Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This Crazy Thing Called Life......

I know I've mentioned the Married Life Ministry that Dan & I have been helping head up; well we had our first event for 2011. It was a dessert/murder mystery game night. It was sooooo fun. We rented out this old building called the Old Church and it had all these fun kinda off to the side hidden rooms. Anyways, we did a Friday and Saturday night and though we were beyond tired we were so blessed at the same time. We have this amazing group of couples who support us in this ministry and they are rocks let me just tell you. They put their whole hearts into these 2 nights.

Our punch area....

Our friend from church came in his uniform and did us the favor of arresting the suspect at the end of the night. No it wasn't Dan but Berry thought he needed to be taken down a notch anyways. :)

Here are Mr. & Mrs. Plum in the study. We played a live version of the game CLUE basically.

The mobsters Mr. & Mrs. Green. Careful you mouth off and they break your knuckles. :)
Did I mention the couples that help us out are amazing? OK just making sure.

A quick side note; anyone want to mention to Macy that she is NOT a lap dog? She sleeps on the kids like this. Oh and should we mention to Morgan how naturally beautiful she is or keep it a secret? :)

In the midst of all the Married Life planning, Dan studying for the BC test and training for the Iron Man we managed to squeeze in our annual Feb. trip to Disneyland. Dan's uncle worked for Disneyland for like 15 years and has the most amazing, fun and interesting stories. The kids love talking to him.
It's a small world after all!!

I skipped the tea cups. Ever been to Disneyland with a horrible head cold and nausea? Ya' let's just say I sucked it up and took one for the team. I felt H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E! So there was no way I was spinning in circles.

Morgan on the other hand LOVED it!

"Ummmmmm, ya' hi Mickey. I would like to file a complaint; my parents won't buy me a cell phone they said like EVER! I know so unfair right!"

"Hi Mickey, can I speak to the next up in charge please?"

I told her to kiss him and see if he turns into a prince. :)


Rhonda said...

Your couples evening sounds like it was so much fun. And 2 nights of it? you guys rock!
Merritt has the same complaint as Morgan because his mean parents say they won't be buying him a cell phone either. Now when he says, "all my friends have one" I can show him this post at show him that that isn't true.

Brigitte said...

Told you they were lap dogs :) hee hee. Super idea murder mystery looks like it was a blast! I am right there with ya on the horrible head cold hope we both mend soon!! As for Disney so fun - call me next time we have passes. Oh and yes Morgan is a cutie!! :)

Jeff and Aimee said...

Thanks for all your hard work for the Clue night. We had a great time and appreciate that you guys made it happen. :)

Yvonne said...

Oh how I long to see you! The girls are growing up! One of Brian's favorite things are murder mystery parties...did you know that? Something new about Brian. It was so neat to see you serving with marrieds. You bring joy to my life. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

littlecbsmom said...

I'm so happy that your couples night went so well and that this ministry is off to such an amazing start. God is SO good!

I LOVE that picture of Morgan with the dog...absolutely hilarious and wow...she is gorgeous!

Crystal said...

Love that pup, so cute!!! And that retreat sounds so neat.