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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Summer Flashback....

Well school is back in full swing and summer is quickly fading away. You wouldn't know it by the heat and fires blazing around here though. We had a great summer full of firsts and also some old favorites.
Mountain biking in Boise Idaho
Spending time with Dan on his down days...
Season waterpark passes are a hit every summer and the kids are exhausted afterwards which is good for the mamas. 
Sweet Ryanne turning 12 in July...
Morgan traveling down south to help repair homes with her missions team was a summer highlight for her; she is already looking forward to joining the leadership team again in September and praying about next years trip.
Ryanne survived summer camp and came home so excited AND tired :)
We enjoyed a jeep excursion with Dan for his birthday...
We welcomed my new little niece and even snuck in a trip up to Sacramento to visit her. So tiny and sweet. Little Allison Avery
Had some one on one mom and daughter time throughout the summer...always a great time.
I love my little dog but won't take credit for my mom doing this to her...ha!
Hung out with friends in Oak Glen and enjoyed hiking and lunch...
The cousins came up from San Diego and we all stayed a couple of nights in Palm Springs and took them to the water fun!!!!
I love summer and all that goes with it but I'm not gonna lie, I also like getting back into routine and watching the girls learn new things in school etc. I'm looking forward to a great year...7th & 10th grade here we come!!! Be blessed this week. :)

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Jessica said...

I'm still in denial that summer has ended 😢 Looks like yours was great :) I can't believe your girls are in 7th and 10th!