Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Monday, December 12, 2011

Married Life And Fake Vs. Real

Can you hear the big long sigh from there? That would be letting out a long relaxing breath.
This past Friday was our Married Life Christmas dinner. Months of planning and praying and did I mention planning goes into this dinner. It was the ministries 1 year anniversary and we were so excited to see the 184 people walk through those doors for dinner, worship and Jack Hibbs speaking.
I found this AMAZING lady who does cakes as a hobby and agreed to my nutso idea of doing 1 cake for each table. I collect cake plates and I had this vision of stacking the cake plates on a really long dessert table and then serving each table of 10 their very own special unique cake.
Oh my gosh was it fun! Thank you Tina!!!! Everyone felt so special and loved as we delivered your handmade creations to their tables.
We held the event at the Mitten Building in Redlands. If you have never been to this historic old brick building you are missing out. It is beautiful!
See the people in the back ground running around? Those sweet couples are the hands and feet of this ministry. They go with my crazy ideas and help till' they drop without complaining or even thinking twice.
John and Tammy, the center pieces you created and donated made the tables. Thank you so much for your desire to be part of this ministry and loving on marriages at Wildwood.
We had magnets made with upcoming Married Life dates on them and home made toffee for each couple to take home. So fun!
Now we can breath, enjoy Christmas with our kids and gear up for Valentines!
So listen, I know there is this on going debate about real vs. fake when it comes to Christmas trees. But I am gonna just share our feelings on this subject. Ours being Dan and me. :)

Dan and I, were simple people. It takes very little to please us. We are happy laying on the couch watching football together, driving around looking at neighborhoods and homes we love. Going for walks or on little adventures. But when it comes to our Christmas tree we take it very seriously. I mean VERY seriously. In fact this is probably (OK not really) how our first date went;
Dan: "You single?"
Me: "Why yes I am. You love the Lord?"
Dan: "Why yes I do? Fake or real Christmas tree?"
Me: "Real of course."
Dan: "Will you marry me?"
Me: "Oh yes!"

So with that said we make an event out of it. We go and hunt it out. Debate about the height, the width and fullness. Our girls have this process down to a science. Some might argue that Dan should be more careful because he's a fire fighter and go with the fake tree. That is where you are wrong because we might be simple but we like to live on the edge. Ha! Ha!

Dan: "Tree straight?"
Macy: "Yup' uh-huh looks good dad!"
Macy after all the fun with the tree.


Erica Young said...

Hey Christy, I have been mia and slowly catching up on your blog. We this year put up a real tree for the first time and I'm loving it. I grew up with having real trees and I have so missed that smell and feeling of having a real tree. Just wanted to say hi :) and I'm slowly updating my blog in the next few days!

Christy said...

Erica! I've missed you! I always check your blog and was hoping you were doing well. Glad your back!

BC said...

LOVE IT!!! That dinner party looked fantastic. Way to go...the cakes were such a cute idea!!

About real or fake...we are fake bakers all the way sorry...two real trees nearly destroyed our home a couple of times so - although I love the smell, the beauty and all that REAL is!! I am very happy with my fake tree. But it was great tale of the 1st date...hee hee.

Jeff and Aimee said...

That cake idea was great! How fun that they were all so different. As for the tree thing--we bought a nice fake tree about six years ago and I've never regretted it once. My inner-cheapskate loves that we save about $75 a year and I also love not having to clean up pine needles off the floor. However, I'm glad that getting a real tree each year has been such a bonding experience for your marriage. :)