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Thursday, October 4, 2012


Hello. I am posting today as apposed to earlier in the week because I can just now lift my arms to key board and flop them down on top to type. I started taking ZUMBA classes. My calves hurt. My thighs hurt. My butt hurts. My arms hurt. It just hurts. I've convinced myself that it's worth it. It still hurts though. I've convinced myself if I keep at it I will have abs and a butt like the instructor. Minus the fact that she's like 20......ooooohhhhhh it hurts.
So because I love you all and want the very best for you, I have taken some notes at ZUMBA and am passing along my tips to help you be a successful ZUMBA-ER. Ya' ZUMBA-ER. It's a word, look it up.

Tip #1: take a towel for sweat. I'm not talking a little dainty hand towel you throw in the bathroom for your guests. But a LARGE, HUGE, GINORMOUS towel because you will sweat like a sinner in church. (quick name that movie)

Tip #2: Find the air condition vent in the room and push whoever is under it out of the way. Stand directly under the vent and don't leave your spot. Oh the instructor will have you dancing all over the room but after each routine race back to the vent and suck all that cold air into your burning lungs.

Tip #3: Apologize to the over zealous ZUMBA-ER lady in the ZUMBA tank and ZUMBA pants who you pushed out from under the vent. Tell her your sorry but she will thank you later when the air keeps the sweat from running off your face and onto the floor which in turn will cause her to slip and slide and crash. See, ZUMBA hurts.

Tip #4: If you use an inhaler, ever have used an inhaler, have ever thought about using an inhaler or knows someone who has one; use it before class. Your lungs that are trying to jump from your chest will thank you.

Tip #5: When they tell you the first 7 minutes of class is just the "warm up" they are big fat liars. You will cry and weep and wondering if bolting for the door is to obvious.

Tip #6: I advise you to take your first class out of the town you live in because no matter how much rhythm you thought you had you (and let me say this slowly for you) YOU WILL LOOK STUPID.
There I said it.

Tip: #7: Smile. Laugh. make faces at yourself in the mirror. Shake your groove thing even if you don't know the steps.

Tip: #8: Don't plan on going anywhere but straight home and into the shower. You will look and smell horrible.

Tip: #9: Have fun! It hurts. But it's a good kind of hurt. I hope these tips help you and you are a rock star in your first ZUMBA class. I would say you could thank me with a hug next time you see me hurts. :)

P.S. my mom wanted credit for making me go take a class. Thanks mom! *sniff* It hurts so much! I hope your so proud of yourself. LOL!

I forgot to mention that after all the research I did on RA and fitness most web sites recommended Tia-chi. So I decided to do Zumba. The disclaimer here if this has scared you off, is that this is totally self inflicted.


Tammy said...

haha!! I seriously laughed until I cried reading this post. Let me say this slowly so you will get it...YOU ARE A HUGE BALL OF HILARIOUSNESS. (And I secretly wish you lived next door to me...DOY!! It's no longer a secret. Let's just keep that between us, shall we?)

My sister-n-law does Zumba, and she is a size 1 1/2 on a bloated day. But, she is strong and can probably bench press me if she tried...but that would just be weird, a good conversation piece at Christmas, but just weird. I hope that gives you some encouragement. I prefer to do Yoga in the privacy of my own home where only my children make fun of me. And the shower is very close!

I also wanted to say Thank you, thank you, thank you for the comment you left on my blog. Believe it or not...they are far and few between, I know shocking. But when someone comments and pours their heart out like you totally blesses my socks off!! God has been so faithful to us. The stories go on and on...I could write a book! And one day, I probably will.

Okay, Im done. I am taking up alot of comment space here. I could have just written a blog to you. LOL

See you around the blog block!
Have a great week! I hope it's pain free. :-)

BC said...

Sometimes I wish you would blog everyday because it is truly the best therapy I know!! :)

littlecbsmom said...

I agree about you blogging every day:)

Loved this story...I have thought about ZUMBA for about 2 3. Still not convinced. Keep us posted!

Erica Young said...

I just read that you can do zumba while pregnant, not sure I even want to try it. I'll take your advice for it!