Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Friday, January 30, 2009


Ryanne's doctor called me this morning to inform me that yesterday she was just uneasy about Ryanne's chest x-rays and so she had a specialist look at them first thing this morning and she DOES in fact have pneumonia! UGH! Poor thing. She has been wheezing off and on all day and though the inhaler is working I can tell she is struggling. Her little chest rattles when you put your hand on her back and she isn't eating, which if you know Ryanne at all she eats non stop 24 hours a day. The doctor wants her to drink tons of fluid, take the meds and come in first thing Monday to re examine her. Please pray that she starts to feel better soon. She is NOT at all happy about missing more school next week but the doctor said,"NO WAY! No school or any other high energy activity." Ryanne IS a high energy activity. I was up all night checking her breathing every hour or so. I slept on the couch and woke to her starring at me at 6am. :) "Good morning mama!" he,hee. kids are so tough. So stinkin' tough! Have a good weekend. I am planning on catching up on some sleep when Dan gets home and hopefully enjoying the super bowl since my husbands team is playing. Go Steelers! (not really, I am a Cowboys fan, but to keep the peace I will cheer for his team! ;)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Week At A Glance (I know it's only Thursday but I officially quit!)

Ok, I don't officially quit but only because I am told as a mother we are not allowed. I sure wish I had quit more jobs before this one to get my share of what it would feel like to just stomp on out with your hands in the air when you were through with the whole mess of the week. :) Huh, kind of a fun visual don't ya' think. I swear there was a few times growing up when my mom stomped out of the room and yelled,"I quit!" If you know my mom she is reading this saying,"I NEVER did that! ;)

Sunday Jan. 25th-wake up VERY sick. Morgan is Very sick as well. We both have miserable colds and don't even get much passed our pillows let alone get dressed that day.

Monday Jan. 26th- Still pretty sick and on top of that it's my day to get my treatment at the hospital. Do you know what's worse than walking into a chemo room hacking up a lung when everyone in there pretty much has no immune system? Nothing really. I was so sick I barely drove myself but went ahead on the off chance they would let me actually get the treatment. I guess since they are pumping you full of poison anyway they don't stop you very often from getting your dose. hhmmm......good to know.

Tuesday Jan. 27th- Morgan and I still pretty sick and it turns out Ryanne wants to join in so she is a bear and also sounds like a fog horn. I am pumping everyone full of vitamin C, airborne and as much sleep as possible. My hats off to teachers cause I was way to sick to do all of our school work each day and Morgan laying on her desk wasn't all that helpful either.

Wednesday Jan. 28th- I am starting to feel human and can almost swallow all the way. Morgan is cheering up a bit and we both showered. Whew-hew! Dropped Ryanne off at school cause nothing green was coming out of her nose and she ate breakfast. Sounds like a ticket back to school to me. 3:00pm- off to ultra sound appointment (long story and when I know if its a good one I will fill you in.) get there with 32 oz. of water in my bladder to find they are running 30 minutes late but I am not allowed to pee. Ever tried to let a little out? It Doesn't work. I am standing with my legs crossed when the nurse comes out and says why did you drink all that water, its an internal ultra sound? UUummmmmmmmm, excuse me while I relieve myself on your exam floor will you? But now imagine this, I was right and the nurses were wrong and I did need the water for the NORMAL ultra sound. Whew! Glad only a little leaked on the floor.

Thursday Jan. 29th- disinfect Morgan and shove her into piano lessons. After piano the girls and I have an hour to kill before Ryannes Dr. appointment for school next year. Yes I know its early but I want to make sure I get everything done so we have a spot with this home school program we are with. She needs all her 5 year/school check up stuff done and mailed off. Trying to be efficient here people. So we stop to eat lunch and I think to myself,"self, Ryannes cheeks look a little red or puffy or something." But we eat and head over to the Dr. anyway stopping to say hi to Dan who is on a 72. We get put in a room and mind you I have prepped this baby for shots, blood draw whatever and she IS ready. She has talked herself into bravery. ;) We wait for the Dr. and wait and wait and as we are waiting I look up and see that Ryanne is breaking out in some form of bumpy rash all over her body and they come and take her temp. and yes you guessed it she is running one. The Doctor comes in and listens to her and realizes she is starting to wheeze, sends us to x-ray to rule out pneumonia and then brings us back. Her lungs were clear but she did put her on meds and give her an inhaler. So 6 hours later from leaving my house I am home, exhausted, worried about my kiddos who by the way are fast asleep and here I am oh so happy its Friday tomorrow and that my husband comes home on Sat. one more day, I CAN do this!!! :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Look what we lost, What did I eat to dream this, and living in the dark ages..............

Morgan's lost like three teeth in the last month AND she has another really loose one. I told her she better start growing some or we could be in trouble. Secretly, I LOVE it because it makes her look really young and I am near tears every time I think about the fact that she is going to be 8 in like 13 days. (don't worry, I go through the whole "get emotional thing" every year right before my kids turn a year older)Another cute thing with Morgan this week and it went something like this;
Morgan: "Mom, I bet it was SOOOOO fun being a kid back when you were little."
Me: "Why do you say that?"
Morgan: "Cause growing up in the OLD DAYS you got to buy candy for like 25 cents!"
Me: "You know I am not that old Morgan."
Morgan: "Oh I know, I didn't mean your as old as bible times or anything mom. I mean your not that old right?"
(disclaimer for all you smart mouths out there I am only 34! Ok 35 in April but stiiillllll!!!)
Just a cute picture of Ryanne on her way to school.
Oh and my last random thing. I think I am either spending waaaay to much time learning Spanish with Morgan or I ate something weird before bed the other night. I had a dream that this Mariachi band came to our door and when we let them in to play they decided to rob us. Weeelllll, (stay with me here people) In all my weeks of Rosetta Stone knowledge I knew enough to ask them politely if we could see something by the front door and they were fooled so we ran to our neighbors house. Then after Corey (my friends husband) ignored our cries for help (MEN!) We ran inside to dial 911 but every time I dialed 911 it rang my friend Susie up in Oregon! (sorry Susie) It was so random and if you like you can comment on what you think my dream meant. Maybe eat less beans before bed???? Have a good week!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Some Updates and The Radical Disciple.....

This little sweetie started piano last week and although she has the smallest hands ever she has the biggest heart for music and LOVES it. Plus it helps that her music teacher Miss Heather is young and hip and always has some kind of "bling" or crazy shoes on. This week she had bright polka dot rubber rain boots on. When I see them together i am certain it is love at first sight. :) Morgan also started Spanish this past week with the Rosetta Stone. The first day I was concerned that she was to young and that it moved to fast but when SHE asked to start Spanish in class before math the second day I realized she was absorbing it and she did the lesson all on her own. Ryanne is going to do it as well but I am afraid she will then have another language to tell me off in! Ugh! Speaking of Ryanne.......................I know this picture is a bit blurry but do you see anything wrong with what she is doing? Those are all naked barbies being submerged head first into a bucket of water. Should I be concerned? I mean I don't know if I should be more worried that there are like eight naked men and women in the "jacuzzi" together or that she is taking GREAT pleasure in drowning them. I am thinking instead of the college fund we set aside for each month that possible a counseling fund might be more called for. :)

A Radical Disciple...................................
What is a radical disciple? It is that person who will follow Jesus Christ no matter what. The radical disciple is sold out to Him. Nothing else can sway that person. The eye, the heart, the mind, and the soul are fixed on Jesus. In perilous times, in successful times, in times of challenge-no matter where that person is-Jesus Christ is given free rein to live and move and work. A Heart That dances By Catherine martin

This week was the perfect time for me to read this in my time with the Lord. A new president was sworn in and I was reminded that though I didn't vote for him he is now the leader of our country and I am instructed to pray for him and all of our other leaders that were sworn into office this past week. If as Christians we can all stop complaining for even a second and focus all that energy to the Lord and what he is capable of doing, can you even imagine? So exciting!

Also, as the economy gets worse by the day and people are loosing their jobs and homes my heart often focuses on the "worldly things." I get scared for friends, anxiety at where we will cut back if the new budget goes through at my husbands job and fear that it will only get worse for many people. I found this past week that when stress would creep in my eyes would shift down instead of up where my hope lies. As Christians I believe now more than ever in my lifetime thus far that this is a great time to get our priority's in the right order. To become radical disciples. To follow Christ first no matter what, letting nothing else sway us. Not the economy, not our health, not who or who is not running the country and most importantly to let that attitude of worship overflow to those around us. In perilous times, in times of success and times of challenge.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Something I read today and LOVED

The heart that is forever captivated sees things that others cannot see. It has a view of heaven and a vision of the extraordinary. It experiences things that only God can do. A person with such a heart lives a supernatural lifestyle. He or she never gives up. Although circumstances appear hopeless, by faith the captivated heart knows that with God all things are possible. God has a plan and will carry it out.
By Catherine Martin in A Heart That Dances

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Couple Random Things.............................

I had to share this cause to me it's VERY exciting. I have ALWAYS wanted a piano. I mean ALWAYS. I have wanted to learn to play worship music on the piano for a couple of years now. Whenever I would hear someone was selling a piano I was always so bummed at the horrible timing of us not having the money or the space or whatever. So last week we were in Long Beach with Dan's family for our annual "Christmas with the Cousins party" and Cindi (Dan's cousin) asks if anyone wanted the piano that had been in the family forever. I think I practically levitated across the pool deck to make sure she knew I was serious. :) Dan's uncle bought it 29+ years ago and had it all refurbished. Its old and used and loved and worn just the way I like. So on New Years Eve Dan's cousin had the piano movers move it up from her house in LA and here it is in its new home ready for Morgan to take lessons in Feb. I can hardly wait cause ummm yes I totally plan to learn along side her. What? I have been itching to learn something new so this is perfect timing. Heck, when she was taking guitar I almost killed myself trying to learn those cords cause I couldn't stand not understanding what someone else was learning.
Oh and one other little thing; if you sent us a Christmas card with your photo attached to it you are HERE! :) This is our bulletin board we hung up in a place where I spend lots of time (sad to say) the laundry room. Anyways, we hung this bulletin board here not to hide your beautiful faces but to remind me as I wash clothes to pray for you and your families. We clean it off every December and add all the new cards from family and friends. Its fun to see everyone change and the kids grow so big. Love praying for you all! I have been missing those that are far away that we don't see often. :( Love you!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Word For The Year

sneaking a kiss..........................
got my new ride.......................
trying to get all the cousins lined up by height.................
Does the picture really need words? ;)
Morgan and her NEW missing tooth. :)
Happy New Year Everyone! Last year my fellow blogger Christy P. decided to come up with a word for the year that she was going to live by instead of a resolution. I liked her idea so much I did the same thing last year. I chose BALANCE. I thinking back over my year and thinking about my life and if I was able to find some kind of balance. Say no more often, but say YES to the really great stuff. Let things, people, situations go that I cannot control. Allowing God to be God and do his job as apposed to me stressing over the little things or even the big things really. Sleeping lots, eating well, exercising, reading the word every morning and letting Gods love and grace sink in to my heart and flow into my actions. Ya' I think balance was the perfect word for me last year.
This year as the clock was ticking away towards midnight I started to think of what word I wanted and how I could honor God in my decision. I chose worship which is funny cause our worship pastor taught on Sunday about that very word and it really ministered to my heart and confirmed my decision. Worship is so much more than singing praise songs on Sunday mornings or even praying with our kids. Worship is NOT about us but about God. It is to be our outward reaction to what he is done inwardly in our lives. Think about that. If random people you come in contact were to describe your behavior would it be a reflection of Gods grace and mercy? His love and care for you? I desire this next year to be one where my outward response to people and to the Lord is one that reflects what a mighty and powerful God I serve. Capable of doing anything, and changing anyone.....................even me. :) I will attach a few photos below of our last few weeks. Sorry I have been a bit flaky with the blogging; we have had some sickness and other things going on here on top of the holiday craziness. :)