Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Coronado Weekend

Yup' it's that time of year again. Triathlon season has officially started in the race world. And in the Harker world that means TWO racers this year! Oh yes, Morgan got a bike for her birthday so she could start racing this season as well. This means lots and LOTS of early mornings standing on the beach the next 7 months. This weekend was Dan's first race of the season. He did the Olympic distance race down on Coronado. I LOVE it there. Not so much at 4am but hey. :)
This is how you can spot the kids that are used to being dragged along on races. They have no issues with plopping down in the wet sand at 6am and just playing. While standing on the beach that morning we saw a whale, countless dolphins a sting ray and a bunny rabbit. OK is the rabbit random or is it just me? Oh and someone stepped on the sting ray and killed it during the race; details, details.

Damp hair, no make up and bags under the eyes, now if that doesn't sell you on the sport I just don't know what else to tell you. *sigh*

It was really cold when we first got there. I was angry. Then the sun came out and I forgave Dan. :)

Another little girl playing with Morgan helped her sculpt this. Hey, the more the merrier.
Mexico in the background there looked a little like competition so I considered taking him out but Dan suggested that was not sportsman like conduct. Huh, suit yourself. Just trying to help.

The traditional "pre-race" photo. Do you see all the crazy people in the back ground? I mean it's like a sickness. Dan's not the only one out there. Is there a support group for the wives? I mean really......

Dan coming off the swim. He did it in 29 minutes. He's smiling at me in case you were wondering. I was a vision at that time of the morning. LOL! Morgan was the photographer.

The girls always run across the finish line holding Dan's hand. I asked Morgan if she was gonna let her daddy run across with her and I got a dirty look. Ugh, 10 year old girls I swear!

(missing in action; Ryanne decided to NOT get up at 4am and instead stay the night across the bay with my dad.)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Need Me To House Sit?

So our neighbors down on the corner asked if I would pick up their mail for the week while they were on vacation.......I of course said I would. What I didn't tell them is that on the last day I would proceed to back down their drive way, take out their pushes they just planted oh AND the sprinkler and slam into their mail box. Yup' just being a good neighbor.
I have NEVER backed into anything, ever. I swear! *Sigh*

The best part? We were so excited because last week we paid of my car an entire year early. And the day we sent the check I said, "Well now someone will probably hit us or the kids will hit it with their bikes."
OR there is always the chance you will run over your poor neighbors mailbox you dork!
So if you need me to house sit call me!! :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

5 year old needs a job before getting married - funny!

OK I am on this serious You Tube kick for some reason. This little girl is so serious and cute. She actually reminds me of our little friend next door, so animated!

Gilrs & Their Daddy's

Morgan: "Mom, when I get engaged I am never taking my fiance to help me pick out my wedding dress."
Me: "That's good honey. It should be a surprise. He can wait to see it."
Morgan: "Yup' I know exactly who I am taking with me to help me pick out my wedding dress."
Me: (waiting for this sweet mother daughter moment to come washing over the moment)
Morgan: "Yup' I'm gonna take daddy!"
Me: "Daddy?"
Morgan: "Yes, cause I want to make sure he approves and thinks it's appropriate."

HELLOOOO! What am I chopped liver? I think Dan has his girls right where he wants them. :) Those monthly dates he takes them on are paying off I guess. LOL!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Check out this great MSN video: Dog Feels Guilty

If you have just a couple minutes this morning you have to watch this short video. The girls and I laughed so hard and then I realized wait! This is my life! :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Think I Finally Lost It......

I mean you have to have lost your mind to think blogging about your dog is news right? I'll admit it's been kinda "slow" around here in terms of blogging material. I hesitate to say that out loud because with kids like mine that could jinx the whole deal. Next week it could mean high drama and trips to the ER not to mention anything else the Lord throws my way to teach me patience and how to be calm.
I know I a have finally lost it when I just finished reading all my "blogging peeps" updates on their sweet little babies and by babies I mean 2 legs NOT four. Although the drool and teething could be similar............anyways back to loosing my mind. I get done reading and my first thought is,"Oh I have the cutest current photo of Macy I should update everyone on her. Hmmmm....this is not normal right? If that doesn't sell you on my sanity level I spent 2 hours outside yesterday playing with my girls and when we finally came in and I sat down and looked at my feet I had two different flip flops on. Yup' I just reek of stability. Makes you feel really good about being my friend huh? :)

Macy Update:
She is 4 1/2 months next week.
Weighs 60 lbs.
lost her first baby tooth yesterday
Loves to play in the sprinklers out front while chasing the neighborhood kids on their bikes.
Is finally starting to like my husband.