Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

More Photos.....

So I know Houston sometimes gets a bad rap, especially after hurricane Katrina a few years ago. Lots of homeless people etc. BUT they have sooooo cleaned this place up. We spent 24 hours here because this is where the train dropped us off. We stayed down town at the Magnolia hotel. I highly recommend this place if you are traveling through Houston. We walked all over taking in the sights, eating, talking to people etc. It was great! And noooo this is not graffiti, it's art! :)

Me and Tammy on the roof of our hotel. The Houston baseball stadium was right behind us and we were so bummed because they were in LA playing. Figures right?

You can go to the top of the tallest building in Houston and stand in front of floor to ceiling windows, they look all around the city! Morgan hates heights so she was less than thrilled about the 70 something floor view. The elevators moved so fast your ears popped!

We found out it was cheaper to split a limo than take a taxi to Galveston the next day. Who knew?? And it was waaaayyy more fun!

Most days in a row I have spent with my husband in FOREEVVVEERRR!!!

Did I mention the best football team ever is from Texas? Well, unless you hate the Cowboys. Lets just assume for our sake you don't hate them. Ha!

We went to a Mexican place in Galveston Island for was Tammy's birthday and lets just say she was less than thrilled when I mentioned it to the waiter and they sang VERY loud to her. Did I mention she had to wear a sombrero?

Sweet babe getting ready for dinner that night.....

Our view from our room in Galveston. We spent 24 hours here as well and LOVED it! We are easy to please so there is not much we don't enjoy. Just being together and trying knew things is most fun for our family.

For Tammy's birthday dinner we went to a steak and seafood and it was great! It was the night before the cruise would leave so my mom and Rick got there  just in time for dinner.

On the shuttle over to the cruise terminal I met this big group going to the Bahamas on a Carnival ship; I told them I would take their picture leaving port just in case they were lost at sea. Ha! So here they are leaving. Word on the street is they made it back. :)

If you ever go on a cruise with kids go and buy one of these over the door organizers. I got mine at Kmart for $9. I put EVERYTHING in there so I wouldn't have to hear,"Mom, where;s the hair brush? Mom, where's the sunscreen? MOM, where's the hair ties?" You get the idea. It kept everything off the bathroom counter and organized. I like organized. Especially when there are 4 of us in one room for a week.

I will leave you with this photo of Morgan at dinner on the cruise. She's so stinkin' cute. More pictures later. I'm slow. Still on island time. Plus I'm supposed to be acting like I care about finishing out last 4 weeks of school. ;)


BC said...

Ok, I am so envious and ready for a vacation! So fun keep it coming! Slow it is good it lets us absorb it all :)

Jessica said...

So funny that a limo is cheaper than a taxi, go figure!

I've never been to Texas. Looks like you managed to have fun there :)