Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Monday, August 27, 2018

Crazy Week!

What a week! (Picture before going in for surgery)
 This sweet girl had major back surgery and spent last week in the hospital.  She really went through a lot and struggled with a few complications in recovery. She initially couldn't feel her legs and had some numbness but with the amazing surgeon and nurses and LOTS of anti inflammatory drugs, she is home and recovering. This has really taken a lot of strength on her part and she has been really gone through the ringer but we are praying her back will heal correctly and she will be better off for it down the road. Thank you to everyone who came to the hospital to pray with us, support us and bring us food. To everyone who sent Ryanne cards, flowers and gifts and well wishes, thank you. We are exhausted but God is good. 

The day after we got Ryanne home from the hospital we dropped Morgan off at college and so talk about an emotional week. 😳

She is loving her room mates and excited to start classes this week. It's bitter sweet to raise them up for exactly this time but then to walk away and watch them fly on their own is so weird. To have that sweet part of our family not here for the day in and day out activities is taking some adjusting. I miss talking and recapping our days together but she was ready and again God is good.
Have a blessed week friends. 

Friday, July 27, 2018


Well this summer has been a series of ups and downs for our family. God is always good regardless of the struggles but sometimes you just have to get away so you can breath. On July 3d we lost my 47 year old aunt to cancer. Because we were only three years apart, we grew up doing everything like sisters and I never called her aunt because I forgot ha! We roller skated, jumped on the beds singing into hair brushes, shared a bedroom and tortured my grandma with endless "I didn't do it!" cries of innocence when something bad went down. I was born on April 19th and she was born on April 20th so she used to joke that I stole her thunder by coming along.
Michelle had been sick since May 1st and our family was taking turns taking care of her until she passed. This is was not only physically draining but emotionally as well. Seeing her go downhill and fight was very difficult. She is with the Lord now and I know I will see her again. Thank you all who have been praying, sent cards and text messages and words of encouragement.

My friend and I have been reading a book and then meeting for coffee to discuss it and what God is doing in us through the reading time. It's mostly just my way of getting to sit down with her so it's selfish ha! We just finished "When Helping Hurts" and it was very slow reading with lots to absorb but all good stuff. We are just now starting this book here and I can't wait. The worlds concept that marriage is designed to make us happy is full of holes. 

This girly is moving out in a few weeks...

This girly is having major back surgery in a few weeks.....please be praying. More to come. 

After my aunt passed we were able to go out of town for 8 days. The Lord truly knew the timing of it all because we had this trip planned for over 6 months and it was much needed to help clear the fog in my head and heart. We rented a house on the beach in Mexico and the down time was like a healing balm.

We made S'mores and walked on the beach....

Me & Morgan made a fort that some rotten kids stomped on...I cried. Ha! 

My mom was able to go with us which was fun. We ate at all the rode side tamales in the wold!!! 

The house we rented was so amazing. It had a view of the ocean from every room....

Our friends are missionaries down in Mexico and so we got to spend some time with them and love on them which was so nice. Just to be and cook for them was a blessing.

We got together with the cousins in San Diego for a swim day and games.

Went up to Big Bear and walked around lake and had lunch....

                   Hope everyone is having a blessed summer!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Summer Catch Up...

Our summer is off to a fun start; Morgan & a team of  34 went to the Dominican Republic to work on a medical clinic being added on to a church as well as a host a bible camp. Such a huge time of growth for her. Hard for this mama's heart to have her graduate and then drop her off at the curb at LAX all within a month of each other. One day later we dropped Ryanne off to work at a camp for the next month. Such a crazy season for Dan & I as the girls aren't home much and going different directions. 

So what did we do? Sit home crying about it? Heck no! We went to one of our favorite little boutique hotels in Palm Desert. Only 16 rooms in the entire place and there was literally nobody there during the week so it felt like a private oasis. We laid by the pool, read for hours, Dan got a massage as an early Father's Day gift from the girls and then sadly he had to go back to work after three days of glorious down time. 

Never fear, because in two days he was off again so we loaded up and headed to the beach....

I rode my bike and Dan ran. Then we plopped down on the warm sand and read and napped and read some more. 

Sorry girls, we miss you but hey what are you gonna do?  😂

The girls were home for one day and apparently they are big enough to now take down their father whenever they like. Happy Father's Day Dan! You really are the best daddy ever and the girls love you so much! 

Monday, May 21, 2018

May Celebrations

Wow! What a month. I am finally sitting down to catch my breath. May has been so crazy busy. I don't think I realized how much goes on during graduation month ha!
We enjoyed some nice weather at the beginning of the month so we have been taking advantage of the Crafton College pool and swimming some laps. Here is my mermaid also known as our newest high school freshman. Dan looked at me the other day and said"How are we old enough to have a freshman in high school and one in college?" I said I have no idea.  

Trinity Church's Women's Ministry put on a Mother-Daughter tea for all the seniors  and their mamas. These three girls have been best friends for a while now and I truly enjoyed spending time with them and their moms at all the events. Such a sweet time. 

Graduation was a little emotional not gonna lie. Morgan made Honor Roll and also the Honor Society so she was very excited. She and her friend Abby will be going to college together. 

I really cannot say enough about Trinity and how they pour into the High School kids and love them and their families well. They hosted a dinner for all the graduates and their families where we were asked to write our kiddos a letter and get up and read it in front of everyone. Being asked to sum up your kids entire 17+ years on one page and then oh let's see emotional parents+reading a letter in front of people; how could this go wrong? 😂😂

We got through it with a few tears but overall it was just a blessed time of fellowship with the class of 2018 from Trinity. 

We have a large group of Seniors this year which is fun but also sad in a way. Lots of freshman coming up this next year so lots of changes. 

Excited to see what God has for these three girls over the next few years. 
We had the privilege of attending the Burn Center awards banquet out in Palm Springs this week as well. Really neat organization that puts on a camp here in our local mountains for kids who have been burned in fires and need that moral and emotional support as they heal.

Any excuse to get our families together is a good excuse. 😊 We hosted a graduation party at our house with a Build Your Own Sundae Bar....

It was so fun getting to see everyone and visit and although it was a bit crazy, Morgan felt loved and supported and so thank you to all who made your way out to our house for the day. 

The crazy part was when a bear who had been cruising the neighborhood in the middle of the night (wreaking havoc with our trash cans) and caught on our security camera around 1am the morning before decided to walk up while we were out back with the kids in the play fort. He was not a little guy and was just walking right up the path towards us. I'm sure my sister in law and myself freaking out and running was his clue he was not welcome. We and by we I mean the husbands were calm enough to grab the kids as we bolted inside. I called Fish and Game (who of course never showed up)😳 and informed them that Yogi was getting a little to comfortable walking up to people and small kids. So now we are on high alert and also keeping our dogs close and luckily we don't have small kids anymore. I am very thankful we happened to be down at the end of the property with the girls when the bear walked up because they had all been down there alone prior to that. Last week we had a rattlesnake on our side patio so I'm like REALLY!!!!

All the sweet cousins growing up so fast.
Thank you all who have sent Morgan cards of encouragement and gifts for graduation. She has been so blessed over the years to be supported by you in all she has done. She never takes that for granted and knows how lucky she is to have so much support. She is really excited about college and missions etc.
Be blessed friends. 

Friday, May 11, 2018

Senior Prom-2018

Man oh man have we been busy. I realized I hadn't posted pictures or updates in a while. Morgan took her last final for high school, graduates Monday and had prom this past week. We also had our mother-daughter tea senior tea this past weekend so it's been crazy busy. 

It's bitter sweet for sure watching your first born blossom and grow up. 

Next week we have graduation ceremony one night and then the next night is the graduation dinner at church where the parents are supposed to read a letter to their kids in front of everyone.
emotional parents+public could this go wrong? 😳

It was fun following the kids around the park with my camera....easy kids to be around for sure.  😊

It's funny how all of a sudden you pray a lot more when your kids are in the process of leaving the country for missions over the summer, moving out for college and driving all over the place.
We are super excited one minute and then crying the next ha! Parenthood is crazy and nobody tells you about this part. Like Oh wait they are going to eventually grow up and leave?
More fun to come in the next couple of weeks.
Blessings friends!

Saturday, March 31, 2018


So excited to share that our family is back from an amazing missions trip down to Mexico.  It was Dan's first time being able to go on a missions trip with Hands of Mercy and he was a driver of one of the vans. We had a total of 92 people and 9 vans. 
The border crossing this time was a little rough as 9 vans coming across at the same time sent off some red flags for immigration; I can't even imagine why. 😅 After a couple of hours, taking each van through x-ray and walking across the border to go through immigration, we made it and headed to Rancho Casita for our first night. 

I had been praying for two weeks that the rain would subside and we would have good, safe weather for our trip. It can be difficult working conditions down there let alone working in the pouring cold rain. The rain held off except for a couple times late at night which was fine because I was toasty in my sleeping bag by then.  We had three teams of about 30 people. We built three homes. 

I think the thing that blesses me most is watching all the kids and teenagers wanting to learn new skills and use them to bless a family they just met. Ryanne took on learning the roofing and she loved it! She also really jumped in and helped in the serving of the meals back at camp. 

Because Dan is way taller than me and of course stronger, he spent most of his time helping construct the roof and walls while I kept my feet on the ground working on installing windows and siding. 

Someone recently said that if you are going on a mission trip thinking you are going to go down and do something else to make someone else better or their life; you might just be missing the point of God working in you so that you are in a better place and have a stronger walk with Him. I could not agree with this more. People will say, "Oh I bet this is so rewarding for you." It is but probably not for the reasons you might think. Giving something that is material to someone does not make their lives better. It might make the struggle to survive easier but it won't bring them joy. I know so many people who have so much and are so miserable. But to go when you are called is where the reward is. The reward for me is in the obedience. Getting to love on others who need a little hand is just the icing on the cake. 

Morgan is leaving for college this summer and is  really feeling the tug to go into full time ministry. She's not sure if that's youth ministry or missions or both. But this past trip she got to teach and she was in heaven!

We have a favorite taco stand we stop at at least once and what's better than fellowship over tacos and cokes? 

I made some new friends and got to spend some good time with old friends. I learned some new building skills and am already looking forward to the next time I can go down and serve. Thank you Dan, Morgan & Ryanne for having the heart to serve and for also serving along side me. This trip will be forever one of my favorite family memories.
Blessings friends