Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Week At A Glance (I know it's only Thursday but I officially quit!)

Ok, I don't officially quit but only because I am told as a mother we are not allowed. I sure wish I had quit more jobs before this one to get my share of what it would feel like to just stomp on out with your hands in the air when you were through with the whole mess of the week. :) Huh, kind of a fun visual don't ya' think. I swear there was a few times growing up when my mom stomped out of the room and yelled,"I quit!" If you know my mom she is reading this saying,"I NEVER did that! ;)

Sunday Jan. 25th-wake up VERY sick. Morgan is Very sick as well. We both have miserable colds and don't even get much passed our pillows let alone get dressed that day.

Monday Jan. 26th- Still pretty sick and on top of that it's my day to get my treatment at the hospital. Do you know what's worse than walking into a chemo room hacking up a lung when everyone in there pretty much has no immune system? Nothing really. I was so sick I barely drove myself but went ahead on the off chance they would let me actually get the treatment. I guess since they are pumping you full of poison anyway they don't stop you very often from getting your dose. hhmmm......good to know.

Tuesday Jan. 27th- Morgan and I still pretty sick and it turns out Ryanne wants to join in so she is a bear and also sounds like a fog horn. I am pumping everyone full of vitamin C, airborne and as much sleep as possible. My hats off to teachers cause I was way to sick to do all of our school work each day and Morgan laying on her desk wasn't all that helpful either.

Wednesday Jan. 28th- I am starting to feel human and can almost swallow all the way. Morgan is cheering up a bit and we both showered. Whew-hew! Dropped Ryanne off at school cause nothing green was coming out of her nose and she ate breakfast. Sounds like a ticket back to school to me. 3:00pm- off to ultra sound appointment (long story and when I know if its a good one I will fill you in.) get there with 32 oz. of water in my bladder to find they are running 30 minutes late but I am not allowed to pee. Ever tried to let a little out? It Doesn't work. I am standing with my legs crossed when the nurse comes out and says why did you drink all that water, its an internal ultra sound? UUummmmmmmmm, excuse me while I relieve myself on your exam floor will you? But now imagine this, I was right and the nurses were wrong and I did need the water for the NORMAL ultra sound. Whew! Glad only a little leaked on the floor.

Thursday Jan. 29th- disinfect Morgan and shove her into piano lessons. After piano the girls and I have an hour to kill before Ryannes Dr. appointment for school next year. Yes I know its early but I want to make sure I get everything done so we have a spot with this home school program we are with. She needs all her 5 year/school check up stuff done and mailed off. Trying to be efficient here people. So we stop to eat lunch and I think to myself,"self, Ryannes cheeks look a little red or puffy or something." But we eat and head over to the Dr. anyway stopping to say hi to Dan who is on a 72. We get put in a room and mind you I have prepped this baby for shots, blood draw whatever and she IS ready. She has talked herself into bravery. ;) We wait for the Dr. and wait and wait and as we are waiting I look up and see that Ryanne is breaking out in some form of bumpy rash all over her body and they come and take her temp. and yes you guessed it she is running one. The Doctor comes in and listens to her and realizes she is starting to wheeze, sends us to x-ray to rule out pneumonia and then brings us back. Her lungs were clear but she did put her on meds and give her an inhaler. So 6 hours later from leaving my house I am home, exhausted, worried about my kiddos who by the way are fast asleep and here I am oh so happy its Friday tomorrow and that my husband comes home on Sat. one more day, I CAN do this!!! :)


Eileen said...

Wow... what a week! Updates please when you can on test results! I am praying for healing and strength, dear sister in Christ.

Jessica said...

Whew, what a week! You deserve a break! I hope you can relax this weekend. Praying for health for you guys.

Jolene Grace said...

Oh Christy...boy oh need a day off! I had 'I Quit' moments when Christian was smaller and we didn't know he had acid reflux. I am praying for you...stay strong. Having a hubby gone and doing everything solo is hard, but you are a mighty can do it!

Crystal said...

Oh my dear friend. I wish I would've known, I would've praying for you this week. I'll be praying some more for you now that I know though.

And btw, I love how candid you are about all things potentially embarrassing (ie; peeing on the floor;).