Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Friday, October 14, 2016

My Prayer

I wrote these words down from a song we were singing in church and thought, "Man, this so needs to be the prayer of my heart these next few weeks." It's been in my head every morning.

"Spirit of the living God come fall afresh on me and wake me from my sleep...
And blow through the cavern of my soul, pour in me to overflow."

I'm not gonna lie, I know a little about a lot. But if for one minute you think you can ask me where the time went with my kids and I will have the slightest'd be kidding yourself ha!
Morgan is driving. There I said it. Like a Band-Aid right?
I'm hoping the time slows down but we can hope a lot of things right?
Instead I'll just hope in all the exciting mile stones and grand moments like driving, graduation, first loves etc. I don't miss all the little things like the "teenager looks" I get when I say something annoying, or the quiet moments when they are sitting alone praying and reading Gods word, the random hugs or "I love you mama" when I feel very unlovable. Those are the things I want to remember as my girls grow.

I probably won't be able to forget the urgent care visits and less urgent house calls of Ryanne's injuries. She was racing some friends through the church parking lot and yup you guessed it; she was safe! Ugh! I'm a professional at road rash and removing gravel from flesh if you need me. Insert eye roll here.

Macy has been gone three weeks and everyone including Chloe has gotten back to routine.
And even though we still miss here large presence, we are adjusting and the girls are already begging for another dog.
They are convinced life isn't complete without two dogs in the house. Me not so much.
All I can think about is house breaking, the cost and the extra work of keeping track of another animal. But my husband says I'm weak and it won't be long before there is another four legged friend in our home.
I told my friend the other day that it's easy for me to wish for an animal "hair free" house, immaculate floors and furnishings; but then in the next thought I remind myself in heaven I'll have a mansion ha! And this life just isn't the same without kids launching from trees in the backyard, animals taking over the couch and running out the door all the while checking for dog hair on my yoga pants. And that's pretty much the low down around the Harker house this month.
Be blessed friends!



John Heflin said...

Morgan is Driving !!!???!! Lookout World !

Jessica said...

Exciting and bittersweet... I feel like that with every milestone our kids reach. I can't believe she's at that age!! Ah.