Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Monday, March 22, 2010

A Solution, A Quick Update & A Few Random Pictures.....

"Mooooommmmm, can we watch cartoons?" (followed by fighting over who's turn it was to pick the show) Moooommmmmmmmm, Morgan won't let me hear the T.V!!"" "Mooooommmmmmmmmmmm.......Ryanne took the remote!!"
The girls were getting into a bad habit of watching cartoons while they were eating breakfast which isn't a bad thing except I would be ready to start school and they would be like,"Oh I haven't brushed my teeth wait!" So with that said the T.V. went black and I started a ticket system. The only way to earn a ticket is to have eaten breakfast, have your chores done and be dressed and cleaned up and in the classroom ready for school by 9am. Then if you do all those things you get a ticket. Each ticket is worth 30 min. Now the catch is whoever spends their ticket to watch 30 min. of TV is in charge of the remote AND the show they watch. It's freakin' amazing how they carefully choose their mindless TV time now AND work together to pick shows and use their time so much wiser. Whew-Hew!!
This is Luke next door climbing back into his yard the other day; I got to wondering how long before Dan puts a stop to cute boys climbing into our yard to see our girls???? The other day Dan sent Ryanne to her room for a time out and he heard Ryanne talking to Luke through her bedroom window telling him her sob story. Bars on the windows as well I guess. ;)
Here is Morgan with her friends from a few doors over. The twins are the BEST! Super sweet and easy to be around. Morgan has been friends with them since she was three. I love watching all the kids in the neighborhood grow up together and turn into such sweet big kids. :) Morgan LOVES these girls!!
We have been so busy lately we have not had our weekly dinner with our friends and their daughter Taylor in a while so last night they came over and the guys grilled and the girls loved on the babe. Morgan cannot wait to babysit someday. I love the sweet look on Taylor's face here. She is getting so big and animated.
On a side note it was also a great week to catch up with old friends. Last Monday I got to meet with my friend Janette for lunch and catch up and then Friday the girls and I drove out to Nuevo and had a picnic lunch with our friend Jolene who also just happened to start selling MaryKay so we got treated to a facial and the girls got lots of play make up. :) If you are in need of any make up contact her at She really is the best and very helpful. :) OK then Saturday our friend Crystal was in visiting from Dallas and we got to have lunch together so she could see the girls, so fun and good to love on her. It doesn't end there today we are meeting Jessica at the park to play and catch up. Can't wait! You know what all these girls have in common? Dan & I were youth leaders when we first got married & they were ALL in our youth group. Now they are all married and such sweet women after God's own heart. Seriously could I get more lucky this week? My cup runith over girls. :)


Jessica said...

hehe... my mom totally did TV coupons with us too. I guess it works great :) I might have to bust those out one day myself ;)

Thanks for meeting up with us today, it was great to see you in between my cranky toddler. After he had a movement this afternoon he was like a new kid. *sigh* Hopefully we'll get this under control soon.

littlecbsmom said...

That is a great idea Christy with the TV! I like that whoever spends it gets to pick, very creative:) might need to be more sensitive to your faithful blog readers in cooler parts of the country...maybe throw a light sweater on once in a while?? What do you think?

LOVE the picture of Lukie climbing the sweet!

Yvonne said...

My mom did TV tickets with me. I will have to tell you about it this weekend! Thanks for your call! I can't wait to see you!!!

Crystal said...

I love that I can picture where you live now :). It was so good to see you and your girls.

Love you. xo

Rhonda said...

You are brilliant! (such a good mommy too :))
I'm a little envious of all the time you are getting with the girlies this week and wishing I was close enough to be on your list too.
Love you!

Jolene Grace said...

I was SO BLESSED to have spent time with you and your beautiful girls. Thanks for coming out to cow country to visit! ;-) I'll be coming out to visit you in the next week so that you can get dolled up for Easter. ;-) XOXOXO

Jeff and Aimee said...

TV tickets are ingenious!

Eileen said...

That was an amazing group of ladies... gorgeous inside and out!!!