Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Monday, October 25, 2010

Oh Happy Days.......................

Ryanne helped her friend celebrate her birthday at The Ceramic Zone and as a bonus they got to pick out a pumpkin. :)

And as a bonus from all the rain this past week God gave me this outside my kitchen window. Isn't it weird how whenever you see a rainbow it gives you the feeling of hope? Or is that just me?

I want to say right off the bat that I am hair CHALLENGED. I don't do my girls hair, my hair or any body's hair and frankly I don't really like doing hair. It takes forever, the arthritis in my hands makes it super painful and plus I don't know how. The girls begged me to look on line and try to find a cute hair style for circus sooooooo......there you have it.

And then of course they wanted a "hair style" the next day as well. Luckily the novelty seems to be wearing off. I feel badly cause they did NOT get a mom who cares to much about all that but I love them so I'm trying. :)

Friday we picked Graph up from school and headed over to the pumpkin patch. It was perfect cold fall weather to pick pumpkins and take wagon rides.

I let Morgan take over the camera while we were paying.

I have no idea why this took place or who's idea it was. All I can tell you is she came out of the bathroom with "DAD" painted on her face. Hmmm.........

The girls had a circus road show this weekend and although it was FREEZING fun was had by all. :)

A few times a year the circus is invited different places to perform so they load all the equipment and kids up and off we go. The girls LOVE IT!

Ryanne mastering her back walk over off of coach Rachel.

Morgan doing her thing. :)

Have a great week everyone and if your not having a great Monday you could always run away and join the circus with our girls. :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Fun Weekend In San Diego

Sunny San Diego was far from sunny this weekend but we still had fun.
This is Graph and my dad.
It started to rain while we were walking around down town San Diego so we hopped on one of those bikes the guys pull you around on and headed back to my dads house.
It was a fun morning/afternoon and we got to show Graph a lot of fun places. We even had our friend Stamp with us for the weekend so he got to hang out and walk around with us as well.
We ate breakfast at this place in Little Italy that we LOVE! Then of course my dad and honey bought the kids all an Italian goodie from the fresh bakery. The kids LOVED that part. I think the yummy hot chocolate and hot breakfast panninie's helped too! :)
Little father-daughter bonding time.......

We got up at 5am on Sunday and headed down to Mission Bay to cheer Dan's sister on in her first triathlon. I figured since Dan sucked her in to this sport we better go cheer her on to the finish line. :)

It was a women's only race and they had a great turn out. His sister is there in the yellow cap. :)

All smiles before the race.

We spent the day before in San Diego with Dan's family.
This is what we let the grandchildren do to misbehaving Grandmas.

Dan's siblings, their spouses and all their kids were there. His aunts and uncles came over and his mom as well. I think we capped off at 20 people. It was MADNESS!! :)

Have you ever tried to photograph 5 kids that are tired and don't want to sit?

You can tell Morgan is the oldest and has been trained to just sit and pose until all the little ones are placed. :) So funny.

Cousin's having some fun in the play fort.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Good Times........

Recently we have watched Sunday football with friends (3 out of 10 napped during the game) :)

But oh so cute when they woke up......

Hung out with my brother and his poor tortured cat....

Went to Build A Bear................

to make some furry friends.........

ate lunch with the fish at Rain Forrest Cafe..........

my brother tried to knock Ryanne's teeth out but that's another post...........

Ryanne started her water color class and LOVES it..............

got to know some new friends better with a sleep over..............

threw a baby shower for a long time friend................

The end!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

To The Tune Of "It's Raining It's Pouring!"

It's raining, it's pouring.......
mom's blog has gotten boring.........

So we got dressed and then got wet..........
and now she won't let us in till' morning!!!!

I really should get another job as a jingle writer. ;) Did you sing it? Did you huh? You did and now it will be stuck in your head ALL day! LOL!