Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Merry Christmas

We tagged our tree back in October and went back to cut it down not anticipating the 2" growth from all the needless to say it was a BIG one! 😝

Morgan completed her first semester of college and we were literally counting down the days until break when she got to come home and stay...we miss her in all the little daily things that go on around our home. 

Dan & I got to have a fun date night at a work party....

Every Christmas break since the girls were very little, we have gone up to Big Bear to a BBQ spot for dinner and then walk to a coffee house we love. We have friends who live up there who we stop and visit as well. Something simple but something we love to take the time to do together. 

We baked a lot! Like a lot a lot! Which I love! 

Dan's aunt hosted the cousins' party and even though we missed his uncle so much, it was good to be back at the house and with all the family together. 

Cousin's party-2018

More baking....

No Ryanne isn't mad at me ha! She said "Mom! I had a cookie in my mouth!"

We had a really cold wet storm on Christmas morning which called for a hot chocolate bar of course

Every year since the girls were about 2 years old, I have made a memory book for them to open and read and look at the pictures from our year together. 

I surprised Dan & the girls and did a waffle bar for Christmas morning. Both of our moms were with us early to eat and exchange gifts and enjoy the rain....

We spent the 26th down in San Diego with Dan's brother and sister and their families. The kids are all getting so big. Fun watching them grow up. 

Then at 4am on the 27th I drove Morgan and some other college kids to LAX and they headed to St. Louis for a missions/ministry conference. We will miss ringing in the new year with her but watching her chase after what God has for her is a sweet time. Praying you all have a blessed New Year. 

Sunday, November 25, 2018


It seems like our family has had many challenges this year and even in the midst of that though difficult, we have found joy. Dan's uncle pictured above in the wheel chair, lost his battle with cancer two weeks ago. The joy is we got to all go down and see him and love on him and be near the family a few days before he died. We also got to attend Dan's cousins wedding this past September where we spent good time with Uncle Andy and even had him on the dance floor rocking out. Obviously missing him during the holidays and knowing the world is much more boring without him is the hard part. Our kids were truly blessed to grow up under his bear hugs and crazy contagious laughter and joy for life.

Me and Ryanne had a date day out at the Mission Inn where we got cupcakes and tea and walked around so she could take pictures for her photography class. She hates her picture taken so I followed her around and took pictures of her taking pictures. Ha!  A moms gotta do what a moms gotta do.


I was allowed to take one! And I quote,"This is it mom!"

We stayed home for Thanksgiving..Ryanne painted pots with succulents and made place cards with them...

Morgan was home for a few extra days which was a sweet time of her wanting to learn to cook new things...

Every year she and my mom make the turkey.....

And we bake....

and bake some more....

I was the only one awake on Thanksgiving morning and was just enjoying the quiet and the sunrise and I got to thinking about the quiet house and the peace I had. I realized it was because my family was all home, healthy and safe in their beds. I never understood parents getting all crazy during college holiday breaks until Morgan came home on Tuesday night and it felt like Christmas morning ha! Just having us all under one roof was so sweet. I was thinking about how just 12 weeks ago Ryanne was in the hospital and really struggling from her back surgery and it seemed like a season we would never get through. A painful heart wrenching season of watching her struggle with pain and issues from surgery. Now three months later she is stronger than ever and healthy and pain free. I was thinking about losing my aunt in July, Dan's uncle a couple of weeks ago, Dan changing departments, Morgan moving out and just so many other things over the year and I was so grateful in that moment that God only asks us to do one day at a time, one season of life at a time. One challenge, one victory, one praise...because His mercies are new every morning. So my list of struggles this past year are long but my list of praise is even longer.  Be blessed friends...

Thursday, October 25, 2018

October Updates..

October has FLOWN by...Morgan came home one weekend and we squeezed some down time in while getting some hot cider, picking a few pumpkins and just enjoying the cooler weather.

Update on Ryanne's Health: She had her 6 week x-rays and check up and everything looks GREAT! She is healing faster than even the doctors thought and she feels great! She is on the high school worship team and enjoyed being able to get back to serving in that way.

Our friends had a time share in Sedona Arizona and invited us along for four days of adult time...we had a mix of cold, wet weather and nice sunny weather. So we made use of the cold finding fun coffee shops with warm fire places and delicious treats to enjoy our fellowship.

Plenty of cute shops and places to walk around in the rain...

It was much needed down time for me to refresh and just be...

One day we rented a 4 person razor and took off out into the middle of nowhere to enjoy the hiking and the views...

You know what happens when you blow out a tire in the middle of nowhere?

You sit and wait for help....

This is me sitting. waiting for help. Freezing....

This is me happy. thawing out.

We have been friends with the Shaw family for a long time and really value their support and friendship...John especially likes that I cannot take a normal picture. 😜

We came home on a Thursday night and I promptly did my laundry, went to bed and got up the next morning only to leave again to go beach camping with 50 other women from our Women's Ministry group...I went from frozen to 80 degrees just like that!

The topic was obedience and what that looks like in our daily lives walking with the Lord. Such a sweet topic and reminder to do everything unto Him. I am so grateful for my mom who stayed with Ryanne so we could have adult time away as well as my husband who took the time off of work to go away and play for a few days as well as holding down the fort for a few days so I could go play at "beach camp" with my girlfriends. Both times of refreshing that I very much needed.

Hope you all are well and blessed this week.

Monday, September 24, 2018

September Happenings...

Morgan has settled into school and doing well in her classes. Much like high school we often hear complaints of boring teachers and classes ha! She is excited to see what God has for her and although imagining the school being her home away from home for the next four years is overwhelming to her on occasion, she has made some good friends and made the adjustment well.

Morgan had a great excuse to come home one weekend as Dan's cousin Malory got married! The wedding was so beautiful and so much fun. Any excuse to get the entire family together is always a plus for me.

We visited, ate and danced until we couldn't dance anymore. Just for the record my daughter has moves! I danced with her and I think Dan mostly played body guard so no guys had any ideas of coming near her on the dance floor!! 😂

This past season has been a difficult one if I'm being honest. Taking care of my aunt and then losing her to cancer in July. Watching it pretty much divide my family afterwards. Ryanne having a very serious and dangerous surgery and being in the hospital with her and watching her struggle as well as taking care of her at home. Seeing a ministry that is near and dear to my heart have division and cause hurt in very dear friends. But then at the same time also being asked to step out in faith and my comfort zone and help with different ministries that I never pictured myself doing.  Moving my oldest out of the house and missing her. All through the past few months I would say to the Lord"It is well with my soul" and when things were really horrible I could hear God whisper "Is it still well with your soul?" I had to really stop and consider that and yes is my answer. I was sharing with a friend of mine recently that I know the storms will come and we most certainly can't always stay dry in the midst of them BUT after the storm blows over if our foundation is in Christ then His promises still stand and after it all He is still Lord.

The x-ray on the right is the 70% curve that took off in Ryanne's spine late last year. The x-ray on the left is her corrected spine. She's full of hardware so we tease her that she's VERY expensive now!

Ryanne has this little rescue dog that just adores her and ever since her surgery has not left her side. She's turned into this little therapy dog. If Ryanne lays down, Chloe lays with her. If Ryanne needs to walk, Chloe walks with her. She never leaves her side. It's really been the best medicine. Have a blessed week friends.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Crazy Week!

What a week! (Picture before going in for surgery)
 This sweet girl had major back surgery and spent last week in the hospital.  She really went through a lot and struggled with a few complications in recovery. She initially couldn't feel her legs and had some numbness but with the amazing surgeon and nurses and LOTS of anti inflammatory drugs, she is home and recovering. This has really taken a lot of strength on her part and she has been really gone through the ringer but we are praying her back will heal correctly and she will be better off for it down the road. Thank you to everyone who came to the hospital to pray with us, support us and bring us food. To everyone who sent Ryanne cards, flowers and gifts and well wishes, thank you. We are exhausted but God is good. 

The day after we got Ryanne home from the hospital we dropped Morgan off at college and so talk about an emotional week. 😳

She is loving her room mates and excited to start classes this week. It's bitter sweet to raise them up for exactly this time but then to walk away and watch them fly on their own is so weird. To have that sweet part of our family not here for the day in and day out activities is taking some adjusting. I miss talking and recapping our days together but she was ready and again God is good.
Have a blessed week friends.