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Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Low Down on Skinny oil, Passport to Purity Trip & a Giveaway...

So I got an email from Skinny Co. asking if I wanted to try their products. I agreed to blog about my findings and so they shipped me a free sample of all these goodies. 
The box came with lots of information on their products and I was excited to give them a  try. I am all about natural products and especially love coconut oil.

One of the jars was a coconut oil and other essential oils for teeth whitening so for two weeks me and Dan tried it out and we noticed a huge difference in just polishing up our teeth and making your mouth feel clean. I brushed with the coconut oil and then brushed regular with my Toms of Maine toothpaste and we are hooked. One night after we got the oils Ryanne broke out in hives something awful so I rubbed her down with the coconut oil and the hives calmed down, were less itchy and gone the next day. Yahoo! Lastly, my favorite thing they sent was the coconut oil scrub that I have been using on my heels and other rough spots and it is AMAZING! So if you love all natural products like I do check them out at Enjoy!
So when Morgan was entering Jr. High I took her away for a two nights to the beach to have some girl time and work through the Passport to Purity series. This past weekend was Ryanne's turn and so we loaded up the car and headed for Carlsbad....
We loaded up on good food...

And of course long walks on the beach in the morning when it was quiet and calm...

We also decided we definitely need a living wall on our patio...
Ryanne singing on the worship team for Jr. High. She is growing up quickly but not to quickly, she still likes to jump in my bed on cold mornings and snuggle and tells me she is never going to drive ha! The time away was good and blessed both of us. If you have never heard of Passport to Purity you should totally check it out. It broaches subjects with the kids like puberty and dating and asks them to come to some kind of accountability with their parents on how they will conduct themselves as teenagers when it comes to the choices they make. In the end we gave her a purity ring and she loves it! We talked about her desire for a Godly marriage later in life and her desire to be obedient now as she's going to be faced with peer pressure etc. 
This has really been a God send for our family and we want to bless you by passing on a Passport to Purity kit. The only thing you would have to do is go on to Amazon and buy the journal to go with it. But the Cd's and workbook are all here.
Leave a comment over the next week telling me on a scale of  1-10 how freaked out are you to talk to your kids about sex and then I will have my girls pick a number and whoever gets picked wins!

 If you live close by I will drop it off on your doorstep and if you are far away I will happily mail it to you.
This is just for fun and to pass on the blessing oh and because I am doing the happy dance and survived two! Count them people, TWO! weekends away with my girls talking about the hard stuff ha!
Also, if you have sons this kit works all the same as it has the CD's for the father-son get away.
This is ideal for kids about 11-12 years old but you can always win it and put it up because they will be there before you know it.

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