Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Thursday, July 20, 2017

July Happenings....

Thanks to all who sponsored and have been praying for Morgan and her team. They are well into their trip and doing great! Other than Morgan getting stung by a bee for the first time and having a really swollen finger she seems to be in good spirits.

Morgan and her team have been working on the roof of The Hope House and also leading vacation bible school. Please continue to pray for safety, that they stay healthy and most importantly, that people come to know the saving love of Jesus because these kids are being a light in their lives and planting seeds. We miss her so much but are excited to hear what God is doing. 

While she's been gone I have been in charge of her puppy....After walking into the room yesterday and seeing this; I'm wondering who is in charge at this point. How that little short stack even got way up there is still beyond me.
Today is Ryanne's 13th Birthday. She was a little down because Morgan was going to be gone so we put together a surprise scavenger hunt that included picking up friends. getting pedicures and Starbucks and then...
Renting a cabana at a hotel in Palm Springs for the day...Unicorn included ha! 
We wrapped up the day with dinner and dessert with Grandma and Ta-Da! You have a great day and one blessed 13 year old. 
Ryanne I love you and pray you always feel loved and encouraged. I could say so many things about you but one thing that tickles me as we raise you is how I am NEVER bored when you are around. I'm either laughing, crying or banging my head against the wall ha! You have a heart bigger than your entire body. You love little kids and old people and you treasure loving on those who have less. You go to the homeless shelter and love on and feed people who need to see Christ's light shine like no one else I know. You are this little petite bundle of life that is just waiting to bust out and be used by God to impact this world and I cannot wait to see how our God who made you so perfect in His image uses you to do just that. Happy Birthday sweet girl!