Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Romance conference 2007

Ok, I had to post this picture because rarley since we have had kids do we stand still together long enough to get a decent photo. And then when we do someone always has their eyes closed, finger up there nose, bad hair a sunburn.......ok well you get the idea but anyways here we are up at Hume Lake enjoying what will be our last romance conference after 6 years of attending. We will continue to volunteer in the summer but since our girls are getting to the fun age that they are we want to travel more in the summer and take them to new places. Dan said it was funny that after six years of taking pictures up at Hume we get a good one on the last year to remember our time together. Works for me! Plus, in this photo for once there is no crying three year old, a 6 year old standing in front of the rest of us striking a pose or me looking down trying to correct anyone! Good times!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ryannes birthday party

Ryanne had a blast at her 3d birthday party! I think she was a bit overwhelmed because unike my oldest Ryanne has limits on how crazy things can get before she freaks out. She did great though. We threw her party on Sunday after chruch and as I was setting up and the house was still and quiet she gave me the neatest b-day gift. She was sitting on the kitchen floor watching me make tea and all of a sudden she looked up at me with those amazing blue eyes and said,"mommy, I prayed for you today at church." Now if that doesnt stop you I dont know what will. I tend to get going a 100 miles an hour and if you have girls you understand when I say they talk just to hear themselves half the time; but this is the kind of thing that God uses to stop me and remind me how lucky I am. I mean come on shes three and already knows I need all the prayer I can brilliant is she? :)

Friday, July 20, 2007

Happy 3d birthday Ryanne

Morgan & Ryanne at the Butterfly exhibit in LA
Ryanne warming up after surfing the waves last week
She's a sprawler
Playing in daddy's helmet

My futures so bright I gotta' wear shades

It's our youngest daughter Ryanne's (pronounced Ryan) 3d birthday today. I woke up this morning and was trying to remember where three years had gone. Crazy. So here's my tribute to you Ryanne in honor of your special day.

I remember clearly telling God about 3 1/2 years ago that unless he literally dropped a baby at our door step we were not looking to adopt again. We had just lost a baby and I knew we couldn't take anymore heartache at that point. One day in May it was raining outside and Morgan drug me to the door pointing up at the sky at the rainbow that had appeared. In all her three year old wisdom she said,"mommy, that's Gods promise to us, he is going to bring me a sister." In all my wisdom (lack of faith) I sat her down and began the horrible task of telling her she would be an only child because daddy and I were done and had pulled our book from the stack at the adoption place. I told her the three of us would be just fine together. She gave me this blank look like I was crazy and went about her day. In June just as my heart was beginning to heal and our lives were back to "normal" we get this random phone call from a friend at church who's dad lives in Colorado and knows someone who is pregnant and is looking to place the baby with a family. I decide it was a long shot anyway so why not pray about it. Well, July 18th we get a call that she is dilating and the baby "girl" is going to be born early so we better get out there. We drove to Colorado and 15 minutes after we arrive you are born. We didn't even have a name. We had to go online and pick one and decide how to spell it all in like a couple of hours. I remember walking into the hospital room and your sister wanting to hold you first; it only seemed fitting since she was the only one with enough faith to believe God was going to finish the puzzle to my heart. You were tiny and beautiful. Really quiet and easy going. You went with the flow and loved having your sister hold you. It took me along time to realize how God had put every little detail in place for us to adopt you. To this day it still blows my mind at the lengths he went to for us. You are a ray of sunshine. You light up any room you walk into and leave a ball of dust and craziness when you leave. The more dirty, faster, scraped up you are the happier you are. You have this wild crazy blond curly hair that you love to let loose and free. You love God and pray and thank him for the sweetest things. You complete our family. You do things your own way at your own time and cant be convinced of any other way. You are the first to hug and kiss everyone but if they blink you are already on to something else. You love life and don't waste a second enjoying it. You dance, sing, jump, climb, roll, skip and chatter everywhere you go. You make me laugh out loud and that is a gift. I love you Ryanne and love watching you grow into a sweet child of God. Thank you Chris & Kristen if you are reading this today for allowing us to live out our lives with Ryanne. I have told you many times over but again, you have given us a gift in Ryanne that is priceless. God knew exactly the child and the birth parents that would fit perfectly into our lives. I love you guys. Happy birthday my little tornado.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

living without fear

I love this picture because this is Morgan caught in the act of living with childlike faith. We were standing down at the lake waiting for friends to arrive so we could greet them and show them where to go since it was thier first time up at Hume Lake. Morgan (being fully dressed and just showered) asked if she could put her "feet" in the water. I told her yes if she promised not to get her clothes wet since we would be moving on in a few minutes. Our friends car pulls up and as I turn to wave hello I hear this big splash and yup' heres the proof.........Morgan had launched herself fully dressed into the lake. My friend snapped this picture of my little mermaid and after being annoyed for only a short second I realized that Morgan has it all figured out at 6 yrs. old. I mean if you think about it you only live once and what good does it do in life to only get your big toe wet. I mean if your going to do it you may as well go all the way right? Jump in with both feet, fully committed, no fear of what is beneath and trust that you'll float. God is good and I have known him for almost 20 years and yet I still only give him my big toe on a regular basis. I wade in slowly like he wont hold me up, and rarely do I get my head wet for fear of drowning in this crazy world. I have learned allot as a mom but the one thing that I value the most is that if you sit and watch your kids long enough they will teach you what it means to have faith that is so care free, so trusting, so sure that God is who he says he is that you will be inspired to jump in feet first and submerge yourself in Gods beauty. Thanks for the reminder Morgan-I love you!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Our kids and the Web kids all piled in our Jeep!
Dan & Ryanne in the falls
Morgan showing off her diving skills!
Jeff, Allie, Myself and Dan at our theme dinner night
ok, this had nothing to do with our trip but come on, how cute is she playing her guitar?

photos from Hume

Ryanne & Me at Grizzley Falls
Morgan sneaking up on me
Are we going to need these life vests mom?
Morgan in the jeep going down King's canyon
Morgan & Ryanne sharing a moment

Back from vacation

Yay, we are back from vacation and back on the "blogging" train. It feels like we fell off the face of the earth for two weeks. Now tvs, phones, radios or computers. Yup' I can hear some of you freaking out at the very thought. It takes about two days to not worry about the time or whats happening on the news and you have to retrain yourself to not listen for the phone when your kids are running late coming back from camp but you eventually get used to it. We had an amazing time up at Hume Lake but I am excited to be back and share a few photos with everyone.

Morgan and Ryanne attended day camp while Dan & I attended one romance conference and then worked another one. The girls did amazing and had alot of firsts. Ryanne discovered that she "will" sink when falling into the lake and that mommy can indeed walk on water to save a drowning child if need be. I wouldnt recommend it to the fate of heart though. Ryanne also Kyaked for the first time and went off the diving board. She also discovered that grabbing the tale pipe on the Jeep (not once but twice) will burn and blister your hand. Yup' good times. Morgan rode a surf board out to the middle of the lake and jumped off the rocks for the first time. She also got to go to the big kids camp and make some new friends. All the while giving me the thumbs up over her shoulder. I am pretty sure they grew 2" while we were away and I know for a fact we all grew on the inside.

Time away to get perspective on whats important to us is always good for the soul. We are always a closer family each time we have a new experience together and it always makes Dan & I stronger for serving others while we are up at Hume. Have a great night and I hope the pictures come through clear enough for you to smell the sunscreen and hear the giggles.

Love, me