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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Look what we lost, What did I eat to dream this, and living in the dark ages..............

Morgan's lost like three teeth in the last month AND she has another really loose one. I told her she better start growing some or we could be in trouble. Secretly, I LOVE it because it makes her look really young and I am near tears every time I think about the fact that she is going to be 8 in like 13 days. (don't worry, I go through the whole "get emotional thing" every year right before my kids turn a year older)Another cute thing with Morgan this week and it went something like this;
Morgan: "Mom, I bet it was SOOOOO fun being a kid back when you were little."
Me: "Why do you say that?"
Morgan: "Cause growing up in the OLD DAYS you got to buy candy for like 25 cents!"
Me: "You know I am not that old Morgan."
Morgan: "Oh I know, I didn't mean your as old as bible times or anything mom. I mean your not that old right?"
(disclaimer for all you smart mouths out there I am only 34! Ok 35 in April but stiiillllll!!!)
Just a cute picture of Ryanne on her way to school.
Oh and my last random thing. I think I am either spending waaaay to much time learning Spanish with Morgan or I ate something weird before bed the other night. I had a dream that this Mariachi band came to our door and when we let them in to play they decided to rob us. Weeelllll, (stay with me here people) In all my weeks of Rosetta Stone knowledge I knew enough to ask them politely if we could see something by the front door and they were fooled so we ran to our neighbors house. Then after Corey (my friends husband) ignored our cries for help (MEN!) We ran inside to dial 911 but every time I dialed 911 it rang my friend Susie up in Oregon! (sorry Susie) It was so random and if you like you can comment on what you think my dream meant. Maybe eat less beans before bed???? Have a good week!


{Erica Young} said...

OMG that was funny, sorry. Mariachi band. You shouldn't eat before you go to bed. But I always look up my dreams on if you want to look it up.
Ryanne looks adorable before school. And for Morgan loosing 3 teeth in one month, that's incredible. She will be in deep trouble if they don't start growing back, lol.

jo said...

your dream made my day!!! hahehee. I have really weird dreams too sometimes. And I also talk in my sleep so much so that John has carried on conversations with me!

Rhonda said...

Morgan looks so cute with so many teeth missing. If she loses many more she is going to be gumming her food. hehe
My kids think I'm that old too. I keep trying to tell myself that they just don't have a very good concept of time. HA!
I just love how dreams are so strange and random. And how just about anything and everything can happen. I guess you won't be hiring a mariachi band anytime soon?

Yvonne said...

I love to share the day to day life with you....see you in a couple of months. Are you coming on Thurs of FF?

littlecbsmom said...

Ok, now I am only a few years older than you and I remember my milk carton at school being only a nickel! So, how much was candy when you were a kid?

She looks so darn cute missing all those teeth and Ryanne has one hec of a pose going on there!

Maybe your dream means you should call me? Honestly, though I'm honored to be in the story! Is the Rosetta Stone as cool as everyone says it is? Isn't it SO much fun to be back in 2nd grade?

Love ya!

Jolene Grace said...

When I was about Morgan's age I asked my mom what it was like before cars, "When you got around in horse and buggies". She responded something not unlike your response. LOL. At that time she was only 27!

BTW, the girls are ADORABLE. Have Morgan whistle...that should be fun. ;-)

Crystal said...

Oh how totally cute!!! (not your dream, but Morgan's comments).

And I love that picture of Ryanne, she's such a love.