Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Some Easter Fun.............

We had a really busy week but it was full of fun stuff. We made carrot cake bites and contrary to what Morgan said,"Mom those look like bunnies on top." They are supposed to be hearts. ;)We then got out some cute bags and Easter bobbles and wrapped them up to deliver to friends, coaches etc.
The girls got a special Easter delivery yesterday from their papa. It was one of those edible arrangements. Can I just say that I think this was probably the most exciting gift that has come to our door. No really, the girls left it out all morning and ate practically the entire thing. They loved munching on the dark chocolate covered bunnies and the cantaloupe flowers. And mama here much more enjoyed watching them eat fruit than candy. ;) I am going to remember this for future gift ideas instead of real flowers.
We took some time to decorate eggs and the girls put their own special touch to each one.
So cute, so fun and so excited to spend tomorrow with my friends and family. I LOVE Easter. it blesses me. It reminds me. It makes the cross come alive for me. I pray Easter is more than egg hunts and jelly beans for you this year but rather a time to reflect on God's goodness and love for you. He is RISEN and he loves you! :)


littlecbsmom said...

Looks like a lot of great stuff! I love that edible basket idea, what a great gift! You are so thoughtful and creative, I love the carrot cake bits!

The girls are getting SO big!

Rhonda said...

They look like hearts. If they're bunnies, their bodies are missing, but they've got some amazing ears :) And I LOVE their special touches on the eggs. Some of them look like they could have come from my house.
Happy Easter friend.
I pray your day is amazing!

Brigitte said...

Happy Easter to you too friend. Loved all the updates. Very cute. Those carrot cake bites looked YUMMO!!! Have to make some here again soon. Glad Easter was a great time. Always wanted to know what those edible baskets were like. Looks AMAZING. Have a great week.

Diana said...

Looks like you had a good Easter weekend! I hope you also enjoyed your time reflecting on His sacrifice and His resurrection. Oh, and I could tell they were hearts!

Leslie said...

so so so cute! Love those little treats... they do look like hearts...

you always do fun things.

Erica Young said...

Happy Easter!

I heard those edible arrangements are good. It looked yummy! So thoughful!

I love the little ideas you come up with and those carrot cake bites looked scrumptious!

Jessica said...

I love those edible arrangements, they are so much fun! That would make a great gift for a new mama or someone who is sick!

Love your cute little treats :)

Jessica said...

next holiday I think you need to take a treat bag to "that old youthgroup girl that used to grab your in inappropriate ways who lives down the street"


Eileen said...

So cute! I LOVED the picture of the girls with their eggs just out of the dye. Such great memories... I still remember mine with my guys, and when I was a little girl!

Jolene Grace said...

Let me just say, I am a HUGE fan of Edible Arrangements! So pretty, so yummy and so perfect for EVERYTHING!

Your coaches, friends, etc. are blessed indeed to have you in their lives. You are a servant and a giver. XOXOX