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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Another "field trip"

We took the girls to Disneyland on a "field trip" this past Monday. The weather was AMAZING and even though it was a little crowded we had fun all the same. My mom came out and went with us. She had not been since I was little so she loved seeing everything.

My brother lives in OC so he popped over and hung out with us for the day as well. By the way, he's single and we need him to find a wife and settle down. He's 33, has a good job and owns his own home. Oh and he loves Disneyland. Let the match making begin. LOL!

I have never been around Halloween so it was fun seeing all the decorations the put up. The haunted mansion ride totally inspired me for Halloween and all the little decorations I do for the kids dinner that night.

What is it with girls this age being so fickle about taking a picture? That girl! Or maybe Dan is tickling her? :)

Did I mention my brother is single? Physically fit, likes to travel and pretty much has the same sick sense of humor I have. Any one? Hello is this thing on?

LOVE! LOVE! All the pumpkins and the orange flowers everywhere.

The girls basically fought over riding with my mom and brother all day which was nice for Dan and I cause we took it as a chance to talk and just be together on the rides.
After hitting both Disneyland and California Disney and then staying late for the World Of Color show we were exhausted. 12 hours of walking about did me in. I felt like someone beat me the next day. LOL! Although I did push past the desire to sleep in this morning and I went to the gym before we did school.

Oh and if your wondering yes Disneyland
does count as a field trip when you home school. :)


Yvonne said...

so fun!!! Thanks for sharing Disney with me!

Andrea said...

Yes, I have the perfect friend for your brother.... She's cute, a teacher at RCS. If your serious we can make this happen!

BC said...

How old is he I just might have a blind date for him oh and where does he live....

Love the Disney pics by the way. :)

Rhonda said...

How fun!!!
We're planning a trip next summer with my extended family from CO, ID, Canada, WA... I can't wait. We haven't been there since we lived close and knew someone who worked there & could sign us in.