Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy November

Happy November! I am LOVING the cool mornings and cool evenings. I have been sitting on the couch at night with a blanket and opening the window just to take a minute and enjoy the cool air. Every Halloween my mom, Dan and I put together a little party for the girls and their friends. We make chili, have goodies, music and some fun fellowship. The kids get all dressed up and it's just something they really look forward to. A safe place to celebrate and have fun. This year I made a goodie bag table and the kids got to fill their own bags. It had poppers, pencils, tattoos, bouncy balls and more!

We always do a special kids table that changes every year. Ryanne helped me and made the mummy juice boxes.

The big glass jar in the middle had popcorn and my mom filled little cups with nuts for the kids to munch on.

Mummy and vampires courtesy of Tina! They were dairy and gluten free....AMAZING!!

My mom made the smores bites. She's very patient every year when she comes to help and I lay out my "vision" for the night to her. Ha!

I LOVE cake stands etc. I currently have 21! This spider web one is a favorite of mine. My mom found it for me last year at home goods.

Of course I don't leave the adults out.....

Morgan was a peacock and Ryanne was a green fairy. Ryanne's wings were so big every time she turned around she knocked something over or poked someone in the eye. Ha!

But oh don't you just want to eat her up! She looked soooo cute. And Morgan and my mom worked really hard piecing her peacock together.

The girls put a pink tutu on Macy so when Dan asked all the kids to take a picture Macy ran right in the middle. She was so proud of her costume. Ha! Ha! Then there's me. If you know me or have been reading my blog for any length of time you know I dress up every year. I start thinking about my costume on Nov. 1st and plot and plan my execution all year. I don't tell the kids what I am going to be so it's a surprise. Now mind you no other adults in attendance dress up. Yes I know what you are thinking......"Have you no pride?" Well yes and no. Yes because I have the grace to at least be slightly embarrassed and no because I love that my kids look forward to my antics all year. So at the cost of loosing precious readers to my blog here it is..........

Yup, I went as Barbie. Well the make up Barbie bust we all had and loved as little girls. I am convinced I was NOT meant to be a blonde. Ha! It was tons of fun though. Please don't judge me. ;)


krista said...

What a cute table set up! I love that you have 21 cake stands!!! What a fun collection :)
Your girls looked super cute and I love the Barbie idea. Very original. You are a fun mama!

Julie said...

A very interesting blog. Good family. praying for you. All the best :)

BC said...

Every year I can't wait to see what the costume is - great choice and you might just be a closet blonde after all :)