Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Everyone Needs One.........

Everyone needs one, a good belly laugh that is. Soooo I figured why not have one at my expense. First just let me say I had a rough week. I mean a really, really rough week. I will explain more later but for now with that being said what I am about to share with you compounded with a rough week was NOT funny when it happened. Now? OK ya' kinda funny. ;)

Morgan came in the office and brought me one of her Star Wars action figures and the super glue and asked me to fix something on the action figure. I thanked her for NOT taking the lid off the glue on her way to see me as super glue can be very dangerous if not used correctly. She asked me to dab a small drop on the cloth gown of this action figure and I of course thought to myself,"no problem." As I was holding the cloth the super glue seeped through and glued my fingers together. I panicked and tried yanking my fingers apart. As they ripped apart I instinctively reached up to brush my bangs out of my face and glued my finger to my forehead. After ripping my finger from my forehead I let my hand drop which then glued my fingers to my t-shirt.

You can't make this kind of stuff up people.

I do believe this is the part where I started to cry & continued crying for the rest of the day into the night when Dan called home. He,hheee!! Oh and just FYI my week ended much better than it started. God gave me peace about something specific that has been on my heart for months and like I said as it unfolds I will share what God is doing in our family in that regard.

Have a great weekend and remember, be very, very careful with super glue. Put in the wrong hands it can be VERY dangerous! ;)


littlecbsmom said...

Oh...if only Morgan would of grabbed that Flip video recorder!!!

Too funny my friend, thanks for sharing and making me laugh! I'm glad your week got better!

Rhonda said...

Wow - that's the stuff movie's are made of!
Praying you have a better week this week friend.
Love you!

Jessica said...

Wow, that seriously sounds like something I'd do. We should have called each other, last week was a little rough for me too.

Can't wait to hear what God's doing in your life.

hope this week is MUCH better for you :)

Brigitte said...

Oh no sounds like you are in my boat! Hope things improve and I am glad you have peace...I am still waiting for mine. :) Although I am sure you can laugh about the super glue I think I would have cried with you. When things like this happen during rough weeks it makes me sit back and say "Really? Am I really in a time when this is necessary?" I hope you have a much better week this week!

jo said...

lol. what a belly laugh indeed!

Anonymous said...

you forgot to tell me THAT part LOL!!!!
Love Mom

Crystal said...

I love the visual ;).

Anonymous said...

great experience for every mom, and kids, It's joke on serious.