Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Birthday Lunches And More.......

OK so I wanted to take a few minutes while I can to catch you up on some of the fun stuff going on around here. Morgan turns 9 on Wed.(she will get a special post that day) but we let her take a few friends to lunch at the Rain Forest Cafe this weekend. I'm not sure why Milo does this every time Morgan picks him up but we are thinking of renaming him stretch. :)

The girls had their Valentines party with our home school group and it was so cute to see how excited they were to get all the little cards and notes from friends. We often loose sight of how much pleasure those little things can bring.
We went with some friends on a field trip to the San-Diego Zoo and it was the one beautiful day we had in a long time. It was almost do I dare say it? Warm! :) They had so much fun and I was EXHAUSTED from all the walking.
Tomorrow (the 8Th) Dan and I celebrate 13 years of marriage.
13 Things I Love About you...............
1. You are EASY to be around and not just me but with everyone. You have a personality that just flows and gets along well with others in all situations.
2. You go out of your way to stay physically fit. Not obsessive to the point of being annoying but just sticking with your hobby and being healthy and consistent. It shows me you care about your health and also what I think even after all these years together.
3. You are driven. I LOVE that about you. It can sometimes be overwhelming when you are going to school, testing at work to promote, disciplining other young men and running off to be at work for days but I love that you are ambitious and you always balance things well so that our family doesn't suffer.
4. Your amazingly tall and handsome.
5. You laugh so hard you cry and that makes me laugh so hard I cry even before I know what we are laughing at.
6. You LOVE your daughters. You adore them. You think they are amazing and funny and unique and silly.
7. You value marriage.
8. You value my health to the point of following the same food restrictions I do so I am not left out.
9. You are warm blooded which is good cause I need somewhere to stick my cold feet.
10. You love the Lord and value integrity. You can admit when you are wrong but don't let it drag us down; instead moving on and upward to a better marriage.
11. You love to travel and go places and learn and try new things.
12. Your a man's man.
13. I LOVE that you have a heart to see marriages be at it's best. When someone we know is struggling you are eager to meet and pray with them, do a bible study etc. to help them stay married.
I love you honey. Thank you for the most fun, craziest, insane, roller coaster 13 years ever. I love that we get to mark another year for our team tomorrow. Our marriage has been through the fire and its a great testament that you can make it work and with God ALL things ARE possible.


Erica Young said...

So cute. Happy Birthday Morgan and Happy Anniversary to you two. You are so cute and happy and I love watching couples still in love after so many years. I hope you two can enjoy your anniversary.

Brigitte said...

Super fun! Gracie can't see the cat picture since I am never hearing the end of cats right now. Sad I missed out on the zoo trip. Next time. :) Happy anniversary. We turn 12 this year. :) looking forward to the D.D. in a few weeks.

littlecbsmom said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! That is wonderful and a great idea to list all those things! Your husband is so blessed!

I can't believe Morgan is going to be just can't be! She looks more grown up and is such a special young lady!

I love the cat stretch, that is hysterical!

The Keilers said...

So sweet. You both are an inspiration. xo

Jolene Grace said...

Happy anniversary! I agree with inspire me. Dan in inspired by your Dan just from the things I tell him about you guys. I hope that our marriage looks like yours in 7 years from now, on our 13th anniversary. XOXOXOX

Eileen said...

Tears streaming down my face... truly. What a blessing this list is, he is, and you are. I remember sitting in the church pew next to you one evening for choir practice. I was new to the church, and you were looking at your wedding picture snapshots and showing them to me. I didn't know then, but were soon to learn, how incredible you both were and are. Happy Anniversary to two people who are in my top list of the best people I know.