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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Answering A Question.....

After my last post more than a few people have asked me why dairy is bad for you and why as a family we don't consume dairy products. I wanted to give you a web site to thumb through when you have a minute. Not only can this web site explain it better than I can it also has a full page of all kinds of health issues you can click on and it will explain how dairy either is the cause or makes it worse.

Now obviously this web site is one sided but they provide concrete facts and studies done on all kinds of topics that you can further research and read up on. One thing people always say to me is,"but where do you get your calcium?" If you go to this web site and scroll down on the bottom left side down to calcium and calcium II it will explain how it's not even true that milk protects against bone loss and osteoporosis. Very interesting. Another interesting find is the research on prostate cancer. This is a major issue for men and is linked to dairy consumption. Obviously I am not going to live forever and it's no guarantee that I won't get some life threatening disease but having all the tools to live the very healthiest I can for my girls and keep them at the lowest risk possible for health problems in the future is my main goal and why I am so nutty about this topic.

As I get older and do more research I am discovering that just because we have been told something our entire lives does not make it accurate and thinking for myself has been key as far as getting us all healthy. Maybe I should write up a little something on how and where we shop, what it costs us and include recipes and links we use. Although that may push some of you over the edge and make you stop reading. :) I promise as soon as Ryanne says something earth shattering we are back to that. :)


Anonymous said...

Never knew this- still can't believe it.

littlecbsmom said...

More recipes would be great! It seems when I look for some "healthy" recipes, I always need some funky unknown ingredient and it frustrates me!

I would love to find more meatless recipes, although I haven't experimented with tofu yet!

Anyway...bring them on!

Erica Young said...

I am at work and don't have time to read that article but really I only drink milk maybe once a month (I hate milk) and maybe eat some sort of dairy once a week. But my diet is screwed up anyways. I hate veggies, except for a few things here and there.