Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Saturday, March 29, 2014


Two weeks ago we got up at 5am to drop Ryanne & Dan off so they could ride the train to Santa Barbara. Then over three days her bike club rode back down to L.A.. They had to carry all their own tents, sleeping bags and food. They camped along the beach all the way and had a blast! We missed them so much while they were gone.

We are not sure what she is pouting about here but clearly we did something to upset her ha!

Milo- AKA FB which is short for fat boy. Don't worry he's secure with his body.

Do you ever just have "one of those days" with your kids? I mean really?

I heart Easter!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

My hearts desire....

For over two years now this chair in a sunny corner of our family room has been the sight of my early morning quiet times. I set my alarm, stumble through the quiet house opening all the blinds on the picture window and then I flop down for some time in the word before my day starts up with the girls. The other morning after my quiet time I got out of the shower to find Ryanne in the word. This is honestly my hearts one desire. That my kids would be hungry for the word. Craving Gods wisdom and direction, Wanting to know His peace and having joy that can only come from the Lord. I know for a fact that both my girls will at some point wrestle with God and their faith and I'm totally OK with that, as long as this is where they find themselves in the midst of the storm. Resting in His presence. 

If you by chance have an old Jeep that your husband loves it is all together quite possible that your driveway often looks like this. We love this Jeep and it has given us years of fun memories but they take work to maintain for sure. Sometimes worth it; when it's in a million pieces? Not so much. ha!

I think she blends in very well don't you? :)
I saw the worst accident this week. I was driving down the road and this 'obviously not thinking to clearly' man was doing wheelies down the street on his motorcycle. As he puts the bike down onto two tires he proceeds to gun it towards us. Another truck is creeping out from the stop sign to see if he can proceed to turn left when all off a sudden the motorcycle who is going like 55-60 in a 35 mph zone clips the front bumper of the truck. This all happens over my left shoulder as I am passing the truck. The noise alone was deafening not to mention the forever image of seeing this motorcyclist flying through the air bouncing off the pavement with his bike flying behind him. There was nothing left of the bike and to say the biker had road rash was an understatement. I had my youngest in the car who was terrified by the way. When I called home to tell my oldest daughter I would be late because we had to stay at the scene to talk to the Sheriff she said,"Mom, I woke up last night with the image of you and Ryanne being in a horrible car accident so I prayed into the night until I fell back asleep." The crazy part about this story is I was driving my youngest to her girls discipleship class and we were running  late. I get annoyed when I am late to anything. I hate being late. But had I been just 2 seconds earlier that motorcyclist would have gone through my windshield. My daughter prayed for our protection and God answered her prayers. That's what I'm thankful for this week. :)