Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Sunday, May 29, 2016

"We Remember" - Steven Curtis Chapman

Happy Memorial Day weekend. Thank you to all of those who have served our country and lost their lives for our freedom. And to the families who loved them. And to those who have in the past or still serve our country, we never take our freedom for granted or the sacrifices you have made in your service. Be blessed.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Wrapping up Another Year...

May has been full...yes that's the word I will use to describe our month, full! We were able to finally all get together and have a small memorial for Dan's dad and spread his ashes. Afterwards we got to spend a little time with the cousins which was nice. They are all so big and so sweet...growing so fast!
We have wrapped up another year of school and it literally flew by. Like swoosh! Gone! We completed our first year of middle school and high school...swoosh gone!! 
Ryanne has loved middle school youth group and all the activities they do together. She went to her first baseball game last weekend and really enjoyed it. She's so independent and just wants to go! Go! Go!
Being on the go comes at a cost though ha! She was jumping the walls between our house and the neighbors the other night and because it was dark she made it half way over but did NOT stick the land....she's so me!! I still am alway banged up and getting into trouble. ;)
I came home the other day and Ryanne said,"Look mom I made you "happy end of the school year cookies!" So sweet. She had pulled a sugar cookie recipe out and changed it to gluten and dairy free and they were so good. 
Morgan survived her first year of high school classes and did great! She is gearing up for a busy summer of beach camp, mission trips, and working part time. 
She also just completed another year of dance and had her show this past weekend. She's the one in the back holding the girls leg up. The girls all did a great job and the show was a lot of fun.
I'm a terrible mom and only took a couple of pictured after the show. Here she is with my mom. Also, the lighting in the theater makes it terribly hard to take pictures.  I need to learn to take pictures of her before the show because afterwards she just wants to be left alone because she is exhausted.
This is going to totally come off as random but  we love it and thought we would pass on the knowledge. This doorbell is $189 at Costco and it wires right to your existing doorbell or can be attached to your wall and has a portable door bell that plugs into your inside outlet if you don't have a doorbell. This cool thing sends a message to your smart phone and lets you know someone is ringing your bell or walking around near your door. It also starts video taping and records the person. When someone comes to your door and either triggers the camera by ringing or motion it lets you see the person and talk to them through your phone. This is great for me as I don't answer my door to strangers for any reason and it's also cool if you are not home and someone is at your door because you can talk to them and they will never know you are not home. It really is a nice security system and for a reasonable price. The message also gets sent to multiple phones if you want it to so it sends it to mine and my husbands so he can can answer them and they think he is home even if he's not so that makes me feel better.
I pray you have an amazing May. We are looking forward to lots of bare feet and warm days this summer with lots of adventures. 

Thursday, May 5, 2016

May Musings....

I've been wanting to sit and blog for a few weeks now but you know how sometimes there are so many different things going on in different directions that your mind is barely able to focus and so you decide it's just better to save any energy you have for prayer and inward reflection of things? Reminding yourself to Stand Firm.

Not to long ago we noticed that Morgan had a wrist injury from dance that happened over a year ago and it kept rearing it's head like it wasn't healing all the way. Then she was having lots of back pain that was keeping her up at night and other things that were seemingly affecting her hormones. We see an integrated medicine doctor in Loma Linda who suggested she needed blood work done and so we got that done and were shocked when the results came back that Morgans body was not absorbing vitamins and she was dangerously low on many key nutrients, tested positive for thyroid issues and also tested about as hi as you can in your blood counts for Lupus. She is being tested next week for juvenal rheumatoid arthritis.  Stand firm.

A few days after we got Morgn's blood work back we were told by our veterinarian that our beloved great dane appears to have bone cancer in her leg. Stand firm.

Then immediately following that news Dan was in for a physical (stress test) at work and was told there was possible something wrong with his heart and he needed to see a cardiologist for further testing. Stand firm. For a week we prayed, asked others to cover us in prayer and asked God for healing if there was something wrong. We went to the cardiologist this week and praise God after a full set of tests and work up he got a 100% clean bill of health. The doctor said better than great actually. The original doctors made mistakes in their tests. Stand firm.

I say all this because just like everyone else, I am guilty of sweating the small stuff. Wondering to myself why in the world I am the only person in our house who has the gift/super power to determine if the dishwasher is clean or dirty. Then letting bitterness seep in because I have "to do everything." Or letting things that are just drama bug me and then wondering why I'm in a grumpy mood..ugh! But when extraordinary difficulties come my way and let's be honest they will; I am reminded ever so gently that my ministry at this time in my life is serving my husband and kids and having dishwashing super powers is a gift. I can't control other peoples behavior or response to things around me but I can have joy and be loving.

I recently read where Charles Spurgeon said,"The Master's word to me is, Stand Firm." And the best thing I can do at these times is to listen only to my master's word, for others will come to me with their suggestion and evil advice. Despair will come, whispering,"Give up-lie down and die." But even in the worst of times, God would have me be cheerful and courageous, rejoicing in His love and faithfulness.

Cheerful AND courageous! I LOVE that! When I'm worried about my kids well being, Gods got it in his hands. When I'm sad or discouraged about something in particular, Gods got in his hands. When I'm supporting my husband as he's struggling, Gods got it in his hands. When people or situations around me seem to be just begging to make it bigger than it is; Gods got in his hands. When people I care about are sick or struggling, Gods got it in his hands. Stand firm.
Blessings this week.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Birthday blessings.....

Thank you to everyone who sent birthday well wishes to me yesterday! The text messages, phone calls, thoughtful gifts and cards really ministered to my heart. We played hooky from school and all four of us headed out to dessert hot springs to enjoy the warm sun and water. We laid by the pool, had lunch and just enjoyed our day together.

My mom made me this yummy gluten free strawberry cake so we got home and dug in yum! Dan and the girls also surprised me so many thoughtful gifts as well as cleaning the house while I was out on Monday and then made me pancakes for breakfast yesterday thankful!

Sunday, April 3, 2016


So you knew it was just a matter of time before my new little love made my blog right? This is Chloe and she's a little rescue pet.  My aunt originally rescued her but couldn't keep her so she now lives with us and "though she be little she is mighty"...I think Shakespear said that.

We've always had big dogs and said we would never have a little dog but she won my heart over and I couldn't bare to see her go to strangers. She's even invested some time in winning Dan over...

The size difference is ridiculous. Macy is 6'4" on her hind legs and weighs 183lbs. where Chloe is about a foot and half long and weighs 7 lbs. Also, Macy hates her picture taken and refuses to look at the camera...Chloe not so much.
Having a small dog vs. a large dog is funny because you find them sleeping in funny places and they are F-A-S-T little suckers!
She rules the house and the girls are smitten with her..

I like her just a pinch too...

Except it's really hard to see around her ears when I'm on the computer...

You know what else I love? That our youngest still brings me flowers...granted she took them off the neighbors bush. Ha! I also love that she keeps her room clean and does her school work without complaining.....JUST KIDDING! Hey, you can't have it all right? Stolen flowers or clean hard to choose so very hard....ha! Be blessed this week!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

He is Risen!

Easter is my FAVORITE holiday because we go to Good Friday service and are reminded of the very reason Jesus died on the cross and then Sunday morning our weariness from this world is washed away as we celebrate that Jesus is in fact alive and reigns! 
Never to old for an easter egg hunt and this year they had some help...speaking of cute little helpers I will be doing an entire sappy post on the newest member of our family since I'm pretty smitten with her and well I mean look at that face!
I had fun decorating our table for Easter lunch..
The little trader laid with my mom all afternoon..

I tried out some new desserts..don't judge my cupcakes that collapsed ha!
I sat outside the other day and watched the show put on by the wind and beautiful! I love when I get to watch God at work. Hoe everyone had a blessed Easter and sensed Gods goodness. He is Alive and He reigns! 

Monday, March 14, 2016

Spring Break Adventures...

We just got back from a 10 day trip to Seattle and Canada. Our family loves to take the train because it allows us to show the girls the amazing country side and stop at a lot of places on our journey to wherever we are going. I mean can you beat this view from our bedroom on the train? How beautiful is our CA coast line? AMAZING!!

I woke up our first morning on the train and looked out the window to see the sun coming up over Mount literally took my breath away and made me so thankful for our time away as a family. I got goose bumps at how God waves his hand over the earth and creates such beauty just to bless us...

Train travel is always an adventure because you meet people from all over the US and world who are just wanting to sit back and enjoy the scenery. We were blessed to meet some Baptist ministers from Mississippi who became our fast friends. We enjoyed hours talking to them about ministry and missions. Really a neat time.

You also stop at some really cool old train stations and have time to explore.

My happy campers....

Bucket List item #452: Live on a houseboat for a year.
When in Seattle you have to visit the Space Needle and we just happen to be lucky enough to land a perfectly clear day so you could see for miles.

Seattle has WAY to many cute little cafes and we just happen to stumble on this French pastry shop and we figured it would almost be rude to just walk by without trying something; you're getting me right?

We tried all kinds of fresh fish, new drinks and fun places to eat right on the water. This drink was a lavender, blackberry fizzy drink yum!

View from the Space Needle. Mind you both my girls are terrified of heights so we had to basically convince them they weren't going to die when the glass elevator started up for the top ha! I'm not gonna lie; I am not a fan of heights either but there is no way I will miss out (hence the broken leg last trip) so I sucked it up and took long deep breaths on the way worth it!

We rented an apartment right down town and walked everywhere and I mean e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e! I was very happy I had been working out prior to our trip or I would have never survived.

How come I'm the only one who looks happy about the rain in Seattle?

Our apartment was literally upstairs from this café...

Incase you are wondering this was a very, very bad thing being so close ha! Actually it was fun because at the end of the day when the girls were exhausted Dan & I would go sit down at the café and have coffee and a treat and have a date together. They sold coffee, tea and wine not to mention the best GF macaroons I had ever had.

Our original reason for going to Seattle was for Dan to participate with other firefighters from all over the USA in a stair climb at the Columbia Tower. He ran up 69 flights of stairs in full gear in 24 minutes! Way to go Dan and all the other men and women who raised the money to help kids fight cancer. And THANK YOU everyone who donated to this cause financially. It was a great day and we were all super proud of our loved ones that participated.

Just want to be like dad when I grow up....

We can take grabbing an Uber ride off our bucket list...

Morgan was less than pleased with my fascination of our head gear that was required as we toured Theo's Chocolate Factory..I personally think it makes a HUGE fashion statement. I got excited and put it on like 20 minutes before we needed's how I role.

Cocoa Beans anyone? Umm..Yes please!

This tour was so fun and the best part? They let you sample so many different candy bars along the way and then at the end they drop you in the candy store (so conveniently mind you) so you can buy more chocolate. The we walked down the street to a local pub and got burgers and fries to help curb the sugar coma.

If you go to Seattle stop in and visit the first ever Starbucks. They were giving out little samples of green tea fraps which our teenager happily sucked down ha!

When I first saw these I was like, "Wait are those for real?" Please show me this picture next time I jump in the ocean...

I was in farmer's market heaven....

We hopped on a boat to Canada one day and enjoyed the three hour ride was COLD that day but so beautiful..

We are so happy that our girls travel well and love being makes every adventure more fun for sure.

In Canada we hopped in this British Taxi and got a history tour from this couple...

There was this place on the docks where the seals would come up and clap for you and you could feed them fish heads....all I could think was, "So SeaWorld does not teach them to clap they just know how?" huh....

In Canada there are all these parks where the peacocks just run wild and they will eat right out of your beautiful up close...

Oh Canada how we love thee! People would find out where we were from and say, "Are you looking for real estate incase Trump wins...or Hillary?" Sigh.....

We found this gum wall which I was completely fascinated by and was sad I didn't have any gum...or any extra packs of gum to sell to the other people who were walking by that wish they had kids were disgusted.

Street art anyone?

Ryanne made friends on the train...

Another story for another day, but I am certain I am the ONLY person who goes on vacation, gets a call from someone who needs a home for their dog and agrees. Comes home to a new dog who needs to be trained and mind you I had like three hours of sleep because we were delayed by four hours because some jack-o-lantern threw a supposed bomb from a train traveling north toward us so we sat...and sat.... and sat...waiting for the bomb squad to clear us. So hence Chloe lives with us now. I have decided to call our house The Farm from now on. So come on over to the farm anytime you are free. Be blessed!