Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

This And That And Then Some.....

So we started back to school last week. I was so excited to get started. I cleaned and organized the classroom......

Got the welcome sign up on the chalkboard and then....Morgan was up ALL night the night before with the stomach flu she picked up at dance class. Sigh.....It was a long first couple days of 3d and 6th grade to say the least. Also, Morgan's curriculum through the online school still hasn't come in and so I am just making stuff up as we go. It's usually the first two weeks of school where I ask,"Why do I do this again?" I know it will all pan out but I hate when the wind is blown right of my sail. Ha!

We decided to make smores in our fire pit one night and somehow Ry managed to get chocolate on her forehead. How do kids do that? ;)

People that photograph kids with animals and get shots of them all sitting still and looking at the camera should get an award. Oh and just a side note, this gentle giant of mine decided to take up Quail hunting this morning and brought me a live Quail. I was just about to let her in when I saw the bird in her mouth squirming and it's eyes all bugged out. We did what any three girls home alone would do...we screamed and ran around in circles. One of the girls finally whacked her over the head and she let the feathered beast go. It flew off pretty indignant. Happy Wednesday!

I took this picture up in Big Bear. It just screams peace and serenity to me. LOL!

Thanks to my mom Dan and I were able to sneak off to ride bikes at the beach for the day. We rode, ate lunch and then hit up a movie. It was so good. So, so good. :)

Let's face it by Fridays around here I'm wiped out. I've answered 742 math questions, 300 reading/language arts questions, 159 "but why can't I climb on the roof?" kinds of questions, graded 80 papers, sat through 5-6 hours of dance classes, 2 hours of circus classes and somewhere in there taken care of the house and made sure the kids aren't wearing Tuesdays underwear on Friday. Ha! So after school on Fridays we try and take off for some fun down time. Free play with little boundaries. This past week we packed a picnic and headed to Oak Glen for some playground time and then berry picking.

Ummmm.....he might be a little to tall for this ride. ;)

My brother in law turned 40 over the weekend so we headed to San Diego. Morgan got to love up the cousins and revel in being the oldest. :) Sometimes when it's chaos with all the little ones it's good to be a pre teen.

I took this right before I jumped off the teeter totter and landed on my face. No I'm serious I do stuff like that all the time. You should see my knees. We all laughed so hard I almost wet myself. Did I just say that out loud?

Our church heads to Forest Falls at the end of every summer to spend time at the lake and have some "chill" fellowship.

Ryanne jumped in a Kayak with another kid and made sure she was in the back. I don't think the other kid knows Ry is not working as hard as they are.

Ryanne decided she wanted to be baptized at the lake so Pastor Brian (who also baptized Morgan) and Dan got to baptize her.

They asked her if she wanted to hold her nose and her response was; "No, my sister didn't hold hers when she was baptized."

So proud of you Ryanne! We love you and can't wait to see what God has for you.

We are a rough looking crew here. Ha! See the grapes in my hand? Ahhhh yes, we are on day 5 of a Vegan diet. I know everyone has their opinions and take on different ways to eat. But the thing is we were dragging. Feeling sapped of energy and also like I was just still not healing up that fast from last years health scare. We have been researching the Vegan diet for a long time and decided it wouldn't be that big of a jump since we only ate meat 2-3 times a week as it was. Plus we already don't eat dairy so we figured why not! We are doing good so far and after seeing our holistic Dr. yesterday and going over stuff with her feel like we are on the right track. Of course everyone thinks your some kind of weird hippy or something. Nope, just want to feel my best and fight this crazy disease the best I can. I want to be proactive and at my best for my kids and husband. The girls are doing good on it as we teach them to eat to live as apposed to living to eat. Thinking through your choices and finding a balance in your day. Dan said one good thing is we don't have to worry about Thanksgiving cause nobody will want us to host! LOL!


BC said...

That is it!! I am coming for Thanksgiving so get ready!! ha ha. Great post and really gave us the run down on life lately. I was just thinking about emailing you yesterday for some news. Good to see you out - enjoying the flowers, and sun. Love it. Keep me posted.

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littlecbsmom said...

Having so much fun catching up on your and your family. I have been absent from blogging and need to check with my still blogging friends on a more regular basis!

I always knew you would go vegan:) That juice recipe sounds yummy..thanks for sharing it. The tofu thing...not so much:P