Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Upgrades, Cute Kid Sayings and Confessions

OK, a little history here so you can appreciate where I've come from. When we were first married I really didn't want a TV in the main part of the house. In fact we only had the little 18" TV in our guest room that I had brought from my apartment. Well after a couple years of marriage Dan talked me into a 32" TV and so we bought the entertainment center and up went the TV in the living room. I must admit we had pretty fun super bowl parties etc. but I still didn't want the TV to be the focal point. Flash forward 13 years later and lots of lessons learned in our marriage. Lesson #1 you do need a TV in the main part of the house if you are going to have super bowl parties or Survivor night with friends. People don't want to huddle on the bed in the guest room it's just awkward. ;) Lesson #2 when your old TV breaks after 11 years and you give your husband free reign to upgrade, upgrade he will. Hence the 52" TV now mounted on our fireplace in our great room. I will admit although not out loud that it is pretty fun to watch and Little Bill looks even cuter in High Definition. ;) Oh but I still have my other foot down about the fact that we will NEVER have cable in our bedroom. That room is for two things, I'll let you figure that one out. :)
Morgan: "Mama, you know what?"
Me: "No what?"
Morgan: "You know I value my life right?"
Me: "OK, I would hope so........."
Morgan: "But just so you know if the leader of China came to me right now and said that if he could take my life but in return he would let any pastor or missionary that wanted to freely come into the country and openly teach about God, I would let him kill me. Cause mama, I know where I'm going so it would be OK but allot of people in China need to hear about Jesus."
Me:"Oh Morgan that's what makes you Morgan."
I was pretty much speechless after that. At 9 she is thinking of giving her life for others and half the time I can't even slow down to help a homeless person. Thank you Morgan.

Ryanne: "Mama, my room is clean and my chores done, can you go check it?"
Me: "Ryanne, you weren't in there very long I don't think there is any way your room is clean."
Ryanne: "I swear it is, go check pleeeaaaaaaasssssssseeeeeee."
Me: (walking to entrance of room and seeing a huge mess still) "Uummm, negative this is NOT clean, you need to get back in here and finish the job pleeaaaaaaaaassssseeeee!"
Ryanne:"Daaaddddddyyyyy! Tell mom to stop calling me negative all the time!"
Gotta love her! :) We were rolling on the floor laughing.

OK and confession time but only because I was blackmailed. My friend who I won't mention any names (Stacy) said she was going to take a picture of me in Hawaii and bust me so I better confess before we go. I went to Palm Springs last week and tried on tons of bathing suites and can I just say that (and I'm serious here) I look like Mrs. Potato head in a one piece. Not attractive at all! I have such a short torso it all just BLOBS together. I tried on lots of tankinis as well and they always fit in the chest area but are to big around the rib cage so blaaaahhhhhh! So all this to say I did buy a two piece top. There I said it! I know, I know I'm a horrible parent. I promise it covers the girls though does that count? Now I know what you are thinking; I don't value your opinions since taking the survey but I do really I do I just value not looking like someones baked potato more. ;)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy 9th My Sweet!

Happy 9Th birthday Morgan. Nobody can believe you are already 9 including myself. I can remember like it was yesterday meeting you and holding you for the first time and feeling very inadequate to be your mama. We nicknamed you peanut cause you were so tiny when you were born. You have grown 2" in 4 months and jumped an entire shoe size. Possibly time for a new nickname. ;)We went to Disneyland yesterday for your birthday as is our yearly tradition. Not even the rain could keep us from having fun and even though it was cold and wet and windy you NEVER complained even once.
You adore your family. We often joke that your the one we are going to have to throw out when your grown cause you LOVE being home with us all.
You love life. Your great at just being a kid. No worries, no stresses, no trying to be anything other than the age you are. Lego's, baby dolls and cartwheels down the hall way.
Your a great friend. Loyal, trustworthy and a peace maker.
Nine years ago God blessed me with you and changed my view of the world forever. Suddenly everything seemed better, brighter and more fun. Everything seemed possible. As we curled up under the covers last night, daddy and I shared with you 8 things we loved about you this past year. I wanted to share some of the things that stand out to me.
1. I love that you have a heart for missions. I know somewhere deep in my heart
(and I get choked up even as I type this) that you will most certainly be heading out of the country to share Gods word. I am already praying for you and your safety in that regard.
2. You always ask about your birth mom and ask me to make sure she is doing well in school, work etc. It shows me you have a heart that "gets it" and you love the life your birth mom chose for you. Very sweet.
3. You are such a kid. You love all things slimy (snakes, lizards, bugs) and yet you usually are catching them with a tiara on your head.
4. You LOVE animals. One morning I drove over a lizard in our driveway and you cried for an hour. You were just crushed.
5. You love a challenge and won't be told you can't do anything when it comes to swim team, circus, piano etc. You will try till' you get it right and get it done.
6. Your bouncy curly hair matches your bouncy disposition.
7. You really desire to be obedient to the Lord. You will often ask if something honors the Lord.
8. You have this belly laugh that when you get tickled about something just rolls out of you. Anyone that hears you can't help but laugh along with you.
Those are just some of the things that came up. I love you sweet girl. You are getting so tall and amazingly beautiful inside and out. I am praying this next year God continues to use you and grow you into his image. Happy Birthday! :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Birthday Lunches And More.......

OK so I wanted to take a few minutes while I can to catch you up on some of the fun stuff going on around here. Morgan turns 9 on Wed.(she will get a special post that day) but we let her take a few friends to lunch at the Rain Forest Cafe this weekend. I'm not sure why Milo does this every time Morgan picks him up but we are thinking of renaming him stretch. :)

The girls had their Valentines party with our home school group and it was so cute to see how excited they were to get all the little cards and notes from friends. We often loose sight of how much pleasure those little things can bring.
We went with some friends on a field trip to the San-Diego Zoo and it was the one beautiful day we had in a long time. It was almost do I dare say it? Warm! :) They had so much fun and I was EXHAUSTED from all the walking.
Tomorrow (the 8Th) Dan and I celebrate 13 years of marriage.
13 Things I Love About you...............
1. You are EASY to be around and not just me but with everyone. You have a personality that just flows and gets along well with others in all situations.
2. You go out of your way to stay physically fit. Not obsessive to the point of being annoying but just sticking with your hobby and being healthy and consistent. It shows me you care about your health and also what I think even after all these years together.
3. You are driven. I LOVE that about you. It can sometimes be overwhelming when you are going to school, testing at work to promote, disciplining other young men and running off to be at work for days but I love that you are ambitious and you always balance things well so that our family doesn't suffer.
4. Your amazingly tall and handsome.
5. You laugh so hard you cry and that makes me laugh so hard I cry even before I know what we are laughing at.
6. You LOVE your daughters. You adore them. You think they are amazing and funny and unique and silly.
7. You value marriage.
8. You value my health to the point of following the same food restrictions I do so I am not left out.
9. You are warm blooded which is good cause I need somewhere to stick my cold feet.
10. You love the Lord and value integrity. You can admit when you are wrong but don't let it drag us down; instead moving on and upward to a better marriage.
11. You love to travel and go places and learn and try new things.
12. Your a man's man.
13. I LOVE that you have a heart to see marriages be at it's best. When someone we know is struggling you are eager to meet and pray with them, do a bible study etc. to help them stay married.
I love you honey. Thank you for the most fun, craziest, insane, roller coaster 13 years ever. I love that we get to mark another year for our team tomorrow. Our marriage has been through the fire and its a great testament that you can make it work and with God ALL things ARE possible.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Daily Wife Tip

This last year was really rough. We moved, had responsibilities that meant a lot of travel, and I hurt my back several times. That's the short list.

I learned a lot, however. Isn't that the way it is with God. I learned that there will always be "stuff" going on and you can't let that stop you from living life and, since this is a Saturday tip, you can't let it stop you from having a bedroom life.

Certainly you want to take care of yourself, but realize that your married sexuality (both yours and your husband's) is important. Don't let life or mishaps routinely stall out your bedroom life. Be creative and find ways of keeping the flame alive even through difficult seasons or when mishaps occur.

Mistakes are the portals of discovery. James Joyce

This is little tip is from that daily wife link I subscribe to. I love waking up every morning to find great advice and quotes to inspire my marriage. I saved this one from the other day to share with you because I thought it was such a good reminder for us as wives to not let "life" get in the way of us loving on our man. As women and mom's we have allot on our plates. We've got kids hanging from us and demands at home and work that draw all our attention and energy. Often we let our marriage not being "perfect" keep us from connecting with our husband intimately. I am gently reminded by this Godly women through her daily encouragements that "life" is just that, life. We cannot allow daily "things" to come in the way of us coming together and connecting with our husbands. They need that physical touch and nurturing often whether we "feel" like it or not.

I try to remind myself that it blesses my husband to surprise him with new date nights, quiet evenings with candles or maybe a new piece of lingerie or something. We are not the only ones who like to be romanced. :) Just a thought as Valentines Day approaches.