Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

No Special order.....

Dan and the girls Easter morning.

Gluten free, dairy free coconut cake. Loved it! Want the recipe?
Go to

"Macy I am your father!"
Ryanne messes with Macy on a regular basis but they have this understanding that seems to work out well for the both of them;

After said child messes with said dog she agrees to rub annoyed dogs ears until total contentment has been reached. In exchange said dog has agreed NOT to eat her! :)

Colored Easter eggs AND since Ryanne refused to use the spoon to dip the eggs I included this photo below.....

Two things really; Ryanne has her dyed hands on Morgan who is a total freak about getting messy and the other thing is every single one of Ryanne's fingers was blue, green or yellow. So I did what any good, quick thinking mother would do, I painted her finger nails hot pink the next day to hide the dye. :)

Made this cute little pale of goodies for our friends. Their son is dairy and gluten free so these bunnies are as well. See, nobody has to miss out on eating bunny ears.

I love this picture. This was taken just hours before Ryanne ate it out in the street on her bike and shaved off her thigh skin. I would include a picture but "ick!" Well, she at least looked all cute and girl like for a little while. Did I mention she wanted to sign up for the kids Iron Man in May as well? I can't decide if I am more fearful for her or the other kids around her.

What Easter looks like when everyone leaves. I'm not sure who is more tired; Morgan, the dog or the stuffed bunny. :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Why I Love My Birthday

Normally Tuesdays are just blahhh. You know Tuesdays. It's the day after Monday not close enough to Friday to be exciting so it's just Tuesday. But this week it was my birthday Tuesday.

6:00am- Morgan comes in and makes sure she is the first person to wish me a happy birthday.

6:30am- Dan has to get up with the girls cause its my birthday. :)

6:45am- They deliver breakfast in bed complete with a fresh cut rose from our yard AND presents. Cause it's my birthday after all.

7:15am-Long hot shower, no interruptions with Dan refereeing the girls in the kitchen over breakfast. Cause it's my birthday.

7:30am- Friend from next door comes over and brings me GF, DF chocolate cupcakes, heaven! It IS my birthday.

9:00am-Full body massage at the wellness center. Hellooooo! It IS my birthday. :)

12:30pm-Lunch at PF Changs in Costa Mesa with my hubby, my girls and my dad.

2:00pm-Off to Ikea to spend my birthday money on a new bed I have been wanting AND needing for a LONG time.

4:00pm-Girls arguing, Dan dealing with cause you know what day it is right?

6:00pm-Stopped for dinner at Gourmet Pizza Shoppe to enjoy some GF, DF pizza.

7:30pm- Dan doing book and bed time with the girls while I lay on the couch with my dog. Cause it's my birthday.

Hmm......don't know why everyone is so tired after my birthday I feel totally refreshed this week. It's OK 37 is the new........wait I have no idea but it's good. :)

Thank you for all the phone calls, text messages, emails, thoughtful gifts and kind words. birthdays are just good for the soul!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunshine And First Times..........

Soooooo last weekend we were playing in the snow and this weekend we were setting up the slip n' slide for the dog I mean kids. LOL! Raise your hand if you are over the crazy weather changes this year.

I'm telling you if you don't click on this photo to enlarge it you are SOOO missing out on what pure joy is all about. This action shot is priceless. Leave it to my 6 year old and my sixth month old puppy to teach me about enjoying life right?

This goofy dog seriously thought the slide was for her. She was chasing the kids and running all around. She slammed into Luke a few times and the look on his face was like he hit a brick wall. What can I say she loves water AND kids so the combination was almost to much for her.

We initiated a new racer into the family this weekend. Morgan did her first triathlon this morning. She had so much fun. Here she is stretching and lining up for the fun. Oh she looked so cute. Our friends Jade and Candace were there and she ran with Morgan to coach her along. Morgan LOVED it! It was like 70 degrees this morning and beautiful outside.

Here are Jade and Candace. They have just gotten sucked into racing the past few months so it will be fun seeing them at the events. Go team! I know it's a sickness.

Morgan on her bike....................

Here she is getting ready for swim leg. She said this race was to short and easy but we just wanted her to get used to being in an event and see if she liked them before doing larger races. She said she wants to do one a month, it gets in your blood I'm telling you people don't do it! :)

There she goes across the finish line. Oh she looked too cute! I could barely stand it. And she's mine. That cute, cheerful, kind, sweet....oh sorry. LOL!

Her friend Caleb came to help cheer her on. He asked if he could go to the next one with us and do the bike leg. His mother asked me to quit brain washing him. Ha! He's all mine!

Family shot after the race. We then all went to lunch and had a nice day relaxing at home together. Ryanne mentioned she would like to do the next one too. Looks like I better get used to early morning cheering and picture taking.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'll Take My Teeth To Go Please.....

Ryanne was next door last night eating dinner and playing. I expected her to come home with maybe left over food in a bag but her teeth? hmmmmmm.....
"Mom, I was wrestling with Caleb and he slammed me down and out popped my tooth! So we put it in a bag, here you go!"
I got to thinking that Dan will not need to load his shot gun and scare the boys away when Ryanne is a teenager because seriously, who's gonna mess with a girl who brings her teeth home in a Zip Lock bag? And she was proud about the fact that it got knocked out.
My mom text me and said she see's roller derby in Ry's future. *Sigh*

(Disclaimer: Ryanne's teeth are not normally brown; she was eating dry cereal with chocolate chips on top. Whaaaattttt?)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Little Tid Bits........................

Me: "Ryanne are you mocking me cause that would be rude."
Ryanne: "Well, if I knew what mocking was I would be able to answer that question."
Me: "sigh"

About a week ago my cousin calls and wants to wish Ryanne a Happy Birthday.
Cousin: "Hi, just wanted to wish Ry a happy birthday."
Me: (obviously confused) "It's not Ryanne's birthday until the end of July."
Cousin: "Noooo....when we were in SF I asked her what the date of her birthday was ans she told me this date."
Me: "Welcome to my world cousin! Did she by chance try to sell you ocean front property in Arizona?"

Ryanne just mastered riding a beach cruiser with NO training wheels. She was zipping all over the neighborhood when Dan went out to call her home. As she was riding up the driveway she slammed into the back of my car (ya' again with the paid off right!) she jumps up and yells,"Don't worry Dad nothings broken. I'm good!"

Morgan: "So mom when did you finally develop?"
Me: "Develop what?"
Morgan: "You know, your you know........."
Me:"ohhhhh, those, not till' after high school."
Morgan:"Oh so you were a late bloomer then."
Me: "sigh"

Morgan:"Mom, Caleb and I were talking and we think since we have known each other since we were born it might just be easier to get married to each other."
Me: "Hmmm......OK???"
Morgan: "So we were thinking about where we would live. Caleb says he wants to live in Kentucky because there is a Lego Factory there and that is where he is going to work. I want to live in Florida so we came up with a plan."
Me: "A plan?"
Morgan: "Yes, we are going to buy a house in both places so Caleb can work and we can vacation in Florida. We still don't agree on the kids though."
Me: "Kids?"
Morgan: "Yes, he wants 2 boys and a girl and I want 2 girls and a boy."
Me: "Sigh"

Morgan: "So I was thinking, how does the sperm get to the egg?"
Me: "Will you excuse me while I go pass out?"

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Snow Day #2

The last couple times it has snowed my mom has asked me if I have taken pictures of our crazy dog playing outside. OK Mom, the satellite was down from the amount of snow on our roof so I dragged my lazy self outside and took some pictures. These are for you! Brrrrr...........
The minute Macy looks out the sliding door and sees that we have snow she WILL NOT stop bugging you to let her out. She pretends she has to go to the bathroom; knocking on the door like a crazy person and then off she runs. FREEEEDDDOOOOOMMMM!!!!

It was hard to get a clear shot because she is so fast. I think she is air born in every shot. :)

Ryanne was trying to catch her but nope, the ears caught the wind and she was off! I wish you could see Ryanne's face better, sheer joy at being wet, cold and chasing her friend.

It's funny, she just runs and runs and runs. Diving through the snow and catching snow balls. Her face just lights up. She doesn't really care for the heat so this is heaven for her.


Out my front window this morning at 6:30am.

Off our back porch. Morgan looked down at my flower's and said,"Uhh Mom, I think you were a little early on planting stuff on the porch this year." Ya think?

The tree off our bedroom door. Looks kinda cool.

Me and Ryanne checking out the backyard. If you look closely or even click on this photo to enlarge it; you can see that Macy is coming full speed right at us. Morgan yelled,"INCOMING!" Right after she took the photo.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Last Friday..............

Last Friday I wore flip flops to walk the dog.....................

Last Friday my strawberry plant on the patio got excited early and started to sprout beautiful green berries.................

Last Friday I laid in this very hammock...............

Last Friday my flowers were happy and alive..............

Last Friday I fell asleep in the sun in this chair...............
Anyone seen Spring? Hello, anyone?
I should have known we would wake up to snow. I woke up in the middle of the night with horrible shoulder pain. You see when you have Rheumatoid arthritis you are a walking weather predictor. You feel good/bad based on the moisture and temperature outside. Crazy I know. I could barely walk this morning so no surprise that we woke to freezing temps.
I read an article the other day where the author said,"It is only a myth that people with RA feel worse when the weather changes."
Did I mention I hate when people write about what they don't know. I am thinking of tracking that man down today and shoving my swollen, achy knee right up where the sun.........oh sorry.
LOL! More POSITIVE posts to come when the sun comes out.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Going Green, Lip Skids and Little Swimmers.........

Macy at 5 1/2 months. Macy's going green. Now don't laugh cause this really makes sense.

We bought a doggy septic system. Yes a doggy septic system. I hate putting dog poop in the trash and how it stinks up the trash. So then you put it in bags and they sit in a land fill for how many years?

So you buy a doggy septic system and ask your husband to install it.
Did I mention it was 90 degrees the day I asked him to dig the hole?

Did I mention the hole had to be like 30" deep? Ya' this might be the part where Dan got really "annoyed" with me. :)

This is Ryanne, I mean Darth. I mean Cat Woman. Well whoever it is she's pretty cute.

A little rough on the body though. Went over her handle bars about a week ago.
Darth may never be able to wear a skirt when she's grown.

Darth is tough. She cried but then was on her wheels later that day.

Girls rule! I mean Darth rules!
This is what I get to teach my kids about tomorrow. Yup' it comes next in our health book. This book was Dan's bright idea so really he should teach on it don't you think? Raise your hand if you are OK with me sending my girls your way for with the questions that will follow. Helloooo......anybody?