Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Just Stuff...............

Our life since school has gotten out has been pretty random and so none of these pictures are in order or anything. Just little snippets of our lives.
Lillie & Ryanne found the face paints the other day. Cute although together these two are T-R-O-U-B-L-E! But then I don't think it's possible to be this cute and not get into mischief.

Wait is that a Halo over Ryanne's head? Ha! Guess that was wishful thinking.
She tapped on the sliding door the other night while Dan & I were making dinner and when I looked over she just started cracking up. As I looked closer I discovered she had a lizard climbing up her chest out of her sun dress. Ewwwwww!!!!!!

On the days when I get tired of buying dog food bags that are so big I have to have the store load them into my SUV with a Bobcat tractor, or walking across the tile barefoot only to discover one of the cats has lovingly played in the cat litter only to leave a trail for my tender feet to step on. Or the birds (that our oldest would die without if we left them at the pet store) freak out and spray feathers all over AFTER I vacuum. Or the cat has gotten into the fish tank AGAIN. I stop short of screaming,"ENOUGH! IF YOU HAVE 4 LEGS, A TAIL, FEATHERS HAVE TO BE UNDER WATER TO LIVE, GET OUT!!!" Because look how sweet they all are.....
In case you were wondering yes it's Macy's world here.
She is closing the gap to 8 months and weighs about 90 lbs. give or take. Just a babe really.

Then there's Tiger. His favorite hobby is hiding amongst the stuffed animals on Morgan's bed. That is when he's not licking himself, teasing the dog or stealing my hair ties and dropping them in his water bowel.

Milo is well, just Milo. No photos of the birds or the fish because as Ryanne likes to say,"Their habitats are dirty at the moment!"

We took the girls down to the beach last week to run some errands for an upcoming married life event. We took them to this restaurant we love in Laguna Beach. It's actually called Tommy Bahama's. If you ever get a chance to eat there try the veggie burgers. Best I have EVER had!!! The girls loved it. Amazing weather. amazing food and good company. Love days like those.
Oh my future post should keep you coming back:
I will give you a hint: It has to do with me having to eat egg yolks, peanut butter, rubbing cream under the ahem "girls" every morning and blood work. No I'm not pregnant! I will fill you in though as I am sure I have peaked your curiosity. Ha!


Jessica said...

haha, your future post bit cracked me up and I have no idea what you have in store :)

Cute pictures, and when did your house turn into a zoo???? ;)

littlecbsmom said...

Ok...can't wait to hear! You should see the images running through my head, won't keep us waiting too long!

Love all the pictures...yes Lillie and Ryanne are too darn cute for their own good:)

Macy looks amazing and I loved seeing the cats too!

The Writer said...

Ha ha ok a good laugh but man can't believe you were in Laguna for veggie's and did not call me!!! I think I saw the word: TROUBLE in your post some where :0 a ha ha.

hapi said...
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Eileen said...

I am so bad at looking at the blogs lately... loved getting updated on your precious family!!! You are blessed and you are a blessing! Eileen

Jeff and Aimee said...

Okay, it's like two weeks later! What's with the yolks and the pampering of the "girls"???