Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Surprise Birthday Gift.....

Dan got off work last Friday and handed me an envelope. When I opened it I found a picture of a hotel in Laguna Beach along with shopping money. He and the girls had planned a fun three day trip away for my 40th bday which is not until the 19th but with Easter and all that weekend we weren't going to be able to do anything. I packed in like 20 minutes and we were out the door to fun in the sun and relaxation which was what I really needed. That and down time with my husband and girls.

We stayed at 14 West which is a great little boutique hotel with only 14 studio rooms all on the top floor of this building. This jacuzzi was like 10 steps from our room so we all jumped in every night and hung out there before bed.

This was the view from our room/patio. It's looking out towards the ocean which is right out front and the courtyard in the middle was great for just laying around or they even had a BBQ if you brought food with you.

The room had a queen bed and then down three steps was another queen bed,a fireplace, a full kitchen that was stocked with dishes etc. and a walk in closet. The bathroom had a deep jacuzzi tub as well. It was perfect for our family because we hit up Whole Foods down the street and made our own breakfasts every morning.

We played on the beach all weekend because it was super warm and sunny. No fog or morning yuck to burn off.

We walked around all the cute stores and I bought some more flip flops.....ya' I know, it's a problem. I'm considering therapy.

Do you love Ryanne's face? Oh my gosh the attitude when they see the camera pop out ha!

Ahhhhh......happy almost 40th birthday to me!!

We went out to eat and to a movie one night. We like Laguna because you can park at the place you are staying and never get in your car again. We walked everywhere the whole weekend. I love that.

Dan and the girls had arranged everything down to asking my mom to dog sit. I literally did nothing but throw  my bathing suit, some shorts and a sweatshirt in my bag and the rest was taken care of. It really blessed me because I have been feeling a bit frazzled the past couple of months and really, really, really NEEDED to spend more than a few hours with my husband and kids in the same spot.

Thanks guys for knowing my heart and knowing that time and some sun and sand would bless me. Thanks mom for watching the "horse" and for helping keep the surprise. Maybe I will survive 40 after all. ha!


Jessica said...

Awwww, that's so nice! Way to go Dan :) So glad you could get away and relax and be blessed! Happy birthday!

BC said...

Happy birthday!...almost! I forgive you since this was a surprise and you were down my way (mostly) :) haha. Love Laguna too and I know exactly where that hotel is. Now I will be begging to go stay there! Love it - sand, sun, and family is essential and you will definitely survive 40! It's the new 20 after all :)

John and Tammy Shaw said...

Dan you and the girls did GOOD! So happy you got to have this special time away with your love and your girls! Happy Birtdhay Friend! Love you

Janette McLaughlin said...

Happy 40th dear-old friend! I mean that in the fondest way. Feel free to slap me in the arm when you see me ;-) I am so happy you could get away with the family for some relaxation. You truly deserve it.