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Friday, August 23, 2013

Random Ryanne Rant.....

You know how people will say that kids are just as happy playing with the box the toy comes in? Well, I'm starting to wonder why we spent the money on a bed for Ryanne. I  mean for over a year she slept in a tent she put up in the middle of her room. No I'm serious a real tent, with a door and window and zipper closure. Then we bought her a loft bed and now she has made a pallet on the floor and sleeps "under" the bed. The best part about this picture is that when we put her to "bed" or I guess "floor" for the night her room is clean. I swear! We make them clean their rooms everyday and so the question you have to ask yourself as a parent is how when you you go to check on them on your way to bed did the room get like this? Like are the toys possessed? Did they see Toy Story and freeze up when they heard me coming? I mean look at it. You be the judge. And yet she sleeps. I seriously have enough material on Ryanne that I could have an entire other blog just dedicated to stories of my life with her. Sometimes they would be funny. Sometimes they would make you cringe. But mostly you would just shake your head and laugh.
Ryanne is in 4th grade this year. 4th grade! Ugh! Not sure how that happened but this is our season of life. A 4th grader and Jr. higher. Ryanne likes to make messes. She likes dirt and bugs and all things creepy crawly. She loves Science too! Maybe she can invent a way to keep her toys in their boxes after dark. Ha!

The beauty of homeschooling is getting to play in the kitchen in the middle of the day. Putting eggs in vinegar and waiting....watching...taking notes.......

The very best character trait in Ryanne (well she has many) but one I love so much is that she will never leave a friend behind. Even though she is the size of a 5 year old she will lift, pull and push you to the finish using any ounce of strength she has. She wants people to make it to the top. :) I don't think a random Ryanne rant would be complete without a funny Ryanne story.
Morgan: "Man mom, I wish I had brought a water with me. I am SO thirsty. I feel like I'm gonna die."
Ryanne: "Good, now you know how the Israelites felt!"

Don't worry Ryanne is used to the blank looks and stares. Ha!

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Jessica said...

Oh my goodness, this post just made me laugh so hard. Love that girl!