Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Morgan: "Hey Ry, do you know how ladies get their boobs?"
Ryanne: "Uhhhh, no how?"
Morgan: "They go to a store, pick out the size they want and then have them sewn on."
Ryanne: "Mooooommmmmm!!!!!!!"
(I guess I should limit the time I allow them to watch Nip Tuck. Kidding!)

Ryanne: "Look at my picture mom. It's from the NASA field trip the other day. My sentence says, Daddy took us on a field trip to the NASA place and it was fun."
Me: "That looks great Ry. But who's the lady next to daddy in the red dress?"
Ryanne: "Oh that's just the lady that was hanging around daddy on the field trip."
Dan: "Whaaaaaaatttttt???"

Ryanne: "Morgan you gonna wear earrings
Morgan: "Yup."
Ryanne: "Did it hurt to get them pierced?"
Morgan: "A little why do you want to get yours pierced?"
Ryanne: "Nah, I'm gonna wait till' I'm way older and just get my belly button pierced."
Morgan: "What's way older?"
Ryanne: "Oh like 7 probably."

Morgan: "Mom you know how when Graph first got here how she didn't like me hugging and hanging on her?"
Me: "Yes."
Morgan: "Well, I just kept loving her and hugging her without caring if she hugged me back, and now she loves hugging me!" :)

(I thought that little bit of wisdom from a 9 year old spoke volumes about how we are supposed to love others around us. Thank you Morgan even though you have no idea you blessed me.)


Rhonda said...

Love this.
I can always count on your girls to put a huge smile on my face.

Kacie Whigham said...

this post makes me happy

Crystal said...

Okay, so many things to comment on. I'll start with the boobs idea. Uhh yeah, I must've gone to that store twice by mistake. And the Graph thinking that you beat Ryanne. I laughed out loud at that one. SO funny! Asian culture is in stark contrast to American, huh? And so sweet that Morgan kept loving on Graph and now she likes it...what a tender heart.

And then the belly button ring....oh this is just the beginning. Let Dan handle that one ;). xo

Jolene Grace said...

LOVE the quote about the lady hanging around Dan. Oh, our darling busy being great daddies that they don't even notice the scandalous women flocking to them! ;-)

Yvonne said...

I am smiling! I love your girls!

Brigitte said...

All of these speak volumes and you better not let them watch Nip Tuck! :) hee hee.