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Monday, May 25, 2009

Last three weeks.....................................

Wheeeeewwww.....................................I have wanted to sit and share about my last three weeks but man o' man what a month May has been. I have been sicker than I have EVER been in my entire life. I think it is safe to finally sit and post an update as it's very possible that I am FINALLY on the mend.

The last round of chemo I got was Monday April 27th and lets just say EVERYTHING changed after that day. My body just didn't recover. I kept getting sicker and sicker. I usually feel badly for about 48 hours or so but this was something different. I kept trying to black out, (see previous 911 post) my blood pressure was all over the place, I was running a fever, I was super dehydrated and kept needing bags of IV fluids. I kept getting bladder infections and was so weak I literally couldn't sit at the table to even eat dinner. I was short of breath and having horrible stomach pain. It was like my body was just D-O-N-E! I was so sick of being poked and tested and peeing in cups and having hands and fingers stuck everywhere and yes I mean EVERYWHERE that we (Dan and myself) got desperate and called the Holistic Dr./Nutritionist in Loma Linda that I used to see. Our insurance doesn't cover her and it's very expensive but I was certain if I didn't get help detoxing my body I was going to die. I was really, really scared. I couldn't even stand long enough to make the kids breakfast or drive Ryanne to school or anything. Even showering took to much energy and that's supposed to feel good. I went to see Dr. Wellhausen who now has me on a VERY strict food "lifestyle" and some supplements to clear out the chemo. I am feeling much better although still weak and I have lost some weight from not being able to eat for so long, but am definitely feeling like their is light at the end of the tunnel.

I have made the decision to not go back on the drugs at all and do it all with nutrition and natural things. It's really very difficult to do it this way and takes LOTS of discipline but pray for me cause I know it works if I can keep up with it. Dan and the girls are in huge support and are doing it with me. So here it goes if you want to get really healthy, trim and fit. Oh and its a sure fire way to get to your ideal dress size. :) NO wheat, NO gluten, NO dairy. ALL organic, NO high fructose corn syrup, and NO life. Just kidding about the last one. Well, sort of. I know it sounds crazy but we did it for 2 years faithfully before I fell off the wagon so to speak. If you want more info on this "food life style" let me know and I can help you out; oh I can see the hundreds of comments coming in now dying to join me. I have a feeling it's going to be a long lonely road. :)
Before I log off I want to tell you one other thing I learned this past month; it REALLY does take a village to raise kids. If you don't have one go find one cause one day you will need them.

Thanks to my mom and mother in law for taking turns staying with me so Dan could go back to work.

Thank you Marianne for being such a great friend and neighbor and taking the girls out of the house so much so I could sleep.

Thank you Andrea for taking Ryanne to and from school.

Thank you Bridgette for bringing by the sweet card and book to keep me occupied.

Thank you Joanna, Stacy and Juanita for checking in on me so often and reminding me that you are praying for me and offering to take kiddos and help out.

Thank you Allie for coming by and staying with me and cleaning the kitchen so Dan could get a break.

Thank you to everyone who called, text, stopped by, prayed, added me to prayer chains etc.

Thank you Donna for driving me to the Dr.'s appointments, urgent care etc.

If I missed you I apologize and please know that you are appreciated and part of the "village" that has helped me get back on my feet.

Last but not least thank you Dan for doing the dishes, laundry, making all the healthy meals, driving the girls to piano, swim practice, music recitals, swim-athons, park day, school, for calling Dr's to get answers, driving me to appointments, following the ambulance to the ER, tucking in kiddos, grocery shopping, vacuuming, praying for me, making me laugh when it really wasn't funny and listening to me cry and freak out all the while going to your stressful job that requires so much of you. I Love you!


Stacy Y said...

Christy... even though I'd love to join ya on the eating plan... NOT..hehe... I think I will take a slower route ;-) I will continue to keep you and the family in prayer :-)

jo said...

glad your feeling better friend!!

Jessica said...

Ok I had no idea you were so sick... I feel bad! If you need any other help please call me! I will continue to pray for your health and for your family. Love you!

p.s. As much as I'd like to drop some weight... I don't think I'm strong enough to do that diet... whew. You can do it though :) You were so good for 2 years.

Erica Young said...

Hey blogger friend, sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. I will pray for you, and you will get better. I don't think I can do that diet either but I have faith in you. And its great you have such a great support system :)

Rhonda said...

I'm praying for you. I know how hard your diet was and is going to be so I'm praying that it will be easier this time. That the first month (the detox time) doesn't send your family over the edge. I wish I was there to be a help to you. I love you friend!

littlecbsmom said...

Hey there! I'm so glad you posted to let us know how you were doing...although I'm sorry it was so "sucky"...Can I say that? Oh well, I did!

I am SO glad you are on the mend and that you feel good about trying this again! I will pray for you, I know how hard it is and how much discipline it requires!

I wish I was there to help out with something! Hugs from Oregon! Love ya and I will see you soon! (We are coming in July, hopefully we can have some sort of hot summer fun if you are up to it:)

Mommy of 4 said...

Hey Christy- I had no idea you were even sick. I will be praying for you and your hubby, and the girls. Please let me know if I can help in any way at all. I went to that same Dr. for a while.... I know that "diet" is hard but you can do it! Again I'm totally here for you just let me know what I can do!

Brigitte said...

I am so glad you blogged! I was getting really worried that perhaps this weekend was another big scare. I have done the diet and I hear you about no fun. Yet, I have to admit when I was on it I felt amazing. Still, I just don't know about that morning bagel. Might be hard for me to leave it behind. Ha ha. Hang in there and let me know when you are ready for another new read!

The Keilers said...

Oh my gosh I hadn't a clue you were that sick. I'm so sorry Christy. I will continue to pray for you and your body. And if it's any comfort to you, it seems like "gluten free" stuff is popping up everywhere! (We even have a new, very popular, cafe here with all organic, gluten free menu items.

And also, what great family and friends you have. Esp your hero hubby!

Jolene Grace said...

Oh I wish I knew how sick you were. My dear friend, may God continue to heal and strengthen you as you recover. You are an amazing encouragement to me and so many others, so you MUST succeed with this new lifestyle...we need you around for 100 more years. ;-) LOVE YOU! XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Jolene Grace said...

Oh, by the way, it sounds like you have an incredible network of friends and family. Dan gets a gazillion gold stars for taking such good care of you. What a blessing. :-)

Tricia M. said...

Hey Christy, I love your blog! I read it all the time and can hear your exact voice! Even tho we have not seen one another for a while, I often think of you and your family! I just had to comment on your food situation. We have been ordering food through Angel Food Ministries and it is awesome, wonderful food! But the reason I am telling you this is that they offer an allergen free box! It is free of all the things you cant have, yet affordable and delicious. go on and look at the menu. It is an incredible program. You can call or email me and I can explain more, but you will definately be blessed, and tell everyone you know about it!

Love ya friend, Tricia & Don Maier

Tricia M. said...

Oh yea, the church phone number has changed, its 909-864-9221

Eileen said...

Wow, what an ordeal, Christy! I'm so sorry! Life is so beautiful, but it can certainly have its challenges. I wish I could have been closer to help in your time of need... sounds like you do have an awesome "village", what great love and support. You are given what you give, though, that is the truth. You are in my prayers for strength, recovery, and healing dear friend.

christy p said...

Christy, so sorry you have had such a rough month. I would be upset without Mexican food too! SOrry your diet is soooooo restrictive! Sending you love and prayers!