Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Monday, February 26, 2018

Sickness, frozen pipes and non existent room reservation...

Dan and I celebrated 21 years of marriage at the beginning of February and we had plans to go to the beach for the weekend but Dan ended up getting sick so we had to put it on hold....Then this past weekend we were excited to get up and go but our pipes had frozen solid and we had no water not to mention waiting to see if they would thaw with no problems....

To top it off we find out the hotel we normally go to and love charged us but did not reserve our room and they were sold out...I was like,"Okay God I am not going to get frustrated right now but I really want to go out of town with my husband." 😅

I called a place we had never been, Casa Laguna and told them our last minute dilemma and they were so great. They upgraded us to a nicer room than we would have reserved and were just really thoughtful. Our room had this patio with a beautiful view of the garden and ocean.

It was cool outside but sunny so we walked and talked and ate and walked some more and ate even more ha! We have our favorite cafe's down there and spots to walk to on the beach so it was very relaxing. I was thinking how it doesn't feel like 21 years on one hand but on the other it really does. Like how can we be old enough to be married 21 years? But then I love that we can talk a ton and also just sit and be quiet and still and it's not weird. It's just comfortable in a good way. 

Great views that never get old. 

I was reading today how Billy Graham was married to his wife Ruth for 63 years and how people would question her decision to not pursue her dreams when she and Billy met and got married because she wanted to stay home with their kids and also support his ministry. I love how God took that obedience and love for her husband and grew her ministry and outreach and how together they served and loved on so many people. Like the world tells you to look out for number one but really that is the polar opposite of why we are here. I want to be married for 63 years. I want to be Dan's biggest fan and cheerleader. I want to be "others" centered so God can use us in our marriage. To not only grow old together but to grow wiser together. This is a quote I love and want to put on my wall;
The most loving thing we can do for others is to love God more than we love them. For if we love God most, we will love others best.-John Piper-
Isn't this true for our marriages?
Be blessed friends. 

Monday, February 19, 2018

Happy February

I'm a little late on the post but Morgan turned 17 last weekend! It went like this; baby. blink. 17! Her friends snuck over the night before and decorated her car and filled it with balloons. 

Morgan you are so fun to be around and so sweet. You love your friends, your family, and you just love life and are so grateful for everything. 

I made cupcakes as requested ha! And that night after a long day of lunch and shopping my mom made her orange chicken for dinner. 
Morgan babysits like a crazy person to pay for her car and also her upcoming mission trip. The kids love her and it has really grown a heart in Morgan geared towards kids and ministry. 
It's been fun watching you grow in the high school youth group and see your friendships evolve. You are a little light in people's lives and you don't even realize how far that reaches. 
This is going to be a super big year for you as you head to the Dominican Republic this summer to serve and move into your first dorm and have your first roommates. We can't wait for this new season in your life sweet girl. You are a rare gem of a kid and we count ourselves so blessed that God put you in our family. 

Saturday, January 13, 2018

New Chapter....

Well I've been busting at the seams to share and now I finally can; Dan tested  and was offered  the job as Deputy Chief of Colton Fire department! This is a sweet new season in our lives and we are super excited. It has been a blessing and we have learned so much being part of the San Bernardino Fire family for over 20 years but this is really the direction we felt God leading us so here's to a new adventure!!!
Dan was introduced and pinned today and everyone was so kind and so welcoming...
Dan's career has been a crazy life in the fire service but I'm excited to have him on a regular  schedule and home on weekends...that alone will be a huge adjustment for our family. Not living on shift work and crazy fire season schedules will be so great! We've been married almost 21 years so seeing each other everyday will be a big change as well since he was a paramedic on shift work when we met we really don't know any different. 
Looking forward to being part of the Colton family and getting to know everyone. Blessings friends! 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

What We’ve Been up Too...

We wrapped up a really fun Christmas season with some cousin time......
This year we hosted the cousins party and had a blast catching up with everyone. Claire was home from college (Can I get a shout out for SMU!) And we got to love on Mallory and talk wedding coming up stuff Congrats! Also, welcomed baby Brooklyn to her first cousins fun! The kids are all getting so big and doing so many fun things. 
I enjoyed a nice quiet Christmas morning waiting for Dan to get off shift and for the girls to wake up.....when you have teenagers, there are no more 5am jumping on the bed Christmas mornings 😛
Christmas was a nice down day of exchanging gifts, Dan cooked a prime rib and we played games and just hung out.
Ryanne's dog was not about to be left out of the gift giving ha!

Ryanne teaching the younger cousins a new craft....
On New Year's Eve we met up with some friends for dinner and a movie and then home before  the crazy got started....I'm not into being on the roads with crazy people on New Years Eve. 
Yesterday was our first official back to school day after winter break but I woke the girls up and surprised them with a drive down to Disneyland. We are blessed to get in free (thank you Uncle Andy and Aunt Jerri for getting us in yesterday) so I figured why not take one more day right! The home school mom in me thinks,"Oh no we are going to get behind and we should stay home!" But the "My kids aren't going to be home for many more years and be in their beds to surprise" mom part of me threw caution to the wind and went. 
It was a rainy cold day but we decided that kind of added to the adventure part of ditching school. We enjoyed people watching, eating some treats and walking around as well as a few rides. Then we were cold and wet and decided our dry clothes in the car and dinner somewhere else sounded good so we headed out. As a mom of teenagers I will never regret being spontaneous and spending down time with our girls. Its when the deep conversations happen and you can really pour into their lives. It's also a season that goes by VERY fast and I am able to see that very soon, like in a blink of an eye they will be on their own and have lives that are full of college, and jobs and families to take care of of their own. Be blessed today friends. 

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Christmas Joy......

The first weekend of December I was so fortunate to go back down to Mexico for another build. This time we did two homes and Morgan went with me for the first time. 

Morgan did great and her heart for missions was so sweet to watch....
She's the one in the big straw hat....💗

We joke on the leadership team that Missions in Mexico is called Missions in Flexico because if it can go wrong it most likely will. We had three vans and the one I was riding in started to break down along the highway...we prayed and were like,"Okay Lord we don't want to be stranded here." Ha! The van survived the three days (barely) and we were on our way. On this trip many of us got dehydrated and got sick as a result. A few got some food sickness but we all survived and were so blessed to be down there. I cannot tell you how much the Mexico ministry ministers to my heart. I am already looking forward to our four day trip in March. 

I finished all my shopping and wrapping a couple of weeks ago so that I could really just relax and enjoy the Christmas season. I've been trying some new recipes and this gluten free raspberry scone did not disappoint. They didn't last long ha!!!
My mom and I tried a new salsa recipe and gifted them to the ladies we work out with twice a week....Yum!
I realize a red reindeer head might not be for everyone but for me it was love at first sight. Overtime time my girls walk by him they just shake their heads. 😂😂😂
This year with all the fires up north and dry air here I thought it might be better  to get a fresh cut tree instead of one that had been cut weeks ago. We tried out the tree farm on Greenspot road out here it was beautiful!!! And it's still super fresh!
As a firefighter family our hearts go out to all the people who have lost homes this month in the fires, and to all of the men and women who have had to work mass amounts of overtime and miss so many Christmas festivities with their families. We continue to pray for the family who lost their husband, dad and son in the fires last week. Please continue to pray for this young wife and her daughter and one on the way.
Blessings and a Merry Christmas friends!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Fall Fun...

We have had a fun fall so far. Lots of good stuff!
Morgan went to Homecoming with some friends and they had a blast!

Last high school dance for these girls as they both graduate in May....

We welcomed a new addition to our family...little Miss Brooklyn was born  to our cousin Nicole. 

The family got together down in Santa Ana to welcome her with a baby shower...

I am LOVING all the trees changing colors.....

We did a date night with my mom at the ceramic place and made some Christmas gifts...

Finally had a family day so we went down to Oceanside to the San Luis Ray's so beautiful....

The weather was amazing so we walked around touring the mission.....

then headed over to Carlsbad for some delicious street tacos and walking around the beach....

Vegan Gelato anyone?? Yes please!!

My friend took the girls school pictures as well as Morgan's senior pictures....insert sniffling mama here.....I figure if I can stay focused on school and enjoy the holidays I won't melt down every time I think about her applying to colleges and possibly moving out next summer. 

I love the pictures she took and can't believe how much the girls have changed since she did our pictures last year. It's crazy!
This week we are preparing yummy pies and food so we can have an amazing Thanksgiving of food, games, football and family time.
Praying your holiday is a blessed one!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Winding Down October

I found this photo from 10 years ago and got all choked up; look howl little they are.  Insert image of emotional mother here. ha!
I thought it was funny that in the old picture Morgan is Jessie from Toy Story and this year her friends got together and did Toy Story and she was Woody. We have come full circle folks. 
We went out to dinner in Redlands and then grabbed ice cream at Nectar before heading over to a church to meet up with the other girls. 
All the girls except Gracie on the far left are graduating this year *sniff* sniff*
After we hung out there for a little while we headed back to our neighborhood, ran into some friends and walked around trick or treating and talking to neighbors who mostly had their bon fires out in the driveways along with the T.V watching the World Series. I was like,"Hi, how are you? Happy Halloween...oh and what's the score?" Ha!!! I can't help it; we are sports junkies. 
I'm a shark. 
This past weekend we got to serve at Micah House in Redlands which is a place for kids to go after school and get help with their homework and also get a snack and a safe place to hang out. Trinity put on a Harvest festival and so they played games, got candy, hung out with fire and policeman and got loved on by us. :)
Be blessed friends & Happy November!!!