Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Image...

Do you ever look around and think,"Man that Christian has it all together. They know the right answer with the right scripture at the right time. They always have a story about an amazing adventure they took with God. They are always in the right place at the right time." I'm not saying that it's good to compare yourself to others but we have all been there right? Like maybe we are missing the mark or we aren't enough. I spent a good part of the beginning of my marriage looking at other husbands and thinking,"huh, I wish my husband did this or that. I wish my husband was more sensitive and home more." I have done the same things with other moms, thinking how patient another mom is when I'm yelling at my kids.  But you know what God has impressed upon my heart the last few years that has given me this deep unmovable joy? That this life, my marriage, my kids, my friendships are not about me. When I get caught up in focusing on myself, my needs and wants then I quickly lose sight of what God really has me here for. I manage to feel sorry for myself about the most ridiculous things and spin my wheels over things that have no value as apposed to asking God,"What can I do for you today?" I know that no one person has it all together or always has the right answer, but the difference between a Christian who is just sitting on the side lines and a Christian who seems to always have a new adventure to tell you about that God took them on, is that they go when God calls. They obey. They react. They realize that being Christ like is actually a verb. It requires action. It requires that we look at our husbands and see them as Christ sees them, love them as Christ loves them. That we see our kids as Christ sees them and love them as Christ does. Yes even when we don't feel like it. Why? Because Jesus did it first. He loved us first. I want to love my Lord, my husband and my kids like Christ. I want them to be following Jesus when they follow see Christ at the head of our motives and our hearts desires. I want to have daily adventures with Jesus that move me out of my comfort zone and make me take risks for His purpose. Even if sometimes I end up taking the long route like Jonah; I am certain that if I step out and say Yes!! God will grow me and use me and make me more into His image. Be brave today! Love someone up! Serve your husband and kids because you "get" to! Stop worrying about things that have no eternal value! Talk to a stranger and love them! Do something out of your comfort zone for the Lord! Go on an adventure with Christ at the lead and see where it takes you! Be blessed!

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Lisa said...

I just love reading your blog. You are an amazing writer and you always say things that I feel, but cannot put into words!! I love that about you!!