Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Monday, May 13, 2019

Almost Summer!!!!

As our school year comes to an end and our weekends seem to have slown down some, we have been trying to do something fun with the girls every weekend before we all go different ways this summer for missions. Dan found this place out in the middle of nowhere and I mean nowhere. Past the saltin sea, over two hours from here in the middle of the desert. It's called Salvation Mountain and it's really crazy. Years ago this man decided to cover this moutain with paint and make a tribute to God. It's got paths to clmib, tunnels to duck into and scrupture everywhere. He painted everything even the ground. 

Here we are in one of the underground rooms. I told the girls that if their was even the slightest earthquake I was out becuase let's just say it was not structurally sound ha!

Kind of one of those things you have to see. I woulnd't recommend going in the midle of summer as it is HOT out there and not a single tree for shade. 
It doesn't cost anything and when you can look it up on Trip advisor. When you get there you will see cars with license plates from all over the United States who are just passing through to check it out.

This is another fun date night idea. We have done it twice now and it never disapoints. Rooftop cinema club shows movies in Hollywood and LA and its outdoors on the roof of old buildings. It's for 18 years old and over only and they sell food and alcohol. We always chose to go early and walk to a hole in wall taco place becuase HELLOO it's LA and the food is freaking amazing! Ha! We took Morgan & Jacob with us for a date night and then met up with Dan's cousin and her boyfriend and his son and girlfriend so it was a party! Taco Fest next weekend..stay tuned!! Be blessed friends!  

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Spring Fever...

Spring is in the air finally!! Morgan was in her friend Erica's wedding and it was such a blast. To see this sweet girl grow up down the street from us and then in a wedding dress about did my heart in. Really fun day.

We have been enjoying some girl time when Morgan comes home on weekends....

Ryanne is about to wrap up her first year of high school and so we decided to take a day and drive out to Simi Valley to the Ronald Regan library. My friend Lisa went with me since we took Ryanne's friend Breanna...I didn't want to be out numbered with teenagers ha!
I competely geeked out when I saw Air Force One and realized we could go inside.  If you get the chance, you should really go for a day.

I had the privelage of going on a missions trip to Mexico for 5 days and working at Rancho Casita for Hands of Mercy. It was really good but I missed my family for sure. 

Dan & I find we have more and more time alone so we have been getting outside and walking, hiking etc.

Well for 18 years Dan avoided this day but it finally came. Morgan is dating someone. Jacob and Morgan ran in the same circle all through high school but after graduation went to different colleges in different cities. They stayed in touch though and would hang out as friends on occasion when he was home. They decided to take it past friendship and give it a go so Jacob talked to Dan while we were on a hike and Dan said "Ugh..yah." Ha!

He's a great kid who loves the Lord and fits into our family really well.

For my birthday last weekend I wanted to go hiking in Palm Springs so we did and had a great hike with great weather and then a great lunch out. A really blessed time for this mamas heart.            

Friday, March 8, 2019

Catching Up...

Ryanne has been working hard in her surgery recovery and met her goals for her 6 month check up. The surgeon released her back to rollerskating which is her first love. I almost started crying when I saw her doing something she loves so much. She has also been doing water color book marks and selling them to help pay her way to Portugal this summer. She will be doing mission work there in July. She is getting back to the things she loves like worship team, leadership at church and babysitting. It's hard to believe when I look at her that she was in such bad shape in August. So many prayers and Gods healing has been such a blessing.

And of course just being a teenager is an adventure ha!!

Some exciting news I can finally share..Dan was offered and accepted the job as Fire Chief of Loma Linda. It's been a crazy year for our family moving departments again but this does feel like home. Everyone has been so kind and supportive.

A lot of the guys who have been with us all the way back at San Bernardino City Fire came out with their wives to Dan's promotion dinner to support our family.

It was so good being with old friends and now new ones. I'm excited for this new chapter in our lives...

Happy 18th bday sweet girl!!! I cannot believe I am old enough to have an 18 year old. What the heck!! HA!!!

On her way to visit friends at Biola Morgan was in her first car accident and needless to say her first "adult" life lesson. Ugh! She's fine, the car not so much.

Thankfully the full coverage insurance paid off and after much looking she found a used car she could afford.

I enjoyed a few warm sunny days before the cold snap....I'm ready for summer.

It's been fun watching Morgan and her friends grow through High School and make life choices...

Morgan really hated living on campus and all the room mate drama and not being able to get a job by school so she moved off campus to a job in the Mountains working with kids and shifted her classes to the distance learning. I took pictures of the three best friends as Naomi decided to study in Europe this semester. They were so sad to all split up but face time everyday. Can't wait until she's back in May.💓

My mom was volunteering at a horse rescue ranch last week when a horse was spooked and ran her down. It trampled her and broker her left foot and hip. She had to have emergency hip replacement surgery and we spent last week in the hospital. It was super scary and traumatic but she's at our house now and hopefully on the mend. Long hard recovery for her for sure. 😟

Dan & I drove for a High School event up to Sacramento and were able to sneak away and have dinner with my brother and his family which was nice. The kids are getting so big and it's sad we all live so far away.

Some of our college kids went to St Louis for a conference and made it back frozen but safe.

Terrible picture but we we took the girls to see Wicked and man it was good! I also got to go see CATS with my mother in law last weekend which was interesting ha! Not sure I understand CATS....but still had fun with Betty and always something new I haven't seen. Be blessed this week friends as you seek Gods face.  

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Merry Christmas

We tagged our tree back in October and went back to cut it down not anticipating the 2" growth from all the needless to say it was a BIG one! 😝

Morgan completed her first semester of college and we were literally counting down the days until break when she got to come home and stay...we miss her in all the little daily things that go on around our home. 

Dan & I got to have a fun date night at a work party....

Every Christmas break since the girls were very little, we have gone up to Big Bear to a BBQ spot for dinner and then walk to a coffee house we love. We have friends who live up there who we stop and visit as well. Something simple but something we love to take the time to do together. 

We baked a lot! Like a lot a lot! Which I love! 

Dan's aunt hosted the cousins' party and even though we missed his uncle so much, it was good to be back at the house and with all the family together. 

Cousin's party-2018

More baking....

No Ryanne isn't mad at me ha! She said "Mom! I had a cookie in my mouth!"

We had a really cold wet storm on Christmas morning which called for a hot chocolate bar of course

Every year since the girls were about 2 years old, I have made a memory book for them to open and read and look at the pictures from our year together. 

I surprised Dan & the girls and did a waffle bar for Christmas morning. Both of our moms were with us early to eat and exchange gifts and enjoy the rain....

We spent the 26th down in San Diego with Dan's brother and sister and their families. The kids are all getting so big. Fun watching them grow up. 

Then at 4am on the 27th I drove Morgan and some other college kids to LAX and they headed to St. Louis for a missions/ministry conference. We will miss ringing in the new year with her but watching her chase after what God has for her is a sweet time. Praying you all have a blessed New Year. 

Sunday, November 25, 2018


It seems like our family has had many challenges this year and even in the midst of that though difficult, we have found joy. Dan's uncle pictured above in the wheel chair, lost his battle with cancer two weeks ago. The joy is we got to all go down and see him and love on him and be near the family a few days before he died. We also got to attend Dan's cousins wedding this past September where we spent good time with Uncle Andy and even had him on the dance floor rocking out. Obviously missing him during the holidays and knowing the world is much more boring without him is the hard part. Our kids were truly blessed to grow up under his bear hugs and crazy contagious laughter and joy for life.

Me and Ryanne had a date day out at the Mission Inn where we got cupcakes and tea and walked around so she could take pictures for her photography class. She hates her picture taken so I followed her around and took pictures of her taking pictures. Ha!  A moms gotta do what a moms gotta do.


I was allowed to take one! And I quote,"This is it mom!"

We stayed home for Thanksgiving..Ryanne painted pots with succulents and made place cards with them...

Morgan was home for a few extra days which was a sweet time of her wanting to learn to cook new things...

Every year she and my mom make the turkey.....

And we bake....

and bake some more....

I was the only one awake on Thanksgiving morning and was just enjoying the quiet and the sunrise and I got to thinking about the quiet house and the peace I had. I realized it was because my family was all home, healthy and safe in their beds. I never understood parents getting all crazy during college holiday breaks until Morgan came home on Tuesday night and it felt like Christmas morning ha! Just having us all under one roof was so sweet. I was thinking about how just 12 weeks ago Ryanne was in the hospital and really struggling from her back surgery and it seemed like a season we would never get through. A painful heart wrenching season of watching her struggle with pain and issues from surgery. Now three months later she is stronger than ever and healthy and pain free. I was thinking about losing my aunt in July, Dan's uncle a couple of weeks ago, Dan changing departments, Morgan moving out and just so many other things over the year and I was so grateful in that moment that God only asks us to do one day at a time, one season of life at a time. One challenge, one victory, one praise...because His mercies are new every morning. So my list of struggles this past year are long but my list of praise is even longer.  Be blessed friends...