Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Thanking Our Service Men............

Books for Soldiers

Posted: 21 Jul 2011 02:30 AM PDT

The Gottman Relationship Institute is having a fund drive to get their marriage book into the hands of solders. The statistics for divorce in the military are high. Let's help protect the marriages of those who protect our country.

Seven Principles - Books for Soldiers - click here to donate a book in English or Spanish

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work - buy a copy for yourself (aff link)

Your generosity could save a marriage. For the price of a book ($7.50) you could make a difference in the lives of a husband and wife (and their children, friends, co-workers - major ripple effect of the good kind). The Seven Principles book is one of the best marriage tools around. I can't think of a better book to send to our guys and gals in uniform.

God works in the coolest ways don't ya' think? The other night I was watching this documentary on Navy Seals. It was talking about how they are gone more than 200 days a year from their families and what that entails for their wives. At the end of the show it said that the divorce rate for special service men is 90%. 90%!! It broke my heart because I have a life long friend who has served since he got out of high school and it has taken it's tole on his marriage as well. I pray for he and his family all the time but God really gave me a sensitive spirit for them after watching this show. I was like,"God what else can we do to encourage them? I mean I can pray but what else?" Then I woke up the next morning to this email about donating books to the soldiers while they are deployed. It's so cheap and such an easy way to help them out and encourage them in their marriages. If you can, please take a minute to pray over and then donate a book. You never know who it could go to and how God will use it. It could be the thing a soldier needs that very day to keep his marriage strong and intact. It could change the hearts of wives who faithfully wait and struggle while missing their loved ones. Thanks for helping out! Please pass this on to others who might send a book as well. :)

I love how when we ask God,"What can we do?" He shows us. So fun!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday Ryanne!

Happy 7th birthday crazy girl! You have been a surprise from the get go.
You were born a month early

You were so small and quiet we thought for sure that was who you were.

Then you turned 3 and you became this little curly blond ball of fiery energy.

You like to do things to get a reaction and a reaction you often get. LOL!

You are super petite but we like to call you "fun size."
You LOVE people and anyone with any sense loves you right back. :)

You NEVER show up empty handed when we are going to visit friends or family or someone is coming over. You always color them pictures or give something from your own room to your friends. You are very thoughtful.

We say you are our one liner and big word child. You come up with the craziest stuff.

Sometimes all your energy makes you misunderstood but because of that daddy and I have a soft spot and are very protective of you. We know some day you are going to rule the world! Or at the very least take it by storm. :)

You love your sister and so the fact that she spent her own money to buy you your first American Girl baby doll for your birthday has blessed you beyond belief. You LOVE this doll.

Ryanne, I can honestly say never in my life have I laughed or cried so hard all in the same day. I have never clung so desperately to Gods promise to not give us more than we can handle and at the same time I have looked in the mirror and seen so many of the same characteristics in myself.
You love life. You tend to be a bit impulsive. You are joyful. You love a good adventure. You find happiness in the smallest things; like bugs and homemade ice cream. You question everything which I am certain will make you wise and stronger in the Lord one day. Nobody has ever told you that you can't do will find a way. If it can be climbed, jumped off of or driven you will do it. You LOVE shoes....primarily flip flops. :) You eat EVERYTHING and I mean everything! Fruits, veggies, fish, hummus, salads are your
favorite and so are avocados.
Your laugh is contagious and rolls out of you so easily. You try to be tough and you hate to cry in front of people.
You love to hug and kiss people and the dogs, the cats, the bugs & frogs you catch...........
Ryanne, we never planned on another baby but God knew better. He gave us you as his promise to us. A promise that life will NEVER again be boring, without weekly injury's, without belly laughs, 100's of flip flops, chicklet colored girly toes, questions so random even I can't wrap my brain around them and just enough mellow in you that we get to cuddle on occasion.
We love you our little blonde ball of energy!
Love Daddy, Mommy and Morgan

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Joy's Of Parenting Ryanne And A Macy Update

Since Ryanne's Birthday is one week from today I thought I would update you on some of the funny things she has been saying lately.

Location-Driving to Church
Ryanne: WOW! I think a rock star just drove past us!!

Dan: A rock star???

Me: A rock star? How do you know?

Ryanne: You should have seen the flashy sunglasses they were wearing.

Location-Dentist chair
Dental tech: Ryanne, we need to take x-rays so you have to open really big so I can put the plastic film in your mouth.

Ryanne: Uh huh...

Dental tech: No, don't bite till I tell you. You have to open bigger it's not in there correctly.

Ryanne: (pulling the film out) I'm trying but your plastic thingy is poking me in the back of my throat so that part is your problem!

Location-driving to lunch
Me: So Ryanne are you excited to start school next year?

Ryanne: ya.....I just can't believe I'm going to be in third grade already.

Me: Your not honey, your going into second.

Ryanne: Oh I already did third?

Me: *Sigh*

Location-Our house
Ryanne: Mom just so you know it's kind of offensive when you take off your bra before you go to bed.

Me: Huh?

Ryanne: Ya' your boobs are like all the way down here when you do that. (Pointing down to her waist just in case I didn't fully understand)

Driving home from church
Me: Do you want to see the dog papa adopted?

Ryanne: Papa got a dog?

Me: Yes he said it followed him home the other night.

Ryanne: (first slapping her forehead) Oh that papa, I know he's always doing something.

Here is a current picture of Macy. She is 9 months on Friday. 100 lbs. Her back comes up to Ryanne's shoulder. I tried to get a picture of them together but that is like trying to shoot 2 butterflies flying opposite directions. Or better yet they are usually on the floor wrestling and Ryanne has her in a head lock or her lips pulled out like wings. Nothing you could handle. This is my world, I don't want to suck you in so deep you can't get out. LOL!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

BEWARE! Major Photo Overload Ahead!

You know whats good? Friend are good. Friends who love the Lord and cheer you on in life are good.

You know what else is good? Youth leaders who really love what they do and love the kids and cheer them on....that's good.

Our church bible blast was last week and I think it's safe to say it was the best one ever!
New friends were made........

Neighbors got to know each other better................

Sister's were stranded on a deserted island together all week and didn't kill each other.........
(OK I made that one up)

Old friends got to go to dinner and with us and join in the fun of getting to know more about God................

Dad's got cooler...........Nah he was already cool. :)
I think the thing I love most about this photo is her little hand fanned across his chest. It's so little and cute.

The week started off rough as we attended a firefighter's funeral........but the service gave hope and I left feeling much lighter.
A bunch of the families from Dan's work went to the beach the next day.......and we snagged this little cutie and loved her up as much as possible.

I was sitting on the beach wondering what the couple on this boat was like. (yes in my world it was a couple, I'm a hopeless romantic) Anyways, this boat was there late into the night watching the sun set and I was thinking that must have been very peaceful for them. Do you ever do that? Imagine peoples lives? I will see an old couple and wonder what they have gone through in their marriage and how they got through it. Where they have been together and things like that.

I think we must have had 12-14 kids at the beach and they all got along great! No fighting or whining or anything. Just fun in the sun and surf. We stayed late into the night and had to tired girls to haul to bed when we got home.

Love warm sunny days at the beach when Dan is off.

Love how the minute we get near the water Morgans curls start to escape.

Love Ryanne's toothless grin.

They really needed their daddy this day. He really needed them too after such a hard week.

Morgan got her braces off! Her teeth look beautiful!

My nephew and brother came over and we spent the day playing in Oak Glen.

I love that this is basically in our back yard.

My mom came up too!

There are these really old sequoia tress I wanted to take a picture of but my brother said we should stick our heads in as well. :)

We dressed up in old western clothes and took pictures. The kids loved it but my mom said they made her look like a lets see how should a I say this? A lady of the night maybe? LOL!

And I dont care what anyone tries to tell you, a six dollar kiddie pool and buckets DO entertain kids for hours!

Our cousin Mallory is leaving to play soccer for the University of Hawaii. I told her I would sacrifice and come watch a game next year. Sheessshhh! The things I will do for family. :)

We were privileged enough to be part of a wedding renewal ceremony for Dans Aunt and Uncle. They celebrated 50 years! All the cousins were there.

I love Dan's Aunt and Uncle. They bless me and give me hope when I look at their marriage. They are best friends. They laugh at everything. I love their stories of how their life started and the things they have gone through. So sweet and kind to each other. I loved being part of their day.
We sang this at church last Sunday. Its only part of the song but I just love the words

You are good
You are good,
When there is no good in me.

You are joy,
you are joy,
when there is no joy in me.

You are more,
you are more
than my words will ever say.

In your presence I am made whole.
Nothing compares to your embrace.
Light of this world forever you will reign.