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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Meals and More....

Last weeks meals that I posted about turned out so good. The zoodle dish was surprisingly so AMAZING! I of course had help because both girls like to try things in the kitchen and Ryanne especially likes to cook and test taste meals as we prep them. She likes to be the one to decide what spice we need so I've dubbed her my little tasting chef. She also is learning to cut everything up and it's fun to watch her figure it out.
I think this pepper has seen better days but ya know it tasted good all the same ha!
I love how just over a year ago God took me all the way down to Belize where I met Brittney and how He brought her back to the states so I could love on her and her family. I got to spend a little girl time with her and her four month old daughter...such a sweet time when they are little like this.
Having a preteen and a teenager is super sweet too, just different.

Here is my list of what I'm cooking this coming week incase you are needing some ideas. I only plan five meals a week because Tuesdays are date night and the girls aren't home and then one night we usually have a "clean out the fridge" left over night and we fight over our favorite left overs ha! Most of you know we eat dairy free and gluten free so if any of these recipes call for cheese we just leave it out or use a vegan cheese. Also, if it calls for flour we just sub out GF flour, use corn tortillas instead of flour, things like that. I always want to give credit where credit is due and since I am a complete foodie-recipe-blog stalker you will find the links below the recipes I am making. Enjoy!
Chicken Enchilada
Creamy sun-dried tomato chicken-www.mynatur
Chicken quinoa and broccoli
Kung Pao
Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter 

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