Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

BEWARE! Major Photo Overload Ahead!

You know whats good? Friend are good. Friends who love the Lord and cheer you on in life are good.

You know what else is good? Youth leaders who really love what they do and love the kids and cheer them on....that's good.

Our church bible blast was last week and I think it's safe to say it was the best one ever!
New friends were made........

Neighbors got to know each other better................

Sister's were stranded on a deserted island together all week and didn't kill each other.........
(OK I made that one up)

Old friends got to go to dinner and with us and join in the fun of getting to know more about God................

Dad's got cooler...........Nah he was already cool. :)
I think the thing I love most about this photo is her little hand fanned across his chest. It's so little and cute.

The week started off rough as we attended a firefighter's funeral........but the service gave hope and I left feeling much lighter.
A bunch of the families from Dan's work went to the beach the next day.......and we snagged this little cutie and loved her up as much as possible.

I was sitting on the beach wondering what the couple on this boat was like. (yes in my world it was a couple, I'm a hopeless romantic) Anyways, this boat was there late into the night watching the sun set and I was thinking that must have been very peaceful for them. Do you ever do that? Imagine peoples lives? I will see an old couple and wonder what they have gone through in their marriage and how they got through it. Where they have been together and things like that.

I think we must have had 12-14 kids at the beach and they all got along great! No fighting or whining or anything. Just fun in the sun and surf. We stayed late into the night and had to tired girls to haul to bed when we got home.

Love warm sunny days at the beach when Dan is off.

Love how the minute we get near the water Morgans curls start to escape.

Love Ryanne's toothless grin.

They really needed their daddy this day. He really needed them too after such a hard week.

Morgan got her braces off! Her teeth look beautiful!

My nephew and brother came over and we spent the day playing in Oak Glen.

I love that this is basically in our back yard.

My mom came up too!

There are these really old sequoia tress I wanted to take a picture of but my brother said we should stick our heads in as well. :)

We dressed up in old western clothes and took pictures. The kids loved it but my mom said they made her look like a lets see how should a I say this? A lady of the night maybe? LOL!

And I dont care what anyone tries to tell you, a six dollar kiddie pool and buckets DO entertain kids for hours!

Our cousin Mallory is leaving to play soccer for the University of Hawaii. I told her I would sacrifice and come watch a game next year. Sheessshhh! The things I will do for family. :)

We were privileged enough to be part of a wedding renewal ceremony for Dans Aunt and Uncle. They celebrated 50 years! All the cousins were there.

I love Dan's Aunt and Uncle. They bless me and give me hope when I look at their marriage. They are best friends. They laugh at everything. I love their stories of how their life started and the things they have gone through. So sweet and kind to each other. I loved being part of their day.
We sang this at church last Sunday. Its only part of the song but I just love the words

You are good
You are good,
When there is no good in me.

You are joy,
you are joy,
when there is no joy in me.

You are more,
you are more
than my words will ever say.

In your presence I am made whole.
Nothing compares to your embrace.
Light of this world forever you will reign.


Jessica said...

Love all the pictures, guys have been having a great time! :)

Crystal Keilers said...

LOVE the photo overload =)! And I laughed out loud at your comment about Gideon wearing headbands...yes God give me a girl or two (and hopefully they'll be as cute as yours;).