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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Back from vacation

Yay, we are back from vacation and back on the "blogging" train. It feels like we fell off the face of the earth for two weeks. Now tvs, phones, radios or computers. Yup' I can hear some of you freaking out at the very thought. It takes about two days to not worry about the time or whats happening on the news and you have to retrain yourself to not listen for the phone when your kids are running late coming back from camp but you eventually get used to it. We had an amazing time up at Hume Lake but I am excited to be back and share a few photos with everyone.

Morgan and Ryanne attended day camp while Dan & I attended one romance conference and then worked another one. The girls did amazing and had alot of firsts. Ryanne discovered that she "will" sink when falling into the lake and that mommy can indeed walk on water to save a drowning child if need be. I wouldnt recommend it to the fate of heart though. Ryanne also Kyaked for the first time and went off the diving board. She also discovered that grabbing the tale pipe on the Jeep (not once but twice) will burn and blister your hand. Yup' good times. Morgan rode a surf board out to the middle of the lake and jumped off the rocks for the first time. She also got to go to the big kids camp and make some new friends. All the while giving me the thumbs up over her shoulder. I am pretty sure they grew 2" while we were away and I know for a fact we all grew on the inside.

Time away to get perspective on whats important to us is always good for the soul. We are always a closer family each time we have a new experience together and it always makes Dan & I stronger for serving others while we are up at Hume. Have a great night and I hope the pictures come through clear enough for you to smell the sunscreen and hear the giggles.

Love, me


Jessica said...

How fun :) I'm glad you guys had such a great time. It feels like I haven't talked to you in forever! Your pictures are very cute.

DonnaG said...

Time away is incredibly valuable. Even for just a camping trip. Actually the camping trips make time away even better. You are right about no tv's, cells, etc. It takes just a short amount of time without those things to realize just how enslaved we are to them. I am glad that you have a wonderful time, and how nice to be together as a family and in such an amazing place such as Hume Lake. Good for you and keep on keepin' on. Great photos. I am glad you are back. I was soooo happy to see a new post.