Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Have you missed her??

OK blogger friends, it has been way to long since I last posted a funny Ryanne story. I don't know that the following is so much funny as it is heart warming and oh so our Ryanne.
For the last year we have been trying to take Ryannes strong will and determination and give it direction and guidance. We have been trying to teach her that for every action whether good or bad their will be some reaction. If she is kind and loving to her sister then Morgan in return will return the kindness. If she does her chores she gets paid on Fridays. If she lies or oh lets just throw this out there, is say mean to the cat..........well, life gets hard from there.
So earlier today she decides to sit on and "squish" the cat. The cat yelps for help and of course mama runs to the rescue. As I get to the scene of the crime Ryanne has run and hidden somewhere. I can't get her to tell me the truth about what shes done and so after being warned many, many, many, many , many (you get the picture) times to not be mean to the cat Dan spanks her bottom and sends her to her room. I can hear the anti-spanking cult now! Save it please.
Anyways, after Dan goes and talks to her she comes to me sobbing and her little face is hanging on the ground. "Mama, I am so embarrassed of my behavior. *sobs, sniff* I'm so sad I did the wrong thing and my behavior embarrassed me!" Waaaaa-haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!
It took everything I had not to dance around the room and jump up and down screaming, YES! YES! YES!!!!!! Thank you Jesus the child has a conscious. Instead I hid my grin, held her and forgave her. Something familiar in that huh?
OK and last but not least, Ryanne had to write why each family member was so special to her for her social studies last week.
Morgan- Morgan is special to me because she is such a good friend AND sister.
Daddy- He's the best because he loves me and I just want to hug on him.
Mommy- Mommy is great because she loves me and blesses me and pleases me too. She also watches out for me.
(ahhh, be still my beating often stressed out, hoping my kids turn out to love and serve the Lord mama's heart)


Stacy Y said...

awww such a sweetie.. I can hear her little voice saying all that too:-) It sure is hard to stay mad at that cute lil girl even when she beats up the cat ;-)

Brigitte said...

Loved it! I am in the middle of the no lying no bad behavior mood right now and just to let you know Gracie got her little bum spanked on the side of the road today! That was after so many "last chances!" Thank goodness for mercy. Sigh. Loved the Ryanne story thanks for sharing it.

Jessica said...

Very cute :) Isn't it great when you see all of your efforts pay off? ahhhh :) I'm still waiting for that day, lol.

Jeff and Aimee said...

That's awesome!
PS--I spanked, too. It was the only thing that aided Tobias in making good decisions the next time.

Rhonda said...

Love it. I can't help but think about how God reacts when we act like our children. Can't you just see Him doing a little jig when we finally get it - even though there are so many more things to get?
I've been meaning to email you - how is Angel doing? I'm still praying.

littlecbsmom said...

Oh I just love it...a moment of parenting payoff! All I can say is...


Erica Young said...

Why are kids so mean to cats? My cat hates kids but loves adults. Well my sis and her 10 mth old baby moved in with us last week and he loves to beat up on the cat. And I understand your spanking. My sister's boyfriend read that at 10 mths old you shouldn't smack the hand when they're doing something wrong because they don't understand. Well he kept getting in the animal's water bowl and I sure enough smacked his hand and he looked right at me and just started crying so loudly. I felt bad but he needs to learn and you keep telling him no and he thinks it's funny.

Eileen said...

Oh, so awesome. Great story! It's tough sometimes, but the challenges always come with blessings!