Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Hands of Mercy

So last week Ryanne and I had the privilege of going with Trinity church and Hands of Mercy down to Mexico to build houses. We had like 92 people. This is a picture of our van pulling into the customs check.
It was a long day of travel as we were down below Ensenada but everyone was super patient with each other and stayed positive and focused on what we were going down to do.
We all bunked up in different spots around the camp but me and Ryanne stayed in a loft house which is exactly what we were building for the family. It gave us a real feel of living in the type of home we were helping to build.
Up early and ready for work day 1!
I love how God just wants to pour blessings on us and all along the way he confirmed in my heart that I want nothing more than to live fearlessly for Him and his kingdom. When we got to the camp and met the missionaries who were serving down there it turns out it was a friend I met 16 years ago on MOPS leadership and had lost touch with over the years. It was like a reunion to get to hang out with her and just spend time with her. Everyday I was like,"Thank you God for that treat and that one and that one!" ha!
This was the neighborhood we would work in each day. We were there for 4 days.
Our building site
The kids painted their hearts out...
Ryanne made it a point to take time and love on all the kids who came around the work site....
There was also time for down time each evening back at camp....
This is the loft in the house where me and Ryanne slept for four days. This is a space where an entire family will sleep. 
Day 2 and heading out to work site...
The ramp that crossed the creek to our shower....

The house is coming together.
Ryannes little buddy...

The family we were building for was so kind, they cooked all day and made us lunch.  This was a huge sacrifice for them and we were blessed by it.

The homes where we were do not have running water or electricity. Their kitchens and bathrooms are outside.

Back at camp each night we shared the cooking duties  and had a time of studying the word and worship. 
It was an experience for the kids to realize their bathrooms were make shift out houses with basically a hole in the ground.
Every time I leave the country to serve someone and love on them God blesses me more than I ever could give to people I meet on my journeys. I am always left in awe of Gods goodness regardless of what possessions we have or don't have. I love that people can live on dirt floors and literally have the clothes on their back but have the joy that only comes from the Lord. It affirms in me that "things" do not equal contentment or happiness, rather stepping out of our comfort zone and showing Christ's love in tangible ways to other people is what brings me joy. It was sad to leave but I am praying God opens the door for us to go back very soon.
Blessings friends.