Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Wrapping up February

I think I say this every month, but is it just me or has February flown by? I mean I blinked and it is the last week....the weather has been crazy beautiful almost to the point that I feel guilty when I see the storms in the south and back east. We enjoyed a three day weekend on Presidents Day and rode our bikes down to White Rabbit for lunch. Having Dan home for the day was a treat for sure.

We have also been going on walks after school each day. We also got the jump rope out but I was quickly reminded after 2 jumps that my leg is still healing OUCH! The girls said I was old and I was like "meh."

I have been on this kick lately of making yummy snacks for the week that don't include adding any processed sugar. I love the challenge of finding good recipes that are amazingly tasty and I feel good giving them to my family. These peanut butter bars are super easy to make and uses dates for their sweetness. I am in LOVE with dates. You can buy dates in a bin at like Whole Foods, Clark's that sort of place. They can be expensive so I only buy exactly how many I need for the recipe. Did I mention I am in LOVE with dates? Let me clarify I am not in love with the kind of dates that boys will want to take my daughters on one day...those dates are evil. I despise those dates. Oh and dentist dates....and tax appointment dates...okay I'm finished. Here is the link for these bars that you will be so glad you made.

Now these blueberry truffles are to die for as well and you guessed it; dates! dates! dates! I popped one in my mouth and started doing the happy dance; my husband said, "What are you doing?" Uhhh...the "I just put something AMAZING in my mouth dance! Sheesh!!!" But then he popped one in his mouth and we were doing the happy dance together...
I used gluten and dairy free chocolate chips to dip them...YAHOOO!! Trying to keep these hidden in the fridge is not going well....maybe the happy dance is giving me away?

I woke up this morning to a letter sitting in my quiet time seat. Our youngest has the ability to bring me to my knees in prayer and then in the next instant encourage me like no other.
God has been reminding me of His great love for me the last couple of weeks through other women who love me. Isn't that so good? That sweet fellowship where others invest in their walk with God first and then allow that to overflow into your life? I was able to have coffee with a friend who encouraged me just by her faithfulness in her own life and marriage. And then I ran into a sweet sister in Christ who is now 72 years old and used to meet with me weekly for prayer and studying Gods word. She invested five years into me and I loved getting to see her again and tell her how she had impacted my young life and made me realize how important it is to love on other young wives and moms. To seek God first and then let it overflow. That gets me really excited! To see discipleship lived out daily. I needed the reminder this past few weeks, it's funny how God never leaves me wondering about His goodness and mercy. Be blessed today.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


I figured I would start writing this post a week ahead of your actual birthday because I wanted time to gather my thoughts and emotions over the fact that you have been in my life for 15 years when it really only feels like a breath of time. Most moms I know had 9 months to plan for their babies. They talked to them, watch them grow in their bellies and bonded with them the second their pregnancy test came back positive. I didn't have 9 months to plan but instead about 15 hours...fastest pregnancy E-V-E-R! Ha! We got the call on February 13th around 3pm that a baby girl had been born on February 10th and if we were still wanting to adopt, we could come meet you and pick you up the next day...Valentines Day!!

I had the privilege of  praying, waiting and hoping for a baby for many years and in those years I had plenty of time to ask God specifically for something that was really important to me. I didn't care if you were a boy or a girl or what color you were. I didn't care where you came from but instead I prayed for a child that would be full of the Lords Joy. A contagious joy that would come into this world and impact it for Gods kingdom and that is exactly who you are. You love the left out and desire what is good and true. You are just scrappy enough to handle your little sister and give the teasing back to your dad but inside you are passionate about music and life and people and also a hopeless romantic. You seek Gods word and want to see everyone you know fall in love with God. You have a spirit of adventure and you want to travel and see the world. I think if you have a say in it at all, you will probably dance, sing and play the piano wherever you go. I know whatever you do and wherever God leads you that people will be easily drawn to your giving heart and desire to love those who don't feel loved and included.

While I had a mere 15 hours notice that you were coming, another mom had 9 months to love you, sing to you and care for you until you were born and then after all that she still was able to do what she knew was best for you and place you in a two parent home. On your 15th birthday I am always so grateful for Kari and the unconditional love she has shown you. What a treat for everyone who has been able to be apart of your young 15 years watch you mature and grow into such a sweet, loving, fun teenager. You make me laugh daily and sometimes I don't even know what we are laughing at...probably because you are making fun of me in some way. I just continue to pray that you would always seek God and His word first even when the world is telling you otherwise...especially when the world is telling you otherwise!! I cannot wait to see how God is going to use you. You are a treat my sweet daughter. Me & Daddy are better people with you in our lives. Happy Birthday!
P.S. Stay away from boys until you're 30, they are evil! (except daddy) ;)

19 Years!!!

We celebrated our 19 year wedding anniversary yesterday February 8th. What a journey it has been. Never boring or dull that is for sure. We have gone through incredible heartbreak but also had unmeasurable blessings. Dan is my best friend who makes me belly laugh on a daily basis. If you ask him he would say the same thing although most days I am almost certain he is laughing at me. I told him the other day that the reason I love life so much is because it's like the most awesome adventure book and the best part is that come rain or shine, God is the author of our story. Our story has really low points and really exciting high points but you know in the end it's all going to be worth it. God is in the business of blessing His children and the only way we get those blessings in our marriage is if we take a stand and don't waver from the commitment we made to "for better or worse, in sickness and in health, until death do us part." We took the day off from "real life" yesterday and went to Glen Ivy and laid around in the hot springs all day. I told Dan that I hope I live to be a hundred so that I can keep him entertained for many years to come...he just let out a really long sigh...ha! Be blessed today friends!