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Saturday, April 27, 2013

We're Back......Vacation Day 1

"Vacation, all I ever wanted...vacation time to get away!" We did just that. In fact we were gone for 16 days. I am mentally refreshed but physically exhausted. Ha! We were fortunate enough to stay in Texas for a couple of days then off to the Caribbean for a week. Then we went to Louisiana for a couple of days and then home. Whew! Tired yet? :) I took lots of pictures of our adventure along the way so I will start today with the first couple of days so its not a tra-zillion photos boring you all at once. That's right I like to spread your boredom out. Ha!
First things first, how in the world are we going to get 16 days worth of clothes for three girls into this one duffel bag?

I bought these little organizer bags from Their great because you can buy a different color for each family member and then nobody's stuff gets mixed up. I rolled everything and put like all my shorts in one, my tops in another and then bathing suits, cover ups and board shorts in another. Really handy little things.

Eight of us went on the trip. Six of us took the train and the other two (my mom and Rick) flew and met us in Texas. Here we are all ready to catch the red eye train on Wednesday.

Here are Dan and John looking at the map wondering where the heck our train is. It didn't get in till' 1am but when your in vacation mode it's cool. ;)

The next morning on the train we headed over to the dining car and enjoyed a great breakfast. Coffee, orange juice, eggs, pancakes, you name it they made it for you.

Of course our children have never met a stranger so they wasted no time making friends with this little girls who was traveling with her grandma.They played games, colored and listened to music etc.

At each stop along the way you had the option to get off and stretch your legs, get some fresh air and even buy homemade burritos at the border stop in El Paso. Nobody got sick so we figured it was all good. Ha! Morgan said it was the best tortillas and beans she has ever had.

We got a sleeping car for the trip. A must when traveling cross country. It didn't have a ton of room but during the day it had four seat, a fold down table  and night we each had our own pull down bunk. We also each carried our own backpacks the entire trip which contained things we liked to do; books, ipods, coloring books etc. So we feel like we are totally professionals and can back pack/train it through Europe. Ha! Next stop Houston Texas. See you tomorrow!

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WElcome back! So glad you had a wonderful time :)