Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Monday, March 14, 2016

Spring Break Adventures...

We just got back from a 10 day trip to Seattle and Canada. Our family loves to take the train because it allows us to show the girls the amazing country side and stop at a lot of places on our journey to wherever we are going. I mean can you beat this view from our bedroom on the train? How beautiful is our CA coast line? AMAZING!!

I woke up our first morning on the train and looked out the window to see the sun coming up over Mount literally took my breath away and made me so thankful for our time away as a family. I got goose bumps at how God waves his hand over the earth and creates such beauty just to bless us...

Train travel is always an adventure because you meet people from all over the US and world who are just wanting to sit back and enjoy the scenery. We were blessed to meet some Baptist ministers from Mississippi who became our fast friends. We enjoyed hours talking to them about ministry and missions. Really a neat time.

You also stop at some really cool old train stations and have time to explore.

My happy campers....

Bucket List item #452: Live on a houseboat for a year.
When in Seattle you have to visit the Space Needle and we just happen to be lucky enough to land a perfectly clear day so you could see for miles.

Seattle has WAY to many cute little cafes and we just happen to stumble on this French pastry shop and we figured it would almost be rude to just walk by without trying something; you're getting me right?

We tried all kinds of fresh fish, new drinks and fun places to eat right on the water. This drink was a lavender, blackberry fizzy drink yum!

View from the Space Needle. Mind you both my girls are terrified of heights so we had to basically convince them they weren't going to die when the glass elevator started up for the top ha! I'm not gonna lie; I am not a fan of heights either but there is no way I will miss out (hence the broken leg last trip) so I sucked it up and took long deep breaths on the way worth it!

We rented an apartment right down town and walked everywhere and I mean e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e! I was very happy I had been working out prior to our trip or I would have never survived.

How come I'm the only one who looks happy about the rain in Seattle?

Our apartment was literally upstairs from this café...

Incase you are wondering this was a very, very bad thing being so close ha! Actually it was fun because at the end of the day when the girls were exhausted Dan & I would go sit down at the café and have coffee and a treat and have a date together. They sold coffee, tea and wine not to mention the best GF macaroons I had ever had.

Our original reason for going to Seattle was for Dan to participate with other firefighters from all over the USA in a stair climb at the Columbia Tower. He ran up 69 flights of stairs in full gear in 24 minutes! Way to go Dan and all the other men and women who raised the money to help kids fight cancer. And THANK YOU everyone who donated to this cause financially. It was a great day and we were all super proud of our loved ones that participated.

Just want to be like dad when I grow up....

We can take grabbing an Uber ride off our bucket list...

Morgan was less than pleased with my fascination of our head gear that was required as we toured Theo's Chocolate Factory..I personally think it makes a HUGE fashion statement. I got excited and put it on like 20 minutes before we needed's how I role.

Cocoa Beans anyone? Umm..Yes please!

This tour was so fun and the best part? They let you sample so many different candy bars along the way and then at the end they drop you in the candy store (so conveniently mind you) so you can buy more chocolate. The we walked down the street to a local pub and got burgers and fries to help curb the sugar coma.

If you go to Seattle stop in and visit the first ever Starbucks. They were giving out little samples of green tea fraps which our teenager happily sucked down ha!

When I first saw these I was like, "Wait are those for real?" Please show me this picture next time I jump in the ocean...

I was in farmer's market heaven....

We hopped on a boat to Canada one day and enjoyed the three hour ride was COLD that day but so beautiful..

We are so happy that our girls travel well and love being makes every adventure more fun for sure.

In Canada we hopped in this British Taxi and got a history tour from this couple...

There was this place on the docks where the seals would come up and clap for you and you could feed them fish heads....all I could think was, "So SeaWorld does not teach them to clap they just know how?" huh....

In Canada there are all these parks where the peacocks just run wild and they will eat right out of your beautiful up close...

Oh Canada how we love thee! People would find out where we were from and say, "Are you looking for real estate incase Trump wins...or Hillary?" Sigh.....

We found this gum wall which I was completely fascinated by and was sad I didn't have any gum...or any extra packs of gum to sell to the other people who were walking by that wish they had kids were disgusted.

Street art anyone?

Ryanne made friends on the train...

Another story for another day, but I am certain I am the ONLY person who goes on vacation, gets a call from someone who needs a home for their dog and agrees. Comes home to a new dog who needs to be trained and mind you I had like three hours of sleep because we were delayed by four hours because some jack-o-lantern threw a supposed bomb from a train traveling north toward us so we sat...and sat.... and sat...waiting for the bomb squad to clear us. So hence Chloe lives with us now. I have decided to call our house The Farm from now on. So come on over to the farm anytime you are free. Be blessed!


John Heflin said...

These are some amazing and fantastic pictures. Looks like you had a great time, as always !!!
When we visited Vancouver, I fell in love with the whole area.
Fabulous trip !!!

Jessica said...

What a fun trip! I love how you guys get away together and have so much fun :)

That dog looks like she has some rat Terrier.... Indy would like her, lol.

BC said...

SO awesome!! I want to do this trip! Soon. I am email you for all the details! :)

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