Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Date Night....

We went on a really fun date night this week with some friends. First stop,  Trejo's Cantina in Hollywood. Seriously the best guacamole I have ever had chopped up pistachios in it. Who knew! We also tried their cauliflower street tacos and their pork street tacos were to die for.

Next stop; we walked a couple of blocks over to  The Montalban for roof top  movie night. All summer long through September they show all kinds of movies on the roof top which is so fun. The weather was amazing and the venue really cool. We saw Grease. When you check in they hand you a head set and a blanket and then you pick your seat. There are food and drink venues on the roof as well with little tables to sit at while you wait for the movie to start. The headsets were great but with everyone singing out loud to the Grease sound track (I mean how could you help yourself right? I mean come on it's the hand jive ha!) you didn't really need the headsets ha! 
Just hanging out before the movie....
Great roof top views and everyone was super laid back and nice. We definitely plan to go back next summer for another movie as this really was a great date night. If you're interested they are showing  some great flicks until the end of summer. It's 18 and over only and the web site is 
Enjoy! Blessings friends!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Wrapping up Summer....

We have had an amazing summer! Even though we took our family vacation back in June, we still got to do a lot of fun things together and share some down time. For Dan's birthday we went with friends to Glen Ivy and had a total relaxation day.

The girls were less than thrilled when they spotted me purchasing back to school supplies ha!
Some things I have been up to: I bought this used filing cabinet at a local thrift shop and gave it a face lift to use in our guest room to store school supplies.
Primed it....
Gave it some color and so on....
My husband gotta love him for putting up with my "projects" but we drove by a house in our neighborhood and this had a "free" sign on it and so I brought it home, cleaned it up and primed it and now I'm working on giving it a new coat of paint. The next day I was wandering through an antique store in town and found one in way worse condition for almost $400! Score!
This summer we discovered and enjoyed heading to Palm Springs a few times to enjoy the pools and just unplug and relax.

We are loving that Necter is serving dairy free ice cream and have visited many many times for date day or to treat the girls.

What's summer at our house without an urgent care visit? No worries, not broken and no stitches...just badly sprained.

It's also not summer in CA unless we see this from our property at least once or twice...

You may remember that back in December our septic tank needed to be dug up and replaced and along with it went our yard and walkway. We took some time, thought it through and decided to just go ahead with some major home improvements while everything was torn up. So out with the old dated door....

Thanks to Dan and our friend John, our new red doors!

This was our yard in April...old brick on the house and paint peeling. No yard or walkway..

New walkway, paint on the house and out with all the brick siding and new brick on the garage. We also got the front yard all landscaped...

Old falling apart brick and walkway

New concrete and paint. We are finishing the planters and also have the front porch closed in this week. More pictures to follow. It's been exciting seeing it all come together. We've lived here 13 years and have never really done anything to the house so it's been fun. Blessings friends!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Many Faces of Ellie...

Morgans little pup is now 10 months old and so hilarious! We LOVE this are just a few of her many expressions that have us cracking up daily.

"What's you's eatin' there mama?"

"Yes I am the baby but make no mistake, I am in charge here."

"Do not! I repeat do NOT look at that chewed up shoe ...look at my cute face."

"That was not me! Don't even try and blame it on me."

"Wait! Did you hear that noise mama? very, very quiet."

"What it's Monday again?"
"The cat did it."