Oh and I can't forget the final fun thing I picked up last week. My friend Susie started her own business with a friend making teacher/student planners costumed to your classes and needs. They have cute covers to choose from and lots of space to write along with calendars and spots for chores and doodle pages. I sat last night and got my first 2 weeks all filled in and the girls are super excited. Thanks Susie. If you want to check her out go to
You won't be disappointed! :) I had the link here but someone said it wasn't working. If you want to check her out you can go to and it should work.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Welcome Graph!

Today was the last day off for Graph. Tomorrow she starts 10th grade at the high school here. We took her to a local water slide/pool area here and let everyone swim and cool off. It was a nice day to just hang out together with our friends.
Dan and I were joking that right now she is all smiles but by the end of the year she will be holding a sign up in the pictures that says something like,"Mom, send help. These Americans are loud, crazy and always dragging me everywhere!!"
He,heee! Seriously though, we are all adjusting well and enjoying our newest family member. It has a learning curve to it for all of us but I think we all are learning so much and Morgan and I are already trying to figure out how to go visit her back in Thailand when she leaves next June. :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wrapping Up Summer......

Did I mention we took "made" my mom go on the sky tram and she is terrified of heights. Opppsss! Probably not one of my stronger quality's; sheer pleasure in having someone do something that scares them so they can feel that adrenaline rush that keeps us alive. Ya' I know it's a sickness and my mom was at our mercy cause we were hootin' and hollering the whole way!
"Grandma, look at that plane over there and the Coronado bridge!!"

I think she enjoyed the bus more.
This is how you know you have run your kids to much during summer and they are ready for school to start. :)
"Umm...Miss can I help you?"
Both girls got called up to be in the shows which they thought was so fun. What a treat to get to perform in front of everyone. I think they caught the bug. ;)
Morgan resting on the moving sidewalk.
Oh I love this furry dude!
Then it was home to make cards for our exchange student who was on her way. The girls were so excited they were busting at the seams.
Graph has arrived safely and I think we are getting her caught up on her sleep. The girls are a great help in getting her used to things in our home and making her feel welcome. Ryanne talks way to fast for her but it's cute none the less. Morgan loves having a big sister in her room with her and has really helped Graph get settled. I figured I would give her a few days before I start documenting her every move and putting pictures of her on my blog. :)

Last night was Ryanne's medal ceremony for swim team. The younger kids on Star Fish only swim May-Aug. unlike Morgan's team who freezes all winter.

It's really very cute. They have them line up and march in to the tune of the Olympic theme. I'm gonna tell you something but it's not really public knowledge. I get choked up every time. Now it could be the patriotic tune that as an American just gets me or it could be that 3 years ago I NEVER though Ryanne would be able to swim all by herself.
(See previous post of Ryanne jumping from the pool, screaming and running through the parking lot with all the coaches chasing her and me crying.)
Not this year though. She is strong, confident and LOVES the water.

We are so proud of you Ryanne. I know swim team is NOT your favorite thing to do every summer but you rocked it out this year girl AND you were a great example of a loving, kind considerate kid to your coaches. I love you!

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Last Week

The last week has been crazy busy fun for us. We have gone out of town twice to the beach. Our time was spent visiting a fire museum.............
Laying on the beach in Coronado.................
Meeting up with family in Little Italy and being treated to yummy authentic Italian food......
The girls LOVED this place..............
Walks on the beach with daddy................
Hiding sister's in the sand...............
Watching the sun set over the San Diego bay with daddy.........
Long crazy bike rides through down town Coronado...............
Swimming with my nephew Nate...................
Running in a ball like hamsters..............(that's Morgan in there)
Sharing my sweet nephew Tyler's 3d birthday.................
Boogie boarding in Carlsbad with friends...........
Good times......................