Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Coronado Weekend

Yup' it's that time of year again. Triathlon season has officially started in the race world. And in the Harker world that means TWO racers this year! Oh yes, Morgan got a bike for her birthday so she could start racing this season as well. This means lots and LOTS of early mornings standing on the beach the next 7 months. This weekend was Dan's first race of the season. He did the Olympic distance race down on Coronado. I LOVE it there. Not so much at 4am but hey. :)
This is how you can spot the kids that are used to being dragged along on races. They have no issues with plopping down in the wet sand at 6am and just playing. While standing on the beach that morning we saw a whale, countless dolphins a sting ray and a bunny rabbit. OK is the rabbit random or is it just me? Oh and someone stepped on the sting ray and killed it during the race; details, details.

Damp hair, no make up and bags under the eyes, now if that doesn't sell you on the sport I just don't know what else to tell you. *sigh*

It was really cold when we first got there. I was angry. Then the sun came out and I forgave Dan. :)

Another little girl playing with Morgan helped her sculpt this. Hey, the more the merrier.
Mexico in the background there looked a little like competition so I considered taking him out but Dan suggested that was not sportsman like conduct. Huh, suit yourself. Just trying to help.

The traditional "pre-race" photo. Do you see all the crazy people in the back ground? I mean it's like a sickness. Dan's not the only one out there. Is there a support group for the wives? I mean really......

Dan coming off the swim. He did it in 29 minutes. He's smiling at me in case you were wondering. I was a vision at that time of the morning. LOL! Morgan was the photographer.

The girls always run across the finish line holding Dan's hand. I asked Morgan if she was gonna let her daddy run across with her and I got a dirty look. Ugh, 10 year old girls I swear!

(missing in action; Ryanne decided to NOT get up at 4am and instead stay the night across the bay with my dad.)


Rhonda said...

You crack me up. I'm sure you WERE a vision for him.

The beach at 4 am, as long as it wasn't TOO often (and was a little further into summer weather), would be amazing. God always seems to break into my world with His glory on days like that.

Wish we were close enough to come cheer him on. You have to let us know if he ever does one of these things on the Central coast.

Love ya!

Angela @ HomegrownMom said...

You are gorgeous, make up or not!
I love that he holds their hands across the finish line, that is so sweet :)

Jessica said...

Way to go Dan!

I'm with Ryanne... I think she's the smart one in the family ;)

Jolene Grace said...

I just LOVE how Morgan ran in with Dan. Precious. What a good wife you are...4am on a cold beach would be a challenge for anyone.

And you are gorgeous no matter what time of morning it is. :)

Crystal said...

Too precious. I love that the girls are following in his (big) footsteps =).

littlecbsmom said...

This one does it for me...

You are all crazy!

What a healthy hobby to have! What a great family to encourage, support and participate, are a lucky man! I'm sure you already know that;)