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Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Belated 4th...........

I am going to apologize in advance for not having photos of our day but it just never left my bag and I realized it after the fun was over. Bummer.

We started our 4Th of July by celebrating our "real" freedom worshiping and fellow shipping at church. Then we ran home to get the 3 flavors of homemade ice cream (all dairy free of course) we had made the day before. The girls and I then headed to the fire station to be with Dan and his crew. We stopped on the way and loaded up on lots of chicken, beans, rice, tortillas, and chips and salsa. Gotta feed the hungry firemen.

We ate lunch, had some dessert (I think the coconut blueberry was the favorite flavor) and then took a ride around town on the fire engine. I swear, I am 36 years old and that NEVER gets old. I don't know if it's talking in the head sets or just being in the big huge Engine that is bigger than everyone but something about it is just F-U-N!!

We then headed outside where the guys thought they were going to let Ryanne help wash one of the trucks. Let's see, Ryanne + hose= water fight. SO the water fight began and by the looks of it Ryanne and Dan's medic got the worst of it. The rest of us ran for cover.

When we left the girls were sad to leave Dan behind but I reminded them that he is doing what he is called to do and what he loves. After we talked I got to thinking of the funny memories the girls are going to have from their childhood. Riding around town on the engine talking in the headsets, running through the fire station, getting into water fights and having to wear old department t-shirts home because they were soaked to the bone. I hope when they are sad missing their daddy they remember all those fun things.

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littlecbsmom said...

Sounds like a great day and I'm sure those girls will have great memories! I think it is wonderful that you can visit him at work and have such fun times.

The ice cream sounds wonderful;)