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Monday, May 23, 2011

Iron Kids San Diego 2011

I want to start off by saying that if you really don't enjoy sports/racing etc. then my blog is probably the one to avoid reading every year from the months of April-October. That is triathlon season and so that is what my posts are about. Exciting for us but maybe not so much for others. LOL!

Our girls did their first ever Iron Kids event this past weekend. We loaded up and headed to San Diego for the weekend. These pictures are not in good order so I thought I would show you what putting your kids in races does.........these photos below are our drive home late Sunday after the race.

Those of you with super high energy kids are seeing our master plan in all this aren't you? Ha!!

The girls had lots of family support as some drove in and stayed the night while my dad lives right by where the race was.

The girls were filling up on water and snacks after the race.

Ryanne sprinting towards the finish line.

Ryanne was SO fast in the bike transition. We barely had enough time to run up from the water and catch her taking off. She did great!

Here is Ryanne coming out of the swim. I have to hand it to all the kids that did the race because it was COLD out that day and to get in that ocean water.....BRRRRRR!!!

Can't have a race without a little blood now can we? Morgan caught her leg on her gear and was bleeding down into her shoes. The volunteers were great and such a huge help. Especially since the parents were not allowed to help in any way.

Morgan running toward the finish line. Ha, ha I caught my brothers thumbs up to her in the shot.

We prayed for the girls on the card ride over that they would have fun, be safe and have good attitudes. They were all smiles.

Morgan coming off the swim.

Caught them right before Morgan headed off to the start of the race. It was crazy having both girls in a race for the first time. We were running everywhere trying to keep up with where they were and where they were supposed to be. We met this girls Winter at the race. Her dad died of prostate cancer and so she started a race foundation to help fight cancer since her dad used to race. She races now too. Morgan had been looking for a race outfit she liked and decided she wanted to represent and help Team Winter. On the back of her jersey it says,"Who do you race for? MY DAD!" Morgan was very proud to wear that logo and Winter was a really neat 13 year old kid! Sweetheart!

Almost show time.

Getting inked up!

Waiting to get into transition to rack bikes.

See all the people!!! These kids were amazing!!

I don't know, think she might want to follow in dad's footsteps? :)
We were laying in bed last night and Dan said,"I got all choked up watching the girls race today. I got all teary when Ryanne accomplished the swim. I was so proud of them."

Early morning exit from the hotel heading over to the bay. The girls didn't want to get up at first but they were all smiles once we got going.

It's funny how quiet how hotels are at 6am in the morning. You can tell all the crazy people cause they are the ones pushing bikes out of the lobby.

Of course we couldn't be in San Diego and not hit up our favorite coffee house. If your ever down there look up Ryan Brothers Coffee. Best tea and coffee ever!!!

We are so proud of you girls! Thanks for a really fun weekend! And thanks for everyone who came out for the early morning cheering.
Ryanne we know how hard that ocean swim was for you because you just learned to swim and are fearful of not being able to see the bottom. You were scared to death but didn't quit. You pushed through and did it with a great attitude.

Morgan, so proud of your smiles and kindness on the race. You are a great example of a good sport.

150 yard swim, 4 mile bike and 1 mile run............
Morgan & Ryanne YOU ARE AN IRON KID!!!!!


Rhonda said...

Way to go girls!!!
This is something to be proud of.

The Writer said...

That is so super awesome!! Love it way to go girls.

Crystal said...

Wow. I love it so so much. And my favorite part was Dan telling you he got choked up, too sweet.

And Morgan's legs are getting SO long!!!

littlecbsmom said...

That is SOOOOOO awesome!!!

Way to go Morgan and Ryanne, what determination.

Andrea said...

That is so awesome!!! Good job girls! BTW the boys miss the Harker girls... ;)